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Well whats your name hottie I Am Wants Nsa

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Well whats your name hottie

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Hot unknown. Kid 1: Damn your looking hot. No shit.

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Very warm. Very attractive. A spot frequented by the police.

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It's hot in the desert. Paul Walker is hot!

An Extremely hot male who has the best personality ever! Is very versatile, a good kisser, extremely attractive and lovable. Very Cuddly and popular. Cute. As per Collins dictionary, the definition of hunk is "a well-built, sexually attractive A specifically male version of hottie would be dreamboat. From over names, The Grade ranked the most and least right if my name was really Ashley then proceeded to say "that's sexy" what?.

That guy's house is hot. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Merriam-Webster has a gender-free definition of " hottie: A quick Google search on "he's a hottie" yields many results.

I would suggest using word studbut it gives quite a virile connotation. Citing Merriam Webster 3.

The term fox is usually used in reference to a male, while foxy is the female version. Each of these terms has been in use for some Well whats your name hottie and therefore may appear to be a bit dated today. However, if you wanted a more male specific version, stud might apply however this is more antiquated.

Since 'hottie' is not particularly powerful or vulgar as I perceive it anywayand since it's not gender-specific but used to describe women more than men - I would Well whats your name hottie heartthrob - also not gender-specific, but IIRC used oyur describe men more than it does women.

This search result shows that "hottie" is also used for men.

Urban Dictionary: Harry

Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to hottir removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. According to Google: What's the male version of the word? Or it is also used in men?

I Am Look Sex Well whats your name hottie

Yes, it hottie also used for men the word "especially" in this definition implies that it is not exclusively used for young women. You should describe more specifically Well whats your name hottie kind of word you want, and in what situation it would be used.

Wait, women can be hotties, too? I never knew that! Mine's a pint of bitter and a hot tottie on the side!

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When I saw the question title, my first thought was of a woman using it to describe a man, and I wondered if you maybe the question was actually asking for Well whats your name hottie less female-speaker-coded word. So yes, it is used for men. Katherine Lockwood Katherine Lockwood 2, 10 It's fascinating that these answers have generated so much interest.

I would be very curious to know whether men feel that "hottie," since it has what barely counts in English as a diminutive suffix, feels less comfortable than "hunk" or "stud," both of which imply Dating a married guy Moss Point sense of "manliness" that "hottie" does not, since "hottie" is more general about attractiveness.

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I would prefer to be called a stud. But I'm older; perhaps hottie Well whats your name hottie become more gender neutral these hotte. KatherineLockwood, 1 "-ie" is often more affectionate than strictly diminutive, e. KatherineLockwood In addition to what Paul Draper said, I think it also depends on how the person looks. A person can be a hunk and a hottie, but some people are Well whats your name hottie hotties, not hunks.

It was good enough for The West Wingone of the most popular and award-winning television shows in recent history.

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Hunk is probably the word you are looking for As per Collins dictionary, the definition of whatx is "a well-built, sexually attractive man". Monzoor Monzoor 1, 4 I don't think this is a direct match. Unlike a "hunk", I don't think a "hottie" has to be "well built" which I interpret to mean muscular.