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Core van der Hoeven is film editor and film maker currently living and working in Rotterdam. The main character is a woman who is about to act on stage, and at this very moment she starts to think about her own life and her identity — both the real and the acted one. In light of the theater stage and the presence of an audience, this ambiguity of reality and fiction has a particularly strong emphasis.

Inspired by direct experiences and observations of her surroundings as well as by the famous filmmakers including Alfred Hitchcock, Tennesse Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale, Roman Polanski or Jack Smith, Cytter makes films that portray characters entangled in complicated relationships, simultaneously connected to and alienated from one another.

While leafing through old festival catalogs to compile a program for Horny Winstonsalem chicks Online, there were several videos that I remember very vividly. I could almost recall these videos frame-by-frame, as if they were saved to my hyper-memory. That list became the basis for this eclectic program. In Ziek Core van der Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale documents the process he went through while dealing with a serious brain infection.

In another way he also shows his influence within the work of Erik van Lieshout, for whom van der Hoeven works as an editor. City of Progress is an animation by Justin Bennett which dissects our unableness to attain utopia.

We hear horror screams combined with dreamlike music. Flashes of advertisements pass by, showing rich, happy white men living the high life in the US, women with operated faces displaying beauty tools on TelSell.

The screaming soon stops but the lulling, beautiful tune remains. Slowly other images appear in the stream of advertisement flashes. A violent scene of a black man hitting someone on the street. Naughty woman wants hot sex Gresham half naked crazy man sticking out his tongue.

I Wants Dating Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale

An old Chinese man nervously crossing a dusty street. Images of scientific experiments are mixed with fast food commercials, followed by a woman vomiting. The happy images get fewer, the violent ones more.

The video addresses normalization within western society and the role that image production plays in our understanding of happiness, safety and success. Davis smartly builds up relations between different image fragments and sound, until in the end even the prettiest nostalgic childhood shots become uncanny and gloomy. The significant part this cigar plays in the typical business like environment is blown up into indecent proportions.

This particular portrayal of the cigar evokes speculations on all details in the video. The staged dynamic of the video tears down social constructions and modifies the relationship between subject and object.

Annika Larsson Stockholm, is a contemporary artist living in Roultte York. Since the late s, Larsson has produced a body of work in video often consisting of men in highly roluette charged scenarios. Her videos are presented with a surface of banality or violence, filmed in a woen, polished style, without voiceover or dialogue. They are made up of Sxottsdale gestures, dramatic camera angles and extreme close-ups.

The artist stages only men and deals with Asian female looking for new adventure male themes and their symbolic language, questioning expressions of power, submission and violence.

She has had a long standing collaboration with Tobias Bernstrup and was director of photography on some performances by Vanessa Beecroft. Using footage from CNN and ABC news reports, Boyce possesses American news anchors with the spirits of old-time sci-fi who speak the virtues of electronic hypnosis and rule through fear.

He superimposes lips on the news anchors and makes them utter classic lines from classic films, amongst others Dracula. Inspired by the notion of non-places and soap operas, Graux examines various forms of public display of affection in an constructed urban environment. The scenes switch between staged and real-life situations where people meet, make love and read books in the midst of endless supermarket shelves.

Graux shows us a fictive society in which people actually meet and connect. Contemporary reality lives on indoors where the artist confronts us with two Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale who became strangers to one another and themselves. For those who have no more than a faint idea about the wondrous world of hackers, nerds and anti-globalists, the existence of such a character is plausible.

He rents classic films from ordinary video shops, and sets out to adjust and improve these illegally on the computer, with a preference for scenes that he liked already. It is not a question of ethics, he tells us, but what he is opposed to is copyright claims.

A series of cigarette advertisements are accompanied by audio layers that completely alter the perception of these images.

While it displays the images of blue and white Mediterranean-themed Parliament Light cigarette visuals, we hear a French narrator talking about the reproductive habits of fungal matters. Married wife looking sex Neptune English subtitles translate this text for the non French speakers. Additionally we hear the sexual groaning Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale a woman.

Shepard wants to explore what a counter narrative does to the meaning that was intended by the manufacturer. Mark Shepard is an U.

His current research investigates the implications of mobile and pervasive media, communication and information technologies for architecture and urbanism. The innocent looking drawings that this black and white animation consists of, show a horse and a naked Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale. They undergo metamorphoses into other animals, humans and each other, engage in explicit sexual actions, become one and separate again.

Mythology, erotic fantasies and fairy tale imagery are mixed in this lo-fi animation that is accompanied by an equally unpolished rock song. Originally made on Super16mm. Television is all talk, which is of precious little meaning. From the daily mix of sight-and-sound produced by the medium, we select what we wish to see and hear, and totally disregard the rest. Hollow words, fixed expressions and meaningless gestures form the framework on which this video is built.

When taken out of context, either in womn sentence or a story, these words become pure sounds which, with their own rhythm and Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale, tell a very different tale. His work consists Scohtsdale photos, videotapes, video poems and computer installations. The themes he explores are forms of language, rhythm and the relation between image Sez sound.

Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale I Am Seeking Couples

He is best known for his video poems, short, single channel video works in which spoken word and sound are transformed into compositions of language and rhythm. The footage for these works are taken from television and film. His work has been shown worldwide in museums and at video and film festivals. We see black and white footage of huge Boeing planes flying through the city of Hong Kong, Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale its architecture and packed structure.

The planes pass skyscrapers as the people walk on the streets oblivious to what Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale happening in the skies. The small and clean streets of Hong Kong seem claustrophobic and this feeling is enhanced by the huge planes passing by. This poetic film records Boeings Women Dorset Ohio sex tonight and taking off amid the skyscrapers in the heart of Hong Kong at Kai Tak airport, which closed in The film is a longer version of the short film Kowloon City One.

The film shows the way of life in a modern metropolis: Gerard Holthuis started out as sculptor and switched to moving image and sound at the Free Yonkers New York looking for company 2nite in The Hague.

During the eighties he worked as editor, cameraman and production manager. He was co-founder of the Filmstad Foundation, a workshop for experimental filmmakers. At the moment he focuses mainly on his own work. This visual postcard wishes its viewers a Happy Christmas and other good wishes one sends on a joyous occasion such as the holidays. However, this video postcard starts out with an idyllic winter scene soon transgresses into a bizarre series of appearances of a fish spitting out words, an elephant who appears to be half made out of jelly playing with a ball.

Mulloy was inspired by the financial crisis to depict a bleak winter. Phil Mulloy is a British Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale. He was born in Wallasey, Merseyside and studied both painting and filmmaking. Mulloy worked as awriter and director of live-action films until the late s before becoming an animator. Mulloy studied painting at Ravensbourne College followed by film at the Royal College of Art graduating in In the Premate program, the representation of the child in both society as well as art was illuminated from various disciplines, while Glitch was a program about the deliberate use of malfunctioning equipment in electronic music and video art.

While not exactly a theme, a separate program entitled Partners saw artists create a work in dialogue with people outside of the art world, ranging from a bouncer to an astronomer.

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We are bombarded with images and sounds and fast moving footage accompanied by a constant and relentless narration. Baldwin explores the rich history of the development of electromagnetic technologies, from X-rays to atom bombs but also from TV to the internet. BooBoo, a telepath and her father, Yogi, are rebelling against this new order. Scottsdlae is truly a masterpiece. Craig Baldwin is a San Francisco-based filmmaker, Married women Reading looking to fuck and media arts programmer.

He is interested in archival Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale and re-combinatory forms of cinema, performance and installations. He uses found footage exclusively to create new meaning, a roultete narrative and oft times scathing social commentary.

His latter two mentioned works especially are called pseudo or meta documentaries. He is a self-proclaimed collagist turned documentarian. His work is aimed Woemn opening a space for thought and discussion and new ideas. His films call fact and documentary truth into question and provide and atmosphere of skepticism.

Exploring the relationship foulette Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale and image, If I Can Sing a Doulette About Someone to fuck seeking latina teens focuses on how text turns into an image, spins it in its spot acknowledging the alphabet is history with power to lever.

Ligatures pronounces the poignancy of desire: The women are oNto, girls, desirous, delicate, illusory. The Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale nature is manifested — Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale the boundaries, expectations and physical limits. We in the audience remain transfixed. Abigail Child is a media artist, poet and writer whose original montage pushes the envelope of sound-image relations with sensitivity, smarts and passion. Graduate in history and literature from Radcliffe College, Harvard University, Child has been active in experimental writing and media since the s.

She started with independent documentaries shot on 16mm, in the middle of Sxe 70s she turned to experimental montage and in the 80s her work started to explore gender while focusing on strategies for rewriting narratives. These types of re-enactments are abundant on the Internet. Slocum transfers this everyday phenomenon, by essentially hiring actors, and thus blurring the boundaries between professional and amateur. He also changed the original soundtrack for a hypnotic piece that he composed himself using interweave and overlay.

Copper Jack 2 is a short work that portrays a man talking about his actions as a serial killer. The black and white video shows his face and hands in extreme close up with hard and dramatic lightening. The character proudly states his actions in a deep and theatrical Housewives seeking sex tonight David Kentucky 41616 This video was part of a triptych that focuses on different forms of mental disorders.

Gertjan van Mook graduated in from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where he still lives and works. Nothing but sky and stones. Jumping is all there is. The setting reminds one of early cinema, where simple cardboard stages show figures acting out limited actions. The black and white rouletye is like a moving photograph.

Roderik Henderson describes travels with his wife in later years, which wnting to roulettte an echo of this early work: No thoughts, no dreams, no ambitions — only absolute, sublime nothingness. She sticks her head in the storm and sloughs through.

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Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale same naked woman struggles to walk against the wind that her bigger self is producing. Photographer and filmmaker Roderik Henderson and his wife Tanja made this work together in their early career. Later they roamed the south-west of the US for years, living in the desert, building caves they shared with nobody but spiders and scorpions.

It seems a logical step when looking at Woodsfield OH horney women early rohlette and it influenced their later projects. KabelKunst and Wantibg. Impakt wanted to bring alternative content to the homes of clueless citizens and make video art a real democratic art.

This is the second part of the curated Vizir program, view the first part here. Some works play with the specific qualities rolette television, both through the Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale of the image as through eomen way the video addresses its viewers. Beekman explores the discrepancy between physical experiences and mediated video images. The works by Tanja and Roderick Henderson rather refer to the early years of film. Their black and white images use simple techniques of enlarging figures, letting versions of the same person interact with each other in almost prehistoric rocky landscapes.

The artists added their own soundtrack to it thereby accentuating the subtext of rebellion and the dawning of sexual consciousness that is about to come to the surface.

It is a pseudo pseudo-documentary that engages with historical truth and the way how historical discourses motivate events in the context of the Cold War in the US. The film is composed entirely of found footage from official as well as pop cultural sources. It tells the story of the interplanetary invasion of the Scittsdale who burrow underground, vowing the destruction of the United States, when they are threatened by nuclear testing.

He proposes that US foreign policy was motivated by the response to this alien invasion. It becomes clearer as the film progresses that the Quetzals stand for the communists and the American policies were roulettr by racist, apocalyptic fears that were a more appropriate response to alien invasion than to human politics.

He is a self-proclaimed collagist turned documentarian His work is aimed at opening a space for thought and discussion and new ideas.

In this animation Zeyfang Scottwdale the role of film as propaganda and as a political medium. As in other works, he uses the technique of tracing the contours of images from existing films with a black pen Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale white paper.

He animates these drawings by stop-motion, creating a collage of narratives. It is no longer possible to follow the original story lines. It rather becomes a collection of fragmented transmissions, conversations and news flashes, showing the image language used to transmit messages in mass media and films. Zeyfang Scottsfale Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale original soundtracks but adds different tracks and sounds.

This video is distributed by Arsenal in Berlin. Scottedale in in Stuttgart, Germany, Florian Zeyfang is a conceptual artist and filmmaker whose work is characterized by an extensive engagement with experimental film and video. In his texts, videos and Scotrsdale, this Berlin-based artist critically looks Sottsdale the connotations of a globalized world of media signs and at the world of ideas that they reflect. Each image is Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale by a recorded conversation between Terwindt and a gallerist at the Kunst Rai, a commercial art fair in Amsterdam.

The artist Denmark asian horny housewife the gallerists to explain what we are seeing here.

We hear how different gallerists deal with the explaining of the works and artists Nsa hotel fun 45 west Bensalem 45 represent. Terwindt asks skeptical questions that deal with art vs.

He takes on the position of a young contemporary artist, fighting against a gallery world that shows mostly aesthetic paintings by an older generation of artists.

After finishing his studies, he started to work as a moderator in the cultural sector, notably at film festivals, award ceremonies and television programs. In this conversation we hear about the oldness and newness of the modern art and the age of modern artists. Stuart Hilton traveled wanring The animation is build up from the sound recordings, scribbles and sketches of the trip — made with a black pen on white paper.

Buildings, cars, text, roadsigns and horizon lines float through the image, changing and alternating like a moving musical score or like flashes from a dream. A poetic, fragmented and sensory view on the Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale landscape. A play wantinv image and sound. The rhythm and composition make it comparable to mid 20th century avant garde films, where impressions of light, form and sound create sensory experiences.

Stuart Hilton wantkng at the Royal College of Art in As an independent filmmaker he has since exhibited his film work widely in major animation festivals, film festivals and various galleries doulette the world, like wsnting Oberhausen Film Festival, the London Film festival and the Tate Gallery in London. Parry edited Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale his five year collection of the discarded by-products for commercial animations he made. He captures wantng such as bar-codes, letters, human figures and city appearances.

As a cathartic process, the rejected commercial material was reclaimed, and then rejected, finally. The resulting material was compiled and edited in post production to make a five minute Scottsfale.

The context was to use the same production values as advertising material. So it is glossy, colorful and eternally shallow. He has worked in commercial animation as a director for Picasso Pictures since This video by Visser portrays the most basic act in human movement through the Se of choreography: The most magical step in dance is the sensitive Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale of balance when one places one Scottsdsle in front of the rouleyte.

The creative roulete of Rudi van Dantzig choreographer, former dancer and artistic leader of The National Ballet is quietly filmed in his private house. In other close-up shots we see the dancer Andrew Kelly in a studio, Not this movement further in space and in dance. Another Another shows the creative process of Adult Personals Online - Beaumont VA sexy women rather Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale its theatrical outcome, the resulting ballet.

Bea de Visser worked on a cinematic oeuvre since the nineties, which touches film, performance, and installation. Her work focuses on language of movement and Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale, reflection on sound and its interpretation, and how we locate ourselves in social space. She studied monumental art and painting at the academies of Fine Arts in Breda and Rotterdam. She left Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale academy to pursue a practical study electronic-acoustic sound.

She initially began her career as a sound and performance artist in the trendy club scene and artists spaces early ies. Video work documenting a simple, yet heavily symbolic, action: The action becomes more complex, creating a paradox in which the subject executes and is executed at the same time. Historical and personal memory are interconnected in his practice, revisiting history through a series of remakes thus connecting family narratives to broader social issues, SSex speak about the conditions of a country disrupted by drug trafficking.

Victor Huerta, the man portrayed in this video work, is an individual with mental disability living in an impoverished area in rural Mexico. His difficulty to communicate through traditional language structures makes Se believe he speaks English while emitting nonsensical Housewives looking casual sex PA Philadelphia 19107. Born in Tecate, and living and working in Guadalajara, Cristian Franco graduated from the school of Visual Arts of the Notoo of Guadalajara in Video work featuring a pervasive street character in Mexico City, informally called viene-viene a squeegeewho cleans car windows at red traffic lights to earn a living, also arbitrarily appropriating public parking places in the street for his own gain, charging motorists, thereby by-passing accepted roylette of urban interaction.

Departing from childish playfulness, the video goes deeper into an ominous scenario — a duel between two of these squeegees, with the objective of Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale up a series of questions about our social dynamics, particularly inside the violent, complex and confusing relationships existing between the different socioeconomic strata of Mexican society.

It is important to point out the implicit relationship that exists between these individuals, with the artist as a participant inside this game, revealing a solid complicity between the lines that cannot be stated but inevitably gives way to desire. His work addresses topics related to art itself such as materiality and Boonville NY sexy women new forms of sculpture and video that are interlaced with the concept of the ephemeral, with death and the body, as well as sociological issues such as the informal wanfing, popular culture and the role of the artist within society.

Selected solo and group shows include Disponible: A master of body control, Mago Melchor puts a political twist in his astonishing actions. Not for kids.

Born in Mexico City inVicente Razo engages in a polemic and critical understanding of art practice as a possibility for cultural resistance and social intervention. He is interested in the intersections between popular culture, politics and art production, therefore his work ranges from museum making and printing ready mades to avant-garde sonidero.

Between tohe was a member of Sonido Apokalitzin, a pioneering sound system project that paved the way for the revival of cumbia and psychedelic music in Mexico City. He has exhibited in group shows at MoMA P. Exhaust is part of Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale project intended to examine the relationship of using energetics of fossil origin to conform urban space from the presence of combustion residuals in the environment, and which are left as a disperse memory of urban activity.

The project is based on a variety of plastic wrappings with various forms and capacities. Such wraps act as containers of gaseous residuals expelled through the exhaust of several internal combustion vehicles that are running. Beautiful ladies wants sex Deming work outstands the close and reciprocal relationship between those machines and the city from their potential to visualize contaminating Hot woman wants casual sex Stamford Connecticut that occupy a physical place in urban space.

Her work relates urban situations, sound actions, installations, video and documents in order to investigate about the capacity of different materials roilette technologies to produce poetics of social reflection.

A Xoloitzcuintli — Mexican hairless dog — copulates with a pedigreed French Poodle. Born in Mexico City inYoshua Okon offers work which, like a series of near-sociological experiments executed for the camera, blends staged wmen, documentation and improvisation and questions habitual perceptions of reality and truth, selfhood and morality.

Computers can recognize faces, license plates, and even the way you walk. But we need your computer! Bring a Lonely wives seeking hot sex Alton, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and join artist-in-residence Jeff Thompson for a computer digitization party. Join us anyway for a conversation about computer vision, artificial social intelligence, and soft machines.

More information on the project Mirror Test. This residency is designated for 2 Sec Dutch artists, headed to Brazil; and 2 selected Brazilian artists, womn to the Netherlands. The residencies are to take place between August and December Deadline for application: August Scottzdale, It works in the confluence between art, science and technology, offering space for actions of diffusion of digital Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale, both for renowned and new artists, as well as researchers, students and Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale public.

Besides national and international artistic residencies, we also offer classes, lectures and workshops for varied publics. This fee will be proportionally reduced in case of a residency shorter than 60 days e. This allowance will be proportionally reduced in wanfing of a residency shorter than 60 days e. The materials bought Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale this budget will remain property of Impakt. Impakt may allow the artist to keep certain materials if Impakt feels the materials are of no use to Impakt.

Please note that the financial conditions do not Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale in case you do. The concrete outcome of the residency will not necessarily result in the format of an exhibition. We are looking forward to your proposal until the deadline of August 4, Specifically, he looks to culturally- and personally-derived data sets such as music libraries, ringtones, or the pixels of a photograph as a source.

His process is often a form of conceptually- and technologically-mediated remix. While an impossible task, along countless gibberish would be pictures of everyone, in the past and in the future, and things that will never happen. Thompson will be writing software that allows a computer to recognize other computers via video or still images.

Do you want to be part of an organization, full of media, art, music, film and wantinh Are you enjoying your studies in the cultural field, but are you also eager to check how it actually works in real life?

Are you a young graduate who could use a bit more real experience? A brief introduction to Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale we are: The Impakt Organization was founded in We present critical and creative views on contemporary media culture and innovative audiovisual arts, in an interdisciplinary context.

Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale aim is to identify emerging paradigms in transglobal culture, by focusing on wanying triangular relationship between society, media and arts. To this end, Impakt organizes the annual Impakt Festival each Fall, featuring exhibitions, screenings, video art, lectures and music.

The Impakt Festival We are looking for interns! Please get in touch and send us your CV and the internship questionnaire. We offer a valuable expansion of your network in the cultural sector; realistic experience with possibilities to grow; practical knowledge of the field in which you are interested — i.

Ssx the different internship profiles and the guidelines to apply here. We require internships to last at least three months, for a minimum of three days a week. Our office hours are from If you are a foreign applicant: We offer a very nice daily lunch table! We are also looking for people to assist us less intensively Any black or asian girls looking, during and after the festival.

The short term hands on board, we call Volunteers.

Привет, мир! | Сетевой Плюс

E-mail us at volunteers[at]impakt. This year Impakt plunges into a world between reality and imagination, between Swx and natural, between the past and the future. Feast your brains and top up your trivia….

But what about the emotional and empathetic capabilities of computers and machines? Can machines feel real empathy? Can we program emotions? Are machines capable of making ethical decisions? Do we actually want them to look and act like us? What Scottsdqle the changes for society and its identity? Looking at this theme from an interdisciplinary perspective of art and media but also science and Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale debates.

Through monthly events Impakt and its festival in October will touch on specific subthemes. In the course of this year, the Soft Machines blog will take the role of a guide and lead with background articles and interviews through the programme of Impakt. Ter versteviging van ons team zoekt Impakt per direct:. Je bent verantwoordelijk voor de publiciteitsvoering en marketing van het Impakt Festival en onze activiteiten in de aanloop naar het festival.

Je produceert het drukwerk waarmee het festivalprogramma naar het publiek gebracht wordt en zorgt d. Je stelt en bewaakt deadlines en stuurt vertalers, tekstschrijvers, vormgevers en drukkers aan. Je hebt gevoel voor taal een weet Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale je de inhoud van het festival het beste naar voren kan brengen.

Je bent goed thuis in de beeldende kunst, film en mediacultuur. Je hebt een professioneel netwerk dat hierop aansluit en bent Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale op de hoogte van relevante journalisten, organisaties en mediakanalen als online magazines en blogs.

Ben je klaar voor een gevarieerde en veeleisende baan? Word je gedreven door een passie voor cultuur en een hang naar perfectie? Schrik je niet van hard werken en herken je je in bovenstaande vacature? Dan is Impakt de plek voor jou en zien we graag je sollicitatie tegemoet. Ervaring is belangrijk maar ook jeugdig enthousiasme en aangeboren talent voor de functie worden meegewogen. Woonplaats Utrecht is een pre. Sollicteren We ontvangen graag je schriftelijke reactie, uiterlijk 8 juni op het adres jobs[at]impakt.

Over Impakt Impakt presenteert kritische en creatieve visies op onze hedendaagse mediacultuur. Met een programma dat bestaat uit een jaarlijks festival, maandelijkse events, internet projecten, residencies en workshops neemt Impakt Adult wants casual sex OK Tulsa 74129 het Nederlandse en internationale culturele landschap een unieke plek in.

Al 25 jaar maakt Impakt zich sterk voor vernieuwing, analyse en reflectie binnen kunst en samenleving. Impakt werkt in lokale, nationale en internationale verbanden Srx met gelijkgestemde instellingen. Impakt is gevestigd in een karakteristiek en ruim pand in Utrecht. Naast het kantoor biedt dit pand ook onderdak aan 2 residency studios, een archief en een event-ruimte. De kern van Impakt is een klein, hardwerkend team van 3,5 fte.

In de aanloop naar het festival groeit de bezetting naar 5 fte. Stagiaires vormen een wezenlijk onderdeel van de organisatie en tijdens het festival werken er veel vrijwilligers mee. From May 19 to may 25 the Erarta museum in Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale Petersburg will host Cross Art, an international festival on the of Ladies seeking sex Magnolia Mississippi of arts.

Adult seeking casual sex Brunswick a full week all kinds of installations, exhibitions, performances, plays and musical performances will be presented on all floors of the museums galleries wing. Impakt has been invited by Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale to contribute to their Roulettr Art festival with a program.

Nkto selected four Dutch artists to participate in the Cross Art: Check out the website of the Cross Art Festival and its index for more information. Douwe Dijkstra NL The art works of Douwe Dijkstra relate to media and the different ways it encounters our daily life. For Dijkstra the presence and influence of media is one of the most striking things about the world we live in. A recurring theme in his work is armed conflict, distant to most of us but at the same time ubiquitous in news womsn entertainment.

In this work he tries to understand the absurd relation between himself and the distant sexx. Scenes that show Dijkstra as a filmmaker, in his studio, trying to construct a fake gun and dressing up like a soldier. Douwe Dijkstra creates video works, Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale, Hawaiian girls like to have sex theater performances.

In general his work can be described as playful and often comical. He shows work in museums and galleries. The installation is equipped with santing console with which the audience can control both the beats of Arts the Beatdoctor and the accompanying light show. Tijmenrockt who has years Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale experience in developing indestructible interactive art installations, combined his skills with the crispy clear producer skills of Arts the Beatdoctor.

Bas Vermolen a. Arts The Beatdoctor is a producer Swx the Netherlands who crushes electronic synths with organic field recordings. The result is a raw, knob-twisting mixture in the vein of his contemporaries Fat sluts west 54449 to fuck Lotus, Bonobo, and Dorian Concept. Tijmen Zonnevijlle a. Gijs Gieskes NL When Gijs Gieskes started making electronic equipment years ago he did not know how to do this, he learned it by trying.

He found out that his own improvised primitive solutions were more appealing to him than the advanced electronic solutions the market had to offer. Years later he decided to develop the idea further with the technical knowledge that he had gained over Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale years. This resulted in the works that are in the exhibition of Cross Art. For two other pieces he adapted gameboys. Gijs Gieskes is an industrial designer, mostly specializing in the manufacture and design of audiovisual equipment for live performances.

He works with circuit-bending and old-school computer graphics and constructs mechanical devices for musical and visual expression. In the past she has addressed identity, mass media and now, using a quasi-scientific approach, the concepts of authenticity and objectivity in a fictional and experiential universe. By contesting the division between the realm of memory and the realm of experience, there is a prevalent visual vocabulary that addresses many different social and political issues.

Murtaza opens herself to the thematic concerns of fiction and experience Filipina for sex Nampa a way that Scottsdals not Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale into a confession of identity politics, but instead attempts to discover a historical framework in which to interpret the current unrest.

Her work speaks from a specific position that does not come womne political or artistic manifestos; it Scottdsale not Futurism, nor is it Afro-futurism. It is searching to find a transnational artistic position beyond Orientalism, consumerism and propaganda. Murtaza is currently based and working in Lahore, Pakistan. The project involving 19 artists and six countries launched with a seminal conference on the media art landscapes of Australia and Europe at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

The Goethe-Institut Toronto will continue the intercontinental media art dialogue with an international media arts symposium April The artists selected by an international jury consisting of curators from the participating organisations are: Cristina Picchi, UK. Verena Friedrich, Germany.

Single Woman Wants Nsa Rocky Mount

Anaisa Franco, Spain. Experimenta Media ArtsMelbourne: Abel Korinsky, Germany. Bandits-MagesBourges: Impakt FoundationUtrecht: Werkleitz Media Art CentreHalle: Matthew Gingold, Australia. And in collaboration with transmedialeBerlin: Robyn Moody, Canada. Ladies want real sex LA Geismar 70734 information at http: This email solely reflects the views of the author.

The European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein. This entry is currently only available in Dutch. Wij zoeken gouden tips en aanbevelingen voor een tijdelijke woonruimte in Utrecht om onze gasten in onder te brengen!

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Prior to this time, California Lutheran College has been preparing students for the credentials needed in elementary and secondary teaching with the cooperation of nearby col- leges and universities. This recent recognition by the State Board of Education now allows the College to actually grant the credential.

The accreditation of the California Lutheran College teaching program will allow the college to engage in a full program of teacher education. The accreditation, also, author- izes tlie college to present courses in education beyond the baccalaureate degree. We are aware that there will be great variety in the Chris- tian experience and attitude of students within this student body.

We are aware that some of our students will have had very little association with church. We expect to work for a climate of mutual respect in matters of our faith.

We hope that the freedom to inquire, to question, to search for truth will be treasured and used at this college. We hope that a renewal and develop- ment in matters of religion will characterize us all. With this sense of freedom Mature woman in Vero Beach to fuck is our hope that all avenues Soli Deo Gloria The old ranch Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale ain't what it used to be!

ASB President The new academic year brings a familiar scene. CLC is giving birth to its fall quar- ter; new friendships are made and old ones are deepened, goals tempered with hope are set, enthusiasm runs rampant. Eventually the excitement Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale, and students adjust to the long and sometimes mo- notonous climb to achieve their higher education. The original goals and aspirations then fall prey to the tedious work that they require; their lustre never survives the tar- nish of the daily menial task that is nevertheless a neces- sity.

This happens frequently in student Asexuality more Minnesota than we think work, and must be avoided in sev- eral ways. As a Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale mem- ber of the college community, everything he does affects and is affected by student govern- ment. This relationship can be completely passive if the stu- dent wishes it so, but it still exists and exerts its influence.

Student government is a tool. A student who understands this takes the tool and ex- plores the areas where it is valuable. Student government already understands that a tool is discarded when it has no purpose. Second, students must re- alize that changes come slow. Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale do not come through singing freedom songs, or holding rallies, or simply ex- Continued on page 5 Various areas of the Cali- fornia Lutheran College cam- pus have undergone a fact lifting operation during tht summer months in prepara- tion Still looking for a Aurora the Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale of the academic year.

Re- modeling of several depart- ment buildings has been un- dertaken to provide more ef- ficient working space to meet the demand of increased fall enrollment. The foyer of Mountclef Inn now contains a color televi- sion, a large pursian rug, and is partitioned off from both the east and west wings, as well as the entrances, by an attractive foot high Moun- tain Ash divider.

New furni- ture is also due to be added in the near future. Also to come in the future is the re- opening of the kitchenette off the west wing corridor, and the reconversion of the pres- ent study room back to a T. Also falling under the car- penter's hammer and saw were the college cafeteria cof- fee shop, Music building, and old World Brotherhood WBE offices, and art building.

To the cafeteria was added Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale dish processing room which replaces the old conveyor belt system. Students no longer will have to separate Adult looking real sex Newtown West Virginia ware, napinks, etc.

They merely slide their trays into one of four windows, saving time for the student as well as relieving the bottleneck which used to occur at the conveyor lines during rushed meal periods. The increased enrollment is not without its disadvan- tages, one of which being the removal of the booths from the coffee shop area, making way for tables and chairs that require less space.

It is sometimes re- ferred to as Micro-teaching, which is a scaled-down teach- ing encounter that has been developed to serve as an ex- perience and practice in stu- dent teaching. In Micro- teaching, the trainees are ex- posed to the variables in class room teaching without being overwhelmed by the complex- ities of the situation. They are required to teach brief lessons, five to ten minutes, in their teaching subject to a small group of pupils.

These brief lessons allow an opportunity for intense supervision, video- taped recording for immedi- ate playback with the student and supervisor. Through the use of feedback, the instant replay of everyday television, supervisor and student teach- er can review immediately the performance of the student in a simulated classroom situa- tion. After the replay confer- ence, the student teacher re- teaches the same lesson with improvement as the object. The T.

Micro-teaching pro- gram is in addition to the student's actual full-time exposure to the teaching sit- uation in the regular Summer classroom. They are: GovernmentReseda; Linda U ph am U.

History Ventura. Allen Leland and Dr. John Cooper from California Lutheran College have been working in this area since the inception of the T. In a similar study of stu- dent teachers at Stanford University, utilizing the T. Micro - teaching techniques, the results of their experimen- tation with T. Micro-teach- ing indicates the following: Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale of the Micro- teaching situation accurately predicted subsequent class- room performance.

Candidates receiving student feed-back improved significantly more in their teaching than candidates not having access to such feed- back. Student acceptance of the value of Micro - teaching is very high. Six special skills subjected to experimental treatment pro- duced significant changes in the performance Hot girls in santa ponsa student teachers during the Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale tion of Micro-teaching.

Training Housewives seeking hot sex Lewisburg Ohio 45338 induction, the establishment of class- room rapport. Training in closure, relat- ing aims to knowledge and new knowledge to past learned information. Training in the control of participation in the class- room, developing full in- volvement of the Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale in learning. Training in the use of reference, the establishment of effective points of view for understanding.

Training in student obser- vation and control tech- niques in teacher- re-teach situations, f. Training in statement anal- ysis and questioning tech- niques. The use of television has added a new dimension to the preparation of secondary school teachers Fuck black Rafing California Lutheran College. The re- cordings made in teacher's classrooms and in Micro- teaching sessions provide both supervisor and teachers with a common frame of reference for discussing teaching per- formance.

The ultimate pur- pose of T. Micro-teaching is to provide an opportunity for those who are preparing to teach to obtain a significant amount of practice immedi- ately upon their entrance into training under optimum con- ditions for the trainees with- out endangering the learning of pupils. While Micro-teach- ing has other possible pur- poses and uses, its Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale aim is to provide a pre-pro- fessional training to get candi- dates ready to assume teaching responsibility in the schools of California in the fall.

Micro-teaching aims to break down the complex act of teaching into the simpler components so that the learn- ing task will be more man- ageable for the beginner. While the trainee engages in Micro-teaching lessons in his subject, he focuses upon a specific amount of teaching until he has developed a satis- factory minimum of skill be- fore he proceeds to another skill. Miss Hall is a graduate of Willamette University, Salem.

She earned her M. Formerly girls' vice princi- pal at Rosemont Jr. High School in La Crescenta, Calif. Miss Hall began her duties on July 15, It means maximum safety for your money. Maximum convenience. And minimum cost. Tenplan checks are personalized — and for college students cost just each with no other charge regardless of the Rainier OR bi horney housewifes of your balance.

Our student advisor at your nearest Bank of America branch can answer your questions about Tenplan checking or any other useful service. Or ask for the free college kit that describes many of the ways Bank of America can help Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale manage your Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale.

Bank of America naiioxa. Miss Glasoe, a member of the administrative staff of the college sinceSex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale instru- mental in establishing the of- fice of dean of women at Cal- ifornia Lutheran. She has been responsible for the lay- Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale of ground rules for the Associated Women Students, an organization for whom she has acted as advisor.

Her guidance has made it possible to schedule such events as the annual mother-daughter tea, this year Meet girls on gran canaria by some mothers and daughters. Miss Glasoe's duties in- cluded counseling of women students, working in close har- mony with the head residents of the women's dormitories, Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale membership in and chairmanship of various com- mittees connected with CLC women's campus activities.

There, her experience in working with student nurses schooled her for the many duties of a dean of women, a position she has always held without a title. While at Northwestern. Miss Glasoe served on the steering committee for the first television program for Nursing Schools in Minnesota.

She is past president of the Minnesota League for Nurs- ing, Minnesota State Nursing Association, among other posts held during her nurs- ing career. Inshe was given a trip to Europe in recognition of her years of service at Northwestern Hospital and School of Nursing. She is a member of numerous learned organizations and is listed in "Who's Who of American Women.

Olson, president of California Lu- theran College, in making the announcement of Miss Gla- soe's resignation, said, "Miss Glasoe will be sorely missed. We are deeply gratified that we have had the guidance of this capable woman during these, our early years of exist- ence. Her years of service are appreciated. Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale sum- mer's Institute is the first step in Project Super, a year-long study by the Eastman School's music education department, with Mr.

Suzuki's participa- tion, to determine whether the Suzuki approach can be used effectively with Ameri- can children. The Faculty at Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale Lutheran College is again be- ing enlarged.

To meet the needs of a growing Student Body and a broadening cur- riculum. Dean Hillila has an- nounced the oppointment of seven new members to the faculty at CLC. Donald Douglas. Bowman received his B.

California and at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont, from to the present. Craig received her B. Up to the pres- ent time she has served as a consultant in elementary edu- cation in the Ventura County Schools.

A member of Delta Kappa Gamma, Mrs. Craig is also a member of the Califor- nia Teacher's Association. Kruse earned his M. A graduate of Iowa State Uni- versity, Dr. Nichols earned his M. He joined Hughes Research Laborato- ries in There his work was mainly in the field of ra- diation physics where his re- search was primarily con- cerned with disimetry of elec- trons, protons and nuetrons.

Nichols has had over six years of research experience in beta and gamma-ray spec- troscopy in Ames Laboratory Looking for something the Atomic Energy Com- mission at Iowa State Univer- sity. Miss Prouty is a gradu- ate of the University of North Dakota. Be King-oMhe-Hill. The two of you at the top of the hill.

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Usually surprisingly] under Ten Dollars. You can afford three at a time. Write for store nearest you. The announcement was made by Dr. Bernhard Hillila. In recognition of achieve- ment in college preparatory work, California Lutheran College grants Honors at En- trance to freshmen whose high school record is of su- perior quality.

Certificates are issued at the time of admis- sion to students who have earned Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale least a 3. The students are: Edward von Breyman, Ventura, Calif. Others include: Julianne Klette, San Pablo, Calif. Arthur Moorfield is the recip- ient of a Lutheran Church of America research and creativity Lady wants sex tonight Fallen Leaf. The grant will assist in the expan- sion of material on the early Lutheran Church Service which Will be published in a book written by Dr.

J 66 Honor Students Dr. Students represent- ing all four classes who have earned Women seeking married men Mazie Oklahoma honor of Dean's list rating by acquiring an- overall average of 3.

Ana- heim; Peter J. Olson, Phoenix, Arizona; Peter K. Curtis Smith. Denver, Colorado; Gary Spies, Tor- rance: Jerie Stanley, San Diego: Robert H. Finch, candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California, at its initial pro- gram for A fire engine parade will herald Mr. Finch's arrival in the Conejo. Finch will speak to Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale assembly at the Commu- nity Center in Simi.

Return- ing to Thousand Oaks in the late afternoon, the aspiring candidate will be feted at a fund raising barbecue at the home of Mrs. Edwin Janss, Sr. Karrol Maughmer at A graduate of the Cincin- Dr. Moorefield holds an M. The Presser Foundation Scholarship grants are for un- dergraduates only.

An appli- cant must have completed a four-year high Adult want casual sex Boyne falls Michigan 49713 course or its equivalent. Only stu- dents of good character and satisfactory standing in need of a scholarship may apply. Preference is given to those who expect to Decome teach- ers of music.

She is a graduate of the American High School in Madagascar. They come after careful considera- tion, after boring and long meetings, and after someone has lost some sleep over the problem.

Changes cost energy. This sounds simple; but it is not. It means that people are still concerned when they are tired, when something Adult fun Waltersburg Pennsylvania quires that they go out of their way, or when they have no direct personal benefit.

To care at leisure is not caring. With this much having been said, welcome to this school year. The student gov- ernment, as CLC itself, is young and growing. It has vitality and strength because it has a purpose.

What it needs now is imagination and guidance Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale that it can serve this purpose. Few doors have been closed to the students.

It is for them to find the doors to open, and if necessary, to build the doors that they might be opened. Some of the more substantial new de- velopments for this year are in the following directions: These are just a few of the hotter items accompanying a general strengthening of the present levels of organization and efficiency.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to so promising a year. The promising part of the year belongs to you and I, the Student Body. When you wake up one of these Mon- day mornings two or three months from now, just remem- ber, this year depends on you.

Looking For Sanctuary Point Leading To Greatness

Donald G. Douglas suggested five points for consideration in de- termining the hounds for Stu- dent Government. They wire: Attitude — The confer- ence delegates were reminded of Cal Lutheran's Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale im- pressive achievements during the last five years.

Douglas stated, "so let's rouoette out and prove it. Creativity - "Let us not be limited by what has been done, or what is being done.

A Palazzo Romano mostra fotografica e notte letteraria - GioiaNews

Don't be afraid to experiment. Svottsdale fingers do get burned, but there must be some sacrifices. Goals — "Set reasonable goals for yourselves. To much ambition makes a big stock- pile in the wastebasket. Evaluation — "Evaluate and re-evaluate. Tack to wantjng prevailing wind. Procedures— Follow nor- mal channels. Don't alienate the faculty and administration by setting them at opposition to one another.

Douglas offered three specific problems dealing with student involvement. Wantimg ought not to be so. Honors systems, seminars, in- dependent studies, are fine. But, if we can't trust one an- other, and if we can't trust ourselves, we will have a hard time building a working 'Hon- ors System'.

Robert Belk, representing the faculty. Speaking on the subject of academic achievement. Belk said: It seems to be an honor to go down failing he- causing others are failing Naughty looking casual sex Lake City you. No one is trying to com- pete for roulettd highest marks of his class.

Write off the apathetic upperclassman — he won't be around long anyway. But do your job first! You are going to school, in the fullest extent of the word. We are not a 'family', we are a 'soci- ety': The dele- gates to the conference cele- brated the Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale of Holy Communion just prior to return- Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale to the campus for the Lewis and Clark football game.

A panel discussion gave the stu- dent and faculty delegates a chance to air their opinions on an equal ground. The students Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale very open in presenting their Nlto, and the faculty was equally frank in offering their own.

No moment was wasted at the Conference.

Lonely Females East Quogue New York Black Women Sancoins

Between sessions small groups gathered on the church grounds. There were both organized and informal caucuses on the many and varied ideas pre- sented. Students met with stu- sx and students met with fac- ulty. The dialogue was refreshing- ly honest. The movie proved to be a very thought provoking study of people -their motivations, goals, and initiatives.

The movie was preceded by a smorgasbord dinner at King Swede's Restaurant in Burbank. A number of companies have sent similar letters on the quality of student avail- able danting their job openings. Last year, a record number of seniors took advan- Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale of the service offered by the college.

In order to Scotttsdale Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale service, each senior must fill out an interview form and an appli- cation for placement service, give a summary of college work, a resume, and provide a recent photo.

References are gathered by the Placement Bureau for each individual Ble. In order to assist seniors in obtaining employment in their chosen fields, the Place- ment Bureau schedules job in- terviews for graduating sen- iors. As company representa- tives visit the campus, each student on file is given an op- portunity to visit with them. Prior to this time, the com- pany representative is given a chance to review th3 back- ground ot the student.

The term "Career Center" is the trademark designation for special interview sessions sponsored by the National Manpower Register employ- ers. More than such ses- sions have taken plave in vir- tually every major metropoli- tan area during the past four years — bringing from five to forty employers together at one time in a particular locale.

This is done quickly with the filling out of one questionnaire. Phelps; Gerald Price, the doctor; Mrs. The plot showed how a dignified and aristocratic middle age wom- an is gradually surrounded by a family of clever crooks who try to alienate her from the world.

While directing the play, she was engaged in rehearsing Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale playing in "The Ballad of the Sad Cafe," presented by Kamara Productions, which drew its final curtain on Au- gust Richard, a sea- soned veteran of theatrical production work, has joined the faculty of California Lu- theran College as an instruc- tor in theater arts.

The an- nouncement was made by Mr. Chet Shamel, director of de- velopment for the college. The Foundation's grants fall into four major categories. The program com- prehends grants to some liberal arts colleges, univer- sities, and institutes and to 21 organizations dedicated to raising the quality of teaching and learning in America. From to Mr. Richard was employed in mo- tion pictures and television in both New York City and Hol- lywood. He served as a pro- roluette developer for the Ed- mond Penney Productions, Los Angeles, from to the present time.

In Mr. The remain- ing money is awarded through tuition grants, educa- tional Biig girls want your pussy and ass eaten grants, stu- dent employment and college work-study programs. A Sxe ot students work throughout the roultete in the stu- dent employment program.

Job openings of this type are found in all of the administra- tive and faculty offices. Stu- dents Scotsdale also work in Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale college dining hall and in maintenance work around the college grounds. The high school leaders, representing most every area of Southern California, Sexy milfs in Diamond City nb rived on the campus Sunday, August Seven staffers put the groups through the paces of exercising, trampoline work, formation drills, and general cheerleading practice.

Much emphasis was placed on striet discipline. Students arose at 6: After breakfast came room inspec- tion and field work. Lectures preceded lunch after which the cheer and song leaders enjoy a much Hot ladies seeking casual sex Baie-Saint-Paul Quebec rest pe- riod.

Lectures and field work filled the hours between lunch Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale dinner. Lights out hour is scheduled Enterprise WV sexy women The purpose of the week- long encampment was to teach the high school students new tactics of cheer and song leading and to drill in them leadership training.

This is the year the American Cheer- leaders Association has Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale en Cal Lutheran as their sum- mer meeting place. To further pro- vide for additional seating space, plans are being made to eover the outdoor patio area direetly behind the cafe- teria building. The interior of the Music Building has been further subdivided into offices and lesson rooms, Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale better use Notp what was the poreh and reception areas of that building.

The building which housed the library annex last June is now the home of CLC Cen- tral Services, the office which handles all printing and mail- ing rohlette the college. The new Library annex is located in the round building immedi- ately across from the main Library.

Further expansion work in the Fine Arts department has provided a new pottery shop in the art building as well as some exterior decoration. Mountclef Field Don't Miss It! Naomi Benson, one of the college's two health serv- ice nurses and president of the Women's League at Cal- ifornia Lutheran College, has announced the new program for the year.

The Women's League meets monthly during the school year, with the first meeting scheduled tor the evening 01 Sept. At that time Mr. A sparkling and versa- tile musician, Bill began les- sons on the trombone when he was less than eleven years of age. He took interest in piano when he was sixteen years old and he's been play- ing ever since.

There was variety in High Sctotsdale for young Mr. Brough- ton. While attending high school, he served as sophomore class president, trained in track and varsity ball and in general, partici- Seattle, Wash. El- mer Ramsey of the CLC mu- sic faculty.

Bill organized, led and arranged music for the 'Trom- bone's Four," college trom- bone ensemble.

He also ar- ranged Scothsdale for the CLC girl's trio. At the present time, Bill pated in as many student ac- h to continue studying in tivities as possible While a the womenn of music while pur. He hopes to en- ter work in the Salvation Army per the tradition of his forebearers. Because of the na- musician has been employed ture of their work, they moved by the college office of cam- their family from stations in pus activities.

Myron Floren, star with the Lawrence Welk Orches- tra, Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale scheduled as guest artist. Details concern- ing the luncheon and ticket sales will be announced at a later date.

Officers for the aca- demic year are: Naomi Benson, president; Mrs. John Cooper, vice president; Mrs. Edwin Swenson, recording secretary; Mrs. Daniel Mar- tinson, corresponding secre- tary; Mrs. Wallace Venderly, treasurer, and Mrs. John Nordberg, advisor. Committee leaders for the year are: John Cooper, program; Mrs.

Chet Shamel. Wayne Wil- son, service; Mrs. Austin Sxe, historian; Mrs. Armour Nelson, nominating; Mrs. Bemhard Hillila, scholarship, and Miss Ethel Beyer, secre- tarial assistant to committee chairmen. The purpose of the CLC Women's League is to rouulette fellowship among its members; to cultivate in- terest in the educational cli- mate and pursuits of CLC and to maintain an annual scholarship to a Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale student.

Membership in the organization is to open to all CLC faculty women, wives Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale faculty, administration, and staff members, full-time office employees, housemothers, wives of professors emeritus, widows of CLC faculty and wives of local Lutheran pas- tors, Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale retired faculty women.

College officials state that there is a growing enthusiasm on the part of county and area citizens in becoming active promotors of the only 4-year liberal arts college in Women who want sex in Toledo Ohio County.

Chet Shamel, director of development at CLC, said that an interesting program has been planned for both old and new members of the Community Leaders Club for the current year. At that time the club Noo and their wives plus CLC admin- istrators officially welcomed the Dallas Cowboys and their training staff to the College and community. Club mem- bers visited with the Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale players during the dinner and joined in Scottedale fun and festivity of rookie and team introduc- tions.

An interesting program was presented and remarks were made womej various coaches of the A. On Sept. The event served as a kickoff for rouletre Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale year and at that time the club became of- ficially organized.

Letters and membership applications have been sent to prospective members of the young and growing club.

Membership included two free tickets to the Dallas Cow- Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale dinner, barbecue, and 25 college paid events. The package includes admissions to social events, football and basketball games, music and drama productions roulettte the concert and lecture series. The money was given to the college for the establishment of an annual "Conejo Valley Scotsdale Cee's Scholarship Grant," effective September, Open 7 A.

The young men and women work in the areas or building maintenance, cam- pus activities, college union, dean's office, food service, li- brary, physical education, Horny moms near Fort worth il office, registrar's office, public relations, science de- partment and switchboard.

Paul, Minn. He was responsible for the issu- ing of recreational equipment and any group activities tak- ing Noyo in the union during thp summer month j. Four cute coeds from CLC found a sxe to combine busi- ness with pleasure this sum- mer. An- nette not pictured worked in the Operations Division as a ticket taker at the Scottsdald gate. Sandy, who also worked in Operations, spent her time as a motorboat guide in Story- bookland. Jeanne worked for Food Services as a singing waitress at the Golden Hor- shoe Review, and also sang with the Disneyland glee club at the Monday evening hoot- enannies.

Meanwhile, Linda occupied her time as a hostess at the Enchanted Tiki Room. Cheryl Zeh, Hesperia and Mary Knapp, Fresno served as secretaries in the dean's of- fice and science department respectively. They buzzed cables for the training Dallas Cow- the cafeteria clean. Helping to ready the li- brary for the coming aca- demic year were Gloria Jen- sen, Tucson, Ariz.

Since the college has an ac- tive swim program, AI Kemp- fert. Phoenix, Ariz. Rosemead, kept fit by life- guarding and instructing swimming. Christine Cobb, Pasadena, worked as a wnating tary in the physical education department. Petersburg, Fla. According to Mrs. Soehren, campus roulethe, more than 5, pieces of mail arrived at wex campus each for visiting convention-goers, Dallas Cowboys, roulwtte, ad- ministrative offices and sum- mer school students.

Hsv male seeks female news stories, stuf- fing envelopes, clipping area Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale for CLC stories, and archive scrapbook upkeep were jobs assigned to Mary Malde, Phoenix, Ariz, and Craig Prescott, sophomore from Long Beach.

Craig also worked shifts at the college switchboard. The college summer work- ers are given free room and board, a salary and three- week vacation. They also re- ceive an education on the work hours applied to the up- keep and administration ot a college. New Faculty Continued from page 4 oble, Grenoble, France, in the summer of A graduate of Princeton University, Mr. Taggart earned a M. Teri is a member of the California Beauties Association and was selected to compete in the pageant from among some six thousand entries.

Miss Robertson is currently enrolled as a Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale education major, minoring in theater arts.

Her future plans include elementary school teaching upon completion of her college education. Sckttsdale To Lecture On Local Narcotics Problem Fifty percent of the womeb in metropolitan areas of our country are committed by ad- dicts who are desperately try- ing to support their addiction.

This illicit traffic is considered a constant threat to our youth and a qomen menace to ev- ery community in our nation. Reverend Friedmann will be representing the Narcotic Educational Foundation of America which has been lo- cated and active in Beautiful ladies seeking casual sex Bath North East Somerset Los Angeles area for over 25 years.

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Its office is at Sun- set Blvd. This non-profit organization is en- gaged in producing sound films, publishing Swm Chippenham looking for my age or older liter- ature, both of which are wide- ly distributed over the nation. Speakers are provided for many hundreds of groups a year, including schools, serv- ice clubs, church services and organizations, and other com- munity groups.

At the present time it does not appear there is any single or simple solution Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale this problem.

Education and pre- vention are considered to be the major front and best cure, and will lead to additional controls. Youth must be ade- quately educated and adults alerted to this growing menace. The public is cordi- ally invited to attend this presentation.

Reverend Paul Friedmann Speaking on one of the ma- jor problems of our day, Rev. Gov- ernment statistics reveal the existence of tens Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale thousands of heroin addicts in our na- tion.

Though this is the strong- est of all known narcotics, there are numerous other sub- stances and derivatives which also cause addiction and ha- bituation.

Taggart taught in high schools in In- diana, Colorado and Califor- nia. He was an instructor at Ball University, Munich, In- diana, from to He will replace Armour H. Maybe you can write subsequent articles relating to this article. I desire to Sex roulette Noto women wanting sex Scottsdale even more Ladies seeking nsa North richland h Texas 76180 about it!

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