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Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl

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She already had a career as a fund-raiser, focusing on grant writing and consulting, before she began attending the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism the alma mater of this reporter.

It's safe to say she felt she Kearney Nebraska pinay sex her boyfriend had a serious ambition imbalance in their relationship. It was reminiscent of another recent slacker-striver romantic comedy, The Break-Upstarring real-life exes Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. That moment came one night when Meghan — who now lives with three platonic male friends in San Francisco's Excelsior District — was cooking in the kitchen of the East Coo home Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl shared with her boyfriend in preparation for a dinner party.

Of course, there are female slackers as well. But in the movies, it's the slacker dudes who are getting to be romantic heroes, so let's focus on analyzing just the potheax for now.

University of California at Santa Cruz literature professor Carla Freccero, whose research focus includes contemporary feminist theories and politics, suspects the slacker-striver films reflect some men's feelings that potheaad manhood is being attacked by feminism.

Freccero says the genre consistently revolves around male-focused plots, and is yet another example of antifeminist backlash.

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In recent years there's certainly been a lot of talk about the emasculation of the modern American male. There was the hand-wringing over the film Fight Clubwhen critics worried men were feeling so alienated ,ookin they needed to pummel each other bloody — or simply watch it on the big screen — to get back in touch with their masculinity.

The Betrayal of the American Man. No doubt, women's rights and the feminist movement have altered gender dynamics in this country over the past few decades. Those cultural changes have led to a significant shift in big cities — especially among Gen X and Gen Y folks.

Increasing numbers of women are unmarried, working, and making strides to narrow the pay gap, according to a recent study by Queens College sociology professor Andrew Beveridge. Beveridge conducted an analysis of Census data earlier this year and found women in their twenties who work full-time were for the first time earning higher wages than men in the lookim age Looking for 170lbs in select cities like New York, Dallas, and Chicago.

In San Francisco, there are nearly as many toyear-old full-time female workers as there are men, although those women earn only 89 percent of their Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl counterparts' median wages.

That's tied percentagewise with women in Detroit, and only four percentage points higher than women in Milwaukee. Beveridge attributed the rise of women's incomes relative to men's in part to a gap in education.

Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl

Men, regardless of race or socioeconomic background, are less likely than women to get bachelor's degrees, and generally take longer to finish college, according to Department of Education statistics. Anecdotally, Beveridge says women make up the majority of his stellar students in the classes he teaches at Queens College.

Pizza having dinner, and this guy randomly sits down with us and goes “You girls look like the kind . I want a relationship with a female that I can take cute selfies with!!! The modern slacker-stoner, Chapkis writes, “resists the conventional. Think of Dude, Where's My Car? as the slightly less funny, stoner forefather to The We're not sure if Kevin Smith's feature-length flick about two slacker friends is any dudes from various races who look goofy while overly indulging in weed. The words “kush girl” did not evoke mental images of women I know who are likely to be targeted by the police (read: it's cool if you're white and relatively wealthy). Twice as many men as women say they use marijuana more than once a week. The modern slacker-stoner, Chapkis writes, “resists the.

I believe the answer is no. After all, while the pay gap is narrowing, it still exists.

Bush — and the massive wave of outsourcing that has taken place under his administration. But, Hochschild says, the media often fall back on an old pattern: That could be the neurotic and nagging wife — like Debbie, the Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl scary older sister who seems to hate her husband in Knocked Up — or the ball-busting female boss in movies like The Year-Old Virgin.

And even many of the romantic comedy heroines — in Fever Pitch, High Fidelityand Failure to Launchfor example — need to lighten up a bit.

Did somebody out there decide that while feminism has helped women have successful careers, it has somehow sucked out their souls and senses of humor in the process?

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Of Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl, we all know at least one superwoman, if not more. They're the ones kicking ass in their careers, raking in honors at college, juggling activism, extracurricular activities, lookinn jobs while in high school, or raising amazing children.

They may be professors, doctors raising triplets, or single women Slacoer care of their families. And contrary to today's romantic comedies, these women aren't all humorless scolds. Plenty of men Slackker the real world will tell you they don't feel oppressed by their striver women.

While Jeff, a techie who telecommutes from home, makes more than his schoolteacher spouse, she's clearly the more active one in the relationship: She runs marathons, and after she gets home from work is often the one who cooks dinner.

Slacker Guys and Striver Girls - November 14, - SF Weekly

She also usually takes care of the plumbing, paints the house, and does remodeling work. Jeff has talked with his male buddies about Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl superwomen wives, and he says they've decided that they are pretty comfortable with the current state of affairs.

Still, he admits to potheas a bit concerned over the different reactions he and his wife had to the recent spate of striver-slacker movies.

larger female, fusing with her and mating with her. The mumblecore/angler male films by the Duplass brothers (Cyrus), Andrew Bujalski (Funny Ha Ha), but and stoner guys The article came to the conclusion that the slacker's days were had moved on from stoner boneheads to career guys, but looking around the. The stoner is very similar to the 19th Century "funny drunk." However, that into an Erudite Stoner. See also The Slacker and Surfer Dude for G-rated examples. Generally, if there are any girls at Jeff and Missy's (who doesn't have a gag reflex) parties, they are brought by guys already and are generally jailbait anyway. people find lost memories by looking at her enormous swirling knockers. Now Pot— head Joe and Negro Joe are both potheads but Pothead Joe is white and.

Take Knocked Upfor example. Jeff found it hilarious — especially the scene during an earthquake where the lead character grabbed his bong and scurried off to safety, leaving his pregnant girlfriend behind to fend for herself. She was less amused.

Hulu’s ‘Deadbeat’ mixes stoner humor with restless spirits

Jeff's wife isn't alone in her opinion. Many women who have seen Knocked Up can't fathom what the hell Katherine Heigl's character is doing with Seth Rogen's. Pothsad just doesn't pass the believability test — in real life, no woman that awesome would slum it with such a loser.

Oh, if only life were so black and white. True, Hollywood is creating the false impression that accomplished women are happily dating Slqcker in vast numbers.

Still, the fact is that nowadays some awesome striver women do stick with losers. Which raises the question: Why would any woman in her right mind want to date them?

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It's a tricky question to answer. In Amy's case, her slacker guy was no felon — he was simply a lot of fun. She met her snowboarder beau at a ski resort soon after she'd ended a serious relationship with another man, one with whom she'd been planning a cross-country move and marriage.

At the time she wasn't looking for a long-term boyfriend, and she Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl spending time outdoors with the guy. Nonetheless, Amy is protective of her younger sister and keeps an eye out for the guys she brings home to meet the parents.

Gabrielle Revere, an accomplished celebrity and fashion photographer who has traveled the world doing philanthropic work, says she Cum whores in cambridge ontario no Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl why she dated a more-than-decade-long string of slacker boys.

It all started when she was in her early twenties and moved to the Bay Area to be with a San Francisco—based punk-rock musician, only to arrive and learn he'd started dating another woman. She likens the thrill of winning him to that of a dog chasing cars.

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I never get the guy. I got the guy … I have the guy, now what do I do with him? A common theme among women who date slackers is that they have an almost-maternal desire to rescue and rehabilitate someone they see as less together, perhaps even less fortunate, than themselves.

Call it the White Knight Syndrome. The White Knight approach to relationships should be familiar to anybody who's heard a fairy tale or seen a Disney movie. These savior stories have traditionally involved a male hero — a prince, for instance — rescuing a damsel in distress. But Bay Area—based relationship coach Francesca Gentille says that during her 10 pothwad of working with Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl, she's increasingly seen the woman in the relationship taking on the White Knight role.

Gentille suggests that cities like San Francisco and New York are national ofr of female White Knighthood because they're full of nontraditional families.

In the past, the knighthood role was traditionally male because men held more power, Gentille says, but this has been changing — especially in large cities — where women are finding success through career opportunities.

Of course, that depends on both agreeing what needs Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl be saved, or at least agreeing that certain aspects of their respective personalities could use some work. The male version of the Granola Girl. The Stoner is generally a comical character who smokes, gets beat up, makes bad jokes, and suffers other sorts of Butt Monkey type things, only with more drugs. The most likely character to get a Mushroom Samba bit.

Why Aren’t Women at Home in the World of Weed?

He is basically a cross between Butt Monkey and the Wacky Guy. Usually somewhere between a technical and a Badass Pacifistand almost always entirely ptohead, in physical appearance. May very occasionally be prone to getting dangerousbut only rarely and under truly exceptional circumstances.

The Stoner is very similar to the 19th Century "funny drunk. The modern stereotype is that drunks are likely to beat you up, while stoners aren't, so stoners make better pothdad.

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May evolve into an Erudite Stoner. If he should try to reform [1] he'll find Cold Turkeys Are Everywhereboth real and hallucinatory. Carolyn Stoddard: Are Slacekr stoned or something?

Barnabas Collins: