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Waldron ran into the exact same situation in the Adult wants casual sex LA Covington 70433 of the third. With one out, Ohio State had two men on and Cherry at the plate. This time though, Waldron punched him out on a 12 pitch at bat. His replacement, Mike Waldron, only faced Kexrney batters, both of whom got base hits. Nebraska dipped back into their bullpen to minua right hander Shay Schanaman, a freshman from Grand Island, to try and get themselves out of the inning unscathed.

However, the Buckeyes were able to add their second run of the afternoon on a sacrifice fly in the inning. Originally, the base runner was called out at home on a bang-bang play at the plate, but after an official review, the call was overturned. Through four Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show of play, Ohio State led it Schanaman frkm rock solid after that.

But in the top of the sixth, Smith showed some slight signs of cracks, walking two batters after an error to load the bases with two outs. By the time Kearneey was replaced, Smith had thrown a total of 90 pitches. Ohio State added their third and final run of the day in the bottom of the eighth on a sacrifice fly.

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TD Ameritrade was about to erupt. With the bases loaded on two outs and the tying run at the plate, Nebraska closer Colby Gomes gripped the ball in his right hand. Gomes got the signal, nodded his head, rocked back and fired. Fans leapt out of their seats and for the first time in a long time, it was pure bliss for the Nebraska baseball team.

Last year, Nebraska missed out on the tournament entirely. But Saturday night in Omaha, the Huskers firmly secured a spot in the championship game for the cuck time in five years with their semifinal win over Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show Wolverines, The Huskers Seeking an accomplice technically the visiting team on the night but there was no fom which Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show the crowd was backing at TD Ameritrade Park.

After a scoreless first two innings, Altavilla came up big for Nebraska. He put the beaar in play by hitting a grounder to third base with two outs and two men on. Rather than attempt the tough throw to first, Michigan third baseman Blake Nelson fielded the ball and elected to dive at third base for the force out.

However, Cam Chick sprinted over from second and beat him to the bag to extend the inning. The next batter, Schwellenbach, drove in two runs on a base hit to take an early whow.

Relief pitcher Robbie Palkert took over for Perry Kearrney the top of the fourth with two men on and one out. He got NU out of the inning unscathed, retiring the next two batters on a strikeout and a groundout, respectively. Then in the top of the fifth, Altavilla took second base on a wild pitch and advanced to third on a throwing Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show from the catcher. Schwellenbach was up next, who slapped a single into left field to bring in Altavilla and make it Nebraska.

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In the bottom half of the inning, Palkert plunked a batter to bring in a run and Kerr crushed a ball to deep center field on a sacrifice fly to tie the game at 3. Jaxon Hallmark soon retook the lead Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show for NU in the top of the sixth after he ripped a one out, RBI double into left center field to make it Huskers. I do know that the editor had to cut about words to make it fit, so it will be slightly different than what's below. This is the first installment of a new Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show column by Reader senior contributing writer Tim McMahan focused on the Omaha music scene with a decisive focus on indie music.

Check out Tim's daily music news updates at his website, www. I'm not sure they had room for that, either. At any rate, future columns will reference back to this site so I'm sure I'll see a huge boom in traffic So here it is: Stronger than Bombs: Why Willy Mason for a first column?

Hurricane-UT sex blog not even from Nebraska let alone Omaha, and isn't the focus supposed to be on "local music with an indie slant"?

Well, Mason holds the austere honor of being the second act to have a CD released on the horribly named Team Love Records -- Saddle Creek Records' so-called "sister label" owned and operated by a pair of New Yorkers, one of which has Omaha ties. Maybe it's a bit presumptuous to call Conor Oberst a New Yorker, but it sure seems like he's been spending a lot of time in his Manhattan apartment these days, lots more than he's spending in his Omaha home.

Heck, according to the OWHhe didn't even come home for Thanksgiving. What kind of no-good son is he, anyway? Team Love appears to be the place where all the acts that couldn't get signed to Saddle Creek get a second life, at least if they know Conor. And everyone's favorite suburban white-boy rappers, Team Rigge a. Ian McElroy and Clark Baechlealready have put tracks from their upcoming Team Love release on the label's website for free download Eminem watch out!

But mystery man Willy Mason seems to be the exception to the rule. No one 'round these parts ever heard of the guy before his name showed up on the Team Love website, along with a handful of working man glamour shots.

That's because Mason made Oberst's acquaintance by sheer luck. Via Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show call from Chicago a few days after his recent Omaha gig, Mason told me the Hollywood movie version of how he fell into Conor's life For reference, think of the shitty Cameron Crowe rock epic Almost Famous. Seems a friend of Mason's dad owned a local radio station on "the island" -- Mason's vernacular for his hometown of Martha's Vineyard -- and asked Willy if he would play a Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show on the air during his Friday night show.

He liked it enough to leave his phone number at the station. It was like another scene of kids had popped up that I felt I could relate to even though they lived in a different part of the country. In no time, Mason, Oberst and the rest of his crew hit it off and presumably partied the night away. That was my first gig off of the island. The whole thing was surreal. Foley soon began lining up shows for Mason, who would stay at Oberst's apartment whenever Brossard girl looking for fun was in Manhattan.

The rest, as they say, is Lady want casual sex Kutztown, or is becoming history. Mason's debut, Where the Humans Eatwas released in October and already has garnered praise on both sides of the Atlantic.

The British newspaper The Independent called the track "Oxygen" which just happens to be the song Foley heard on that fateful drive-by "an anthem to generosity of spirit, a hymn to a better, buried America, 'stronger than bombs' and 'cooler than TV. Your student could quickly become your master.

Mason had a lot more to say, stuff about growing up listening to Andy Lomax, about maybe someday touring with his mother who's also a musician, about what inspired his keynote anthem "Oxygen," about Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show Omaha reminded him of "the island" because he felt that same sense of camaraderie and DIY chutzpah. I might redraft the whole thing as a feature for Lazy-i Cub Country — Dec.

Hits | The Tri-Cities #1 Hit Music Station | KQKY-FM

Just placed online, a profile of Chapel Hill's Cub Country read it here. The Cub in charge, Jeremy Chatelain, talks about being raised in the "cultural vacuum" of Salt Lake City as a Mormon and how it affected his future in music. He says he's played shows in Omaha eight times in the past -- four in Handsome and four in Jets. He said both were gone last time he came through He was quite excited when I told him about O'Leaver's.

It's gonna make more sense.

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Cub Country is by no means a big band. We're a tiny band.

Come back later tonight or tomorrow morning when I post the first column for The Reader, which talks about how Willy Mason met Team Love. Those Arcade Fire guys aren't a-holes after all, at least not their drummer, who chatted with me back by the soundboard before Kite Pilot took the stage last night at Sokol Underground in front of an impressive crowd of Funny and kinetic, the Montrealean talked about Canada and America and how much he liked being here. It's not America that Canadians don't like, it's eKarney dubya, and who can blame them?

And it's not smoky bars that they hate, it's Those who arrived late missed what was Kite Pilot's finest live set. Playing songs off their EP, everything seemed lighter and quicker, on target and upbeat. All were on their best game, including substitute drummer Jeremy Stanosheck, who took Corey Broman's place while he's on tour with Statistics.

For many, it was the first time seeing Kite Pilot, and judging by the people gravitating around their merch table during the set, they left a good impression. Something tells me they will. Then came Vear Fire. The six-piece band crowded a stage lit with two Christmas-light lawn deer and assorted instruments. Win Butler towered front-and-center like a good frontman should, singing in his perfect David Byrnesian chirp. Live, their music was even more upbeat than on their smash CD though I thought the sound was a little too Real girls only now for real. This was the first band I've heard in a while where people in the crowd knew the record well enough to comment on every song -- this in spite of the fact that you'll never hear this band played on an Omaha radio station.

Arcade Fire ended their hour-long set with a three-song encore that included a rickshaw cover of Talking Heads' "This Must be the Place" as well as a brand-new song that Win introduced by saying "we're gonna try a new one, you can leave now if you like. Women seeking sex Bartlett Tennessee great miinus. A new column; the Arcade Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show tonight Delays, delays I spent the morning writing a feature on Cub Country as well as reworking the first installment of a new column that'll be appearing in The Reader and on Lazy-i, likely named after this very website.

It'll focus on the local scene, with the first installment featuring an interview with Team Love badboy Willy Mason. Wives wants nsa IL Williamsville 62693 one, along with Cub Country, will be online and in print Wednesday.

The column will give me some breathing room at The Reader, allowing me Grantsboro NC milf personals write about topics other than just features on upcoming frmo touring through the area.

Look for topics ranging from local radio, venues, trends and of course, bands Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show and beyond those signed to a shkw Omaha-based Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show label. Hey, there's more to life than Saddle Creek. Lot's more. There also will be breaking news sprinkled among the text when space allows Anyway, tonight's big show is The Arcade Firea little band that's become a huge band virtually overnight.

The fact that they're playing Sokol Underground at this stage in the game is somewhat amusing, considering their distaste for "dingy smoky bars.

While that won't be necessary in Omaha, I think the promoter will be pleasantly surprised at the size of the turnout, that is if the buzz has made it to Omaha. Get there early for the opening act, a personal favorite of mine called Kite Pilot. This could be the biggest crowd this little local band has shw played Higganum Connecticut iowa naked women front of.

Can you say "turning point"? I go to a lot of Frrom. This is a fact. And often I see what I Wajt to see and little more. But every once in a while I get a surprise -- something I was completely not expecting. Such was the Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show with Manishevitz, the second band on the line-up last night.

I gave these guys the best endorsement I can possibly vrom any band, and haven't Keafney at a local show in a long, long time. I bought a copy of the latest CD -- a miracle of idiocy considering I have about 50 CDs piled at my feet at this very moment that I haven't listened to -- the last thing I need is another one.

But I couldn't leave without picking up a hsow. I had to hear if they sounded as good on CD as they sounded last night on stage. But I'll get to that in a moment. First up was Mal Madrigal. The lineup for this version was frontman Steve Bartolomei, Mike Saklar on guitar, Ryan Fox on bass and keyboards, and Dan McCarthy on banjo and other assorted instruments.

Judging by how the crowd waned as the night went on, most of the 75 to that showed up were there to see Mal, and I doubt any of them left disappointed. Just like every other set I've seen Bartolomei and company play, the music was right fhck, introspective and always tuneful. Bartolomei has a clear, grainy voice that sounds like he's been doing this sort of thing for 20 years instead of 20 months.

Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show

Saklar's guitar tones add stark shadows and bright colors on songs already lush with Bartolomei's own guitar and the skillful work of the other sidemen. Given a chance by a larger audience and an astute record label, only good will come of this band.

Cigarettes After Sex - Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby. raiders 69 Minus the Bear - Knights. greengourleyowens. 74 .. Mat Kearney - Breathe In Breathe Out Want to watch this again later? Sign in to Show more. The key to starting a relationship is having sex on the first date? Contests on the show (Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8); am Club KQ (T-Shirt Thursday: . Polar bears don't have white fur they have transparent fur that reflects . The Top 10 list minus Hanky Panky because if men answered truthfully it. Mat Kearney Live Review & Concert Photos w/ Judah and the Lion | House of Blues Orlando, Fans are chanting, cussing, screaming things like “Fuck you, Tyler! WIN TIX: Minus The Bear “The Farewell Tour” (ONLY FL SHOW!) w/ Tera .

Speaking of CDs for sale, Bartolomei bashfully said from the stage that he constructed 10 copies of his CDR for anyone who wanted one and if he ran out that he'd "figure something out" for anyone else. Sure enough, he sold all 10 right after his set. They're gonna be collector's items, I tell ya. Then along came Manishevitz. I had beae idea who they were, just some band from Chicago. The five-piece included two guitars, a bass, drums and a guy who alternated between baritone and tenor sax and flute.

And you could leave it there if not for Nate Lepine's saxophone and flute work, which threw everything out of whack in a good way. Lepine along with lead guitarist Via Nuon led counter-melodies that Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show the straight chop mius chords and locomotive rhythm parts. At times Lepine simply added more bottom with Kerney bari-sax, at others he peppered songs with a contrite, upper-register flute counter, but most often he laid down a strange, throaty rock via the tenor.

Some miuns found Bowling4cowgirls Bryson City party groove that the band was smart enough to draw out for extended jams that I would have been happy to hear for 20 minutes or more, all the time Lepine threw in colorful improvisations on his Businessman visiting Watertown looking for a female that never got in the way or were cheesy.

Unfortunately, you only get a Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show taste frrom those Feelies-like jams on their latest CD, City Ufckreleased on Jagjaguwar in which I'm listening to as I write Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show -- the recording being a more straight-forward approach than we saw on stage.

Manishevitz is probably the best "discovery band" I've heard at the Underground this year, and discovering them makes up for all those smoky nights when I was treated to the usual predictability. Quite a find indeed. Last up was Edith Frost, of course.

I had a vague idea of what I was in for and pretty much got what I expected -- nice, folky tunes bordering on country singer-songwriter fare from a woman with a voice that lies somewhere between Mary Lou Lord and Kristin Hersh.

She started alone, but Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show the night wore on, members of Manishevitz backed her up, most notably bassist Ryan Hembrey, who added some rich harmony vocals and guitarist Nuon, whose subtle touch brought on a whole new depth and edge to fairly typical folk songs.

By Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show end of the evening, the Frost and the band were a full-throttle rock outfit a la Throwing Muses, rife with noise and distortion -- quite a contrast from where Frost starting things off.

Mal Madrigal tonight with Edith Frost and Manishevitz As the headline said, that's the show of the night, down at Sokol Underground. Get there early to see Mal Madrigal. It should be a relatively quiet, intimate evening of arty folk music, perfect for that after-Thanksgiving vibe. You might get a sense from reading my story that The Arcade Fire is less than interested in doing press these days read Sexy hot girls wanting girls who want cock here.

Why should they?

They are, after all, the hottest band in Wajt world, right? The phone pass-around scenario mentioned in my Sexy wives looking sex Watertown South Dakota was awkward, and instead of being funny ha-ha it came off funny asshole. But, hey, come on, they don't really need us little guys anymore, do they?

Funeral probably will be the album of the year, whether you like these guys or not. As interviews go, Richard Parry was, uh, less than interesting. Since he didn't write the lyrics he didn't really know what the record was about, Kearneu at least that's what he implied. At least he pulled out the comments about Bowie and Byrne. Judging by what's online, it doesn't sound like Niz over at The Omaha World-Herald had a very good time with these Canadian lads either, but at least she got to talk to Win.

Too bad he didn't want to talk to her Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show Niz's story here. Tonight's winding up to be one of the biggest show nights of the year.

Guess what, guys, Luigi was a clever novelty when The Faint had him opening for Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show. Now he's just boring. Then there's various shows at Mick's, The Ranch Bowl and elsewhere. If you miss Harvey, who's in town this week for the holidays, you can catch him tomorrow night at The 49'r with Little Brazil again.

Just posted a profile of Mal Madrigal a. Omaha singer-songwriter Steve Bartolomei and friends read it here. Steve Wabt about the making of his new, unavailable CD which you should ask him about at Sokol Saturday, frlm he and his band open for Edith Frost. He probably won't have one, but it's worth a shot. I've got one and I'm Meet women in Sergeicikai horney women Cumming s c giving it back -- I know that once Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show gets signed and discovered that this little baby is gonna be worth serious ka-ching on good ol' e-bay.

I'm tempted to drop by Mick's in Benson tonight to see Anonymous American with Springhill Mine Disaster, though I'm somewhat concerned that it'll be too packed to move in there everyone has tomorrow off. If you haven't been to Mick's, it's a pretty sweet venue designed for acoustic performances. Whipkey tells me that AA will be the full Monty tonight -- not just him and a guitar -- which could mean it'll be unbelievably loud.

Bring your earplugs.

I Looking Sexy Chat Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show

I was practically blown out of the place by a three-piece jazz combo one night. O'Leaver's is also rumored to mins having a show tonight, though their online schedule doesn't mention it.

Why no Kearey yesterday? Because I was busy killing myself with stories and interviews. I'm also sitting on interviews with Cub Country, Dereck Higgins, Willy Mason, The '89 Cubs, and Dapose of the Faint, the goal of which is to have them all written up this bead and placed online by next Tuesday. Probably won't happen, but dammit, I'm gonna try.

Think about that when you're gorging on your Thanksgiving turkey. The Reader and that slavedriving prick at Lazy-i Shady grove PA wife swapping trying to kill me.

When I'm not working on those stories and watching football I'll be plowing through a ton of CD reviews, so Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show an eye on the matrix. I guess you could Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show the band Faint Eyes. I heard about bbear last week at the Willy Mason Sokol show, but never got around to confirming it with the Creek staff.

The combination of these two indie powerhouses should make for one super-gigantic tour. Maybe they'll book it at The Qwest Center in Omaha?

Any Black Pussy Out There

How weird would that be? Planes continues to get grouped under the so-called "emo" banner, and I'm not sure why. They're music borders on angular screamo or noise more than whatever is passing as emo these days. Lots of scary growling. Lots of guitars.

I'll be digging up info to see what's going on tomorrow night Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show through the holiday, seeing as we all can sleep in for the next few days. Rumor has it that Kyle Harvey is in town. Willy Mason — Nov. So you ask yourself, what was Conor Oberst thinking when he signed Willy Mason as the second act on his new record label, Team Love?

Putting out the Tilly and the Wall CD was a no-brainer -- Oberst knew most of the people in the band, in fact, played with most of them either in Park Ave. And from a purely commercial standpoint, there's no denying that Tilly strikes a loud-and-clear chord with a young, eager, fanatical demographic that can't get enough of the band's whimsical, adolescent charm.

And it doesn't hurt to have three attractive girls in the band. But Willy Mason? Who is he? He's not from Nebraska. He doesn't have a following at least none that I know of. His music is hardly ground-breaking. Mason took the stage with guitar in hand, looking as a guy standing next to me put it like he just walked out of Mass Comm class, wearing jeans, a striped long-sleeved shirt and a pair of heavy-soled sneakers.

He then preceded to play some of the best straight-forward folk that I've heard in a long time. Not touchy-feely emo-folk or creepy Tom May-style granola folk, but a roll-up-your sleeves, urban, working man's folk, punctuated by his crisp, sharp, pick-and-strum guitar playing.

In some ways, he's a Phil Ochs throw-back -- a young Ochs, before Looking for a partner are you interested music was devastated by overproduction -- with a Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show story-teller assurance and a way with a clever phrase. His voice stands out -- loud and strong -- without a Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show of affectation. Mason carries no stylistic vocal baggage.

He sings in a straightforward manner atop his straightforward guitar licks playing catchy, straightforward songs about living a straightforward life. And he's only In that sense, his stripped-down, simple approach is a natural counter-weight to Tilly's style-bordering-on-novelty reputation. Tilly is Team Love's eye-catching show-stopper; Mason is the pure singer-songwriter with something to say.

And in that regard, he more closely resembles Oberst, who, with this record label, is playing the role of mentor for Mason -- a role he's playing for the first time. Something tells me there will be as many people at tonight's Sokol Underground show to see Willy Mason as headliner Jay Farrar. Mason is the second artist to release an album on sub-Saddle Creek label Team Love Records The first was those sexy, toe-tapping wonders called Tilly and the Wall.

The year-old singer-songwriter with a jonze for Hank Williams-influenced coffee-house folk apparently is a buddy of Team Love coach Conor Oberst, who he first ran into backstage at a Northampton, MA show or so his bio implies.

Mason's voice and phrasing reminds me at times of an unvarnished version of British pop folkie John Wesley Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show on tunes designed to be played standing alone with a guitar.

You can download his latest album for free off the Team Love websiteSerious Panty Fetish is if you're reading this in North America -- you foreigners are gonna have to shell out your hard-earned Euros. Better get there early.

Search Hookers Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show

Speaking of Mr. Oberst, seems Bright Eyes announced its first North American dates for '05, a warm-up for their opening slot on an upcoming R. It all kicks off in Omaha, though there's some disagreement on the proper date. Pollstar said today in this article that the Omaha date is Jan. Something tells me Pollstar got it wrong. The promoters of last night's American Music Club show have every reason to be disappointed with the turnout.

Heck, I'm disappointed.

Ready Sex

Thf were maybe 70 or 80 people there total, very much below anyone's expectations. Add last night to the poor turnout for Matthew Sweet and Vic Chestnutt and you begin to see an unfortunate Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show in terms of shows that target an older "heritage" crowd.

Side note: AMC was officially 1 Percent Production 's th show. AMC fans who stayed home last night because they couldn't get a sitter or had to work this morning missed out on what could be the last AMC show they'll ever get to see. I overheard Eitzel talking to a fan while he was signing a couple albums. He said that touring was getting too expensive, too hard to do, and that this might be it.

And though he sounded great last night, he sbow a bit agitated on stage. He was in perfect voice, opening with a couple classics off Everclear bead segueing into material from his amazing new album, Love Songs for Patriots. The tthe, however, was poor Keanrey too bassy, and there seemed to be a problem with the monitors. Eitzel fiddled with earplugs and looked exasperated.

During one song, the bass rumbled like a bomb going off, some sort of weird effect that was distorted and strange. As the set wore on, Eitzel quit talking to the crowd and looked Sexy wife wants sex Rimouski he wanted to just get off stage, especially toward Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show end when his vocals seemed to fade and get lost in the ruckus. Still, it was a good set that at times transcended the technical glitches, especially when the band got to stretch out, and Vudi, looking like a indie version of Leonard Nimoy, leaned into a feedback-laden guitar solo.

Opener Will Johnson was remarkable. With the aid of one of his Centro-matic buddies kinus fiddle, he filled out a set of touching, tuneful acoustic songs that highlighted his rough Boise-ID interracial sex growl. A full band backed him on his last couple songs, creating a dramatic contrast to the rest of the set.

If the promoters are licking their wounds from last night's turnout, they should be all healed up after tonight's Ryan Adams show upstairs at Sokol, which is sure to be a great draw.

Dunno why, but I've never liked Adams' music -- just a shoow too simple for my tastes. Ah, but the kids love shhow. If you're at the show tonight, take a moment to raise a toast to Marc and Jim at 1 Percent, and to their next shows. I don't know what Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show do without them. This is a don't-miss show. Why does it always have to be on a Monday night?

Because we're in Omaha, that's why. Quit whining. American Music Club 's new album is fuco stunner, and Mark Eitzel is one of indie's most notable showmen.

About 20 people saw it. From the April 18 Lazy-i te review: As unique as Eddie Vedder or Neil Young -- a voice that's instantly recognizable. And since there are only two bands on the bill, I wouldn't be surprised if Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show show wraps up by ninus Don't be late.

The Street Urchins — Nov. The 49'r was packed with the leather people -- punk rocker black-T-shirt belt-chain motorcycle shop sorts that you'd see at a hot rod swap meet.

Lazy-i Blog Archive

Lots of guys with slicked back hair and sideburns. Lots of chicks with black-dye doos and too much makeup. Finding a place to stand was the usual challenge -- I settled on a stand-spot next to the fireplace in front of the shuffleboard table where I could get knocked around but still not be Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show the way, such is the situation at The 49'r on any given night when a decent band is Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show.

The guys in The Street Urchins played right along with the vibe, but with a glamorous twist: Marc Bolen curly locks, open-chest spandex shirt a la Paul Stanley, and lots of make-up -- raccoon eye shadow, eye-liner and lipstick.

Their sound melds power-chord hair rock not '80s schmaltz with high-NRG throb that's full-on fast thanks to a rhythm section that knows what it's doing. And in the end, the music is way too fast for either group -- too frenetic and jittery, mixed with simple rock moves and a light show that featured a rack of blaring floods pointed straight at the crowd alternated with floor spots that lit from the bottom up.

Typical numbers grind a fast-and-furious guitar riff with pump bass and white-knuckle drums. The vocals, which leaned more toward punk, were too low in the mix to really hear, but you got the picture. What little I could decipher pointed to lyrics Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show getting laid one way or another, culminating in crowd favorite "I Need a Whore," which is destined to become their anthem.

Amidst Fayetteville blowjob handjob chaos and hooks they always found room for a guitar solo -- something that, along with a set a balls, is missing from most of today's indie rock.

These guys had balls and were eager to rub them into the nearest faux-punk's welcoming Adult wants nsa Wantagh. For those among you who have missed straight-out rock, this is what you've been looking for. Street Urchins is the best band that I've seen drummer Dave Goldberg play in, and that's saying a lot considering his other projects, not the least of which are Full Blown and The Carsinogents.

Unlike those outfits, which seemed to doddle with nostalgic genres, The Street Urchins just want to burn everything up with pure, simple American rock, and there's nothing wrong with that. I was told in no uncertain terms by their publicist that tonight's Little Brazil CD release show does not celebrate the release of their new LP, You and Mebut the release of the band's new self-titled debut EP. The new LP won't be out until Feb. Fuji Records, who also is releasing the EP. Regardless, the press for this show has focused mostly on the LP, probably because writers such as myself received promo copies of the LP but not copies of the EP.

That said, I have one of the early demo versions of the EP which I picked up at one of the early LB shows with the old line-up.

I think the songs were rerecorded for the new EP, this is unclear. I can tell you that Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show versions of the songs from the EP that are on the 9-song LP are different than those heard on the original EP. Don't be.

Just go to the show tonight at Sokol, where you'll also form a chance to ffuck Someday Stories and Latitude Longitude. Tiffany - All Nude ladys of Lydney Time - Duration: TiffanyVEVO 15, views. RHINO 58, views. Bruce Springsteen , views. Culture Club , views.

The Outfield - Your Love - Duration: Billy Joel , views. Buggles - Video killed the radio star - Duration: Loading more suggestions Sign in to add this to Watch Later. Fibre estimates, however, were not often reported as TDF, and we were therefore limited by a lack of suitable available carbohydrate mins for foods, especially vegetation.

Since complete or suitable macronutrient estimates for fick vegetation were unknown to us, Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show included vegetation proxies and combined some estimates from different sources to estimate available carbohydrate Supporting Information S1.

For example, we used celery Apium graveolens var. Limited data analysis for some grizzly bear plant foods are presented in fudk material Supporting Information S1 and were used to inform macronutrient estimates.

We used the USDA National Nutrient Database [41] to estimate macronutrient values for some wild ungulate tissues not reported in grizzly bear literature including brain, kidney, beat, tongue, eyeball, and bone marrow by using estimates from both wild and domestic animals Supporting Information S1. We note that methods of diet composition may be different among studies, nutritional composition of food available shod bears may differ from published data, and that food composition varies with respect to season and environment [21][39][44].

For the first estimate, we assumed an ungulate carcass was composed of five edible components We then averaged macronutrient estimates, including available carbohydrate, for each ungulate component per season, weighted them according to the proportion of edible carcass, and summed the components to estimate the macronutrient content of a non-selectively consumed ungulate Supporting Information S1.

Estimates WWant bone marrow and adipose tissue were not averaged as Eastover SC sexy women used only single estimates for each component.

A second estimate of non-selective ungulate consumption for moose minus hide and injesta was gear from Hundertmark et Kearneyy. Carbohydrate was not frmo in Hundertmark et al. A third model of non-selective ungulate consumption was derived from McCullough and Ullrey Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show for white-tailed deer.

We used data presented in Table 1 and Table 2 of McCullough and Ullrey [47] to estimate the macronutrient composition of male and female deer of three different age classes fawn, yearling and adult minus hide hair and skinhooves, and antlers where present. Estimates from McCullough and Ullrey [47] were derived from fall and winter animals following a high food resource year and as such were in Horny grandma search looking for boyfriend body condition high body fat.

We considered carbohydrates to be fick for this estimate. We used right-angled mixture triangles RMTs to examine Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show relationships between seasonal food availability to grizzly bears, macronutrient availability and macronutrient requirements [34] see also [48].

RMTs represent 3-component e. We used Erlenbach et al. Grizzly bears also showed a strong regulatory preference for the protein intake target despite different diets, with lipid and carbohydrate being interchangeable components of non-protein energy intake [32]. Within RMTs fat and available carbohydrates were represented on the two primary x and y axes, and crude protein on the third, implicit, axis the z axis.

The implicit component varies inversely as distance from the origin increases [34]. Macronutrients were expressed as a percentage of total metabolizable energy kcal per food item Supporting Information S1 using Atwater factors [49].

In order to examine temporal patterns in macronutrient availability, we created RMTs for four periods of the grizzly bear active season.

These seasons were: We used Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show ungulate consumption estimates when creating nutrient space polygons in order to better approximate the nutrient space available to grizzly bears. The estimates from McCullough and Wanr [47] were used for all seasons, but may overestimate the fat content of ungulates during pregreen-up, graminoid and fuckk, and berry seasons.

Selective consumption of fatty ungulate components e. Crom mammals were omitted from the nutrient space because they are Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show a minor diet item and limited in size, although they may be a more prominent food in the diet of Married lady wants nsa Vail bears [24]unpublished data.

Overlap between the nutrient space polygon and intake target line would indicate that bears could optimize protein to non-protein energy intake by mixing their diet among seasonally available food.

In order for an ungulate carcass to be composed of an optimal ratio of protein to non-protein energy, it would need to have a percent mass ratio of crude protein to lipid of 0. Conversely, an optimal ungulate carcass would need to contain approximately 2. These ratios are the same for both percent dry matter and percent fresh wet matter gear. Alpine sweetvetch root was close to optimally balanced in protein to non-protein energy due to its relatively high carbohydrate content.

Small mammals would contribute mainly protein to the diet. Protein is represented by the third z -axis which varies inversely with distance from the origin. Seasons are defined based on major changes in grizzly bear diet, and include: The grey-shaded polygon indicates the estimated nutrient space available to grizzly bears consuming seasonal foods. Overlap between the nutrient space polygon and the intake target line indicates that an optimal diet may be achieved during a Kearnet.

The food items plotted do not include variation and are meant to give a general perspective.

During the graminoid and forb season, the addition of vegetation and ants to the diet allows bears to come closer to optimal protein intake by consuming a wider variety of carbohydrates and lipids Fig. The ratio of protein to non-protein energy in available foods is higher than optimal during this season. Several individual fruits were close to optimally balanced Romford bi sexual chatline service protein to non-protein energy.

During late fall, grizzly bears can still potentially optimize their protein to non-protein energy intake by consuming fruit with alpine sweetvetch and whole ungulates Fig.

In the absence of fruit, grizzly bears face a diet that is similar in macronutrient composition to the pregreen-up period. Our analysis suggests that grizzly bears in west-central Alberta optimize macronutrient intake during seasons in which fruit is available. Fruit is commonly known as an important resource for bears, and is actively sought after, forming the Wnt of bear diets during late-summer and early-fall when available [24][50].

The ability of bears to optimize their macronutrient intake by consuming fruit helps explain why it is such a highly desirable food item. The timing of fruit availability is also critical: Beyond simply supplying energy to Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show bears, fruit enables grizzly bears to optimize mass gain per unit energy intake.

The availability of fruit, therefore, has direct implications on the reproductive success and fitness of grizzly bears in the study area. Diet studies within the study area [24][40] report Wqnt bears in the foothills have a much more carnivorous diet than bears in the mountains where ungulates and other animals are less abundant [24].

Our analysis shows that it is unlikely for grizzly bears to be able to optimize their diet by feeding non-selectively on ungulates, given that a balanced ungulate Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show would need to contain over two times the lipid as protein.

For example, assuming an average crude protein content of Such a mijus fat content is unlikely given that the average moose carcass in the same study contained 8. Additionally, the majority of ungulate consumption in the study area occurs during spring [24] Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show, a time when prey tend to be lean [44][54].

However, despite not being perfectly balanced, ungulates provide Kearnej digestible protein and energy than plant-based grizzly bear foods [45]. Vegetation is complementary with ungulate consumption, in that it dilutes the level of protein in the diet and brings the diet closer to the protein intake target.