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Jessica Valenti is ready to look in a new direction. The feministing.

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In a slight shift Women looking for casual sex valenti where are you the project of empowering women that Valenti has focused on in previous books like Full-Frontal Feminism and The Purity Myththis new book will hone fro on what she believes is the root of the problem: While wher in the early planning stages, the book aims to cover the many forms of violent misogyny permeating our culture, from school shooters to domestic abusers to incels who have been radicalized online.

We called up Valenti Adult looking hot sex Fresno California 93703 chat about her new book, the state of contemporary feminism, and where the movement can go from here. Can you tell me more about this new book?

I really wanted to write something that explains who misogynists are, and how they operate, and the impact that they have in all sorts of ways. I think the election of Donald Casuzl and the rise of radical online communities is sort of the backlash to end all backlashes. Rebecca Traister wrote a piece for us that seems to get shared every time there is a mass shooting, about how one of the most common predictors of mass shootings is domestic violence.

Like the Santa Fe high school shooting in Texas where the kid was harassing a girl for months on end, that was just seen as normal cadual behavior. Oh, when a girl says no, like the guy just keeps asking her out.

Find women within 25 miles of you with W4M Maps. Perfect for your next casual encounter, friend with benefits, or girlfriend. A woman's worth lies in her ability—or her refusal—to be sexual' (Valenti Knox's line cited above: 'Casual sex was, for my generation, simply what you did' . The weaknesses of the book include the casual writing, the assumptions Valenti makes, high-schoolers that identify as women then college-aged individuals looking for a critical Overall, if you have the exact same opinions as Jessica Valenti and identify as a [tags: Feminism, Gender, Women's rights, Sex education].

But what if we saw misogyny, or sexism, or domestic violence or whatever it is, as a warning sign and a big red flag and not just: But often we are. Sez burn first.

While we do need to have a practical conversation about tangible things wherw we can do, I think part of the solution is recognizing that misogynists themselves are the problem. Look at something like MeToo. This guy did this. Imagine if we could do something with all sorts of different types of misogyny.

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We do need those practical solutions. I feel like that initial initiative will be male-led.

You mention Jordan Peterson. He is attaching significant importance to a very stagnant model of masculinity that already exists.

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This is something a lot of modern feminism has been struggling with. This is what has happened over the last ten years, and I count myself among the people who made this happen. We worked so hard to make feminism accessible.

But it also has been a watering-down of the message in the sense that products are selling themselves using feminist rhetoric, and the anti-choice movement is glomming on to feminist rhetoric, and conservative women are calling themselves feminists ade trying to strip women of their rights.

There is a downside of coming to the middle or making things more sellable.

You do have to be really careful. Men are thirsty for conversations like this and they are interested.

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