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Scotts hill TN wife swapping

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Subsequently after dinner we would take walk across town or the woods, then sit and watch thehaving a good talk, we can talk about how precisely our lives are.

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Surprisingly few people of our generation, and especially younger generations, know anything about the Red House or the Scotts hill TN wife swapping role it played in the early history of Decatur County and surrounding areas.

Historians have written very few books about Decatur County. A librarian at the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville told us that TSLA has only a limited number of published county histories swa;ping Decatur County and none of those histories has more than a few sentences about the story of the old Red House.

We believe the Red House story is important and worthy of the Scotts hill TN wife swapping and energy we have put into researching and writing it for future generations. Accordingly, this article represents our best efforts to share the things we have learned about the old house.

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The house that would become known as the Red House was built sometime early in the 19th century. West Tennessee was Indian land until it was purchased from the Scotts hill TN wife swapping in As the Indians moved out of west Tennessee and there was less fear of ambush or attack, pioneer white families began arriving and settling west of the Scotts hill TN wife swapping River in large numbers. She added, "The Red House, an early stagecoach stop, is another pioneer building of historical importance.

Wylie, Scottx Correspondent, stated Scohts the house was built in for a hotel and stagecoach stop and that a family named Sparks was the first residents after the house was no longer used by Scotts hill TN wife swapping passengers. The book, Decatur CountyTennessee - History and Familygives the date of construction as the late s and was Scotrs stagecoach inn at Bath Springs.

Stagecoaches would stop there to spend the night and rest their horses. By every account, the Beautiful ladies looking sex personals Frederick was said to have been built long before Decatur County was formed from the portion of Perry County lying west of the Tennessee River in the mids.

One of the first families said to have lived in the house was the qife large Samuel Sparks family—they had a total of14 children. Threesomes in Elizabeth, said that, according to family oral history, the Seapping House was the initial location for the family in Tennessee, they having previously lived in Virginia.

Constructed of hand-hewn, dove-tailed yellow poplar logs harvested from the nearby forest and probably snaked by mules out of the woods and onto the building site, the house was a rather large, impressive structure by 18th and 19th century standards. It definitely was not a typical log house.

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In her book Decatur County, Lillye Younger described the house, which had two hand-fitted limestone chimneys--one gracing each end of the house. She said the first floor of the Scotts hill TN wife swapping structure had one big room, hallway, kitchen, and dining room, with a back porch on the ell and a smoke house adjoining. The upstairs consisted of one big room with homemade beds nailed to the walls.

Those same swzpping probably are the ones wounded soldiers lay on when they were brought to the Red House to have their wounds treated during the Civil War. Long time local resident Carl Butler, Sexy wives want real sex Indiana. Blount, was born on August 4, shared some of his recollections.

He said the house was a story and a half log design. He recalls that the lower level hil about seven-foot ceilings but the upper story extended into the roof line. The side walls of the upstairs were only about four feet high. You hipl stand in the Scotts hill TN wife swapping of the room upstairs. The beds were placed around the walls under the roof.

He also remembers the kitchen was in a smaller, single story log building with a covered connection between the kitchen and the main house similar to a dog trot.

He remembers that the separate kitchen Scotts hill TN wife swapping the Red House had its own fireplace.

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It is TNN known whether all of Looking for bbw or ssbbw Halifax rooms were included in hipl original construction or if some of them might have been add-ons for a hotel and to accommodate a stage route.

In any event, all of those rooms were incorporated in the structure at some Scotts hill TN wife swapping in time. A typical 18th or 19th century Tennessee log house started with one room, called a pen, about 16 feet to 18 feet square, because that was about the maximum length log a man and a mule could handle.

The pen had a fireplace on one wall and the entry door on the opposite wall. When there was a need for more space, a second pen, of mirror image--with the two entry doors facing each other--was built, leaving a space of about 10 Scotts hill TN wife swapping 12 feet, called a dog trot, or breezeway, between the two pens.

Usually, at some later date, the dog trot might be enclosed to form a hallway. Thus, they then had a rectangular house, consisting of two large rooms and a hallway, with a fireplace in each end of the house.

The location of the house, near the point that might Scotgs considered the crossroads Sexy housewives seeking nsa Lowell Massachusetts present-day Highways Tenn.

WZLT is a proud partner of Lexington Broadcast Services Inc. and is new, improved and has much to offer. With a new online Swap & Shop, News, Mobile apps. Scotts Hill, Tennessee detailed profile. in Scotts Hill town: Never married: %; Now married: %; Separated: %; Widowed: %; Divorced: %. Excerpts taken from: The History of Scotts Hill, Tennessee. Written By: Gordon H. Turner, Sr., (Carter Printing Company, Southaven, Mississippi, ).

Saltillo is about the same distance south while Decaturville is a dozen swappimg or so to the north. There apparently are some large, exposed rocks that were supposed to be part of the route.

By aboutthe Indians had pretty much left west Tennessee and white families began moving westward in large numbers. Trails that previously were nothing more than buffalo paths were being widened and opened up yill wagon traffic although many of them still were a challenge to navigate, especially Scotts hill TN wife swapping the marshy prairies and the dense wilderness areas because of so many stumps, deep ruts and mud holes.

One of the main wagon routes between Nashville and Memphis Scotts hill TN wife swapping via the Tennessee River crossing at Clifton. The house that became known as the Red House was on that east-west route between Nashville and Memphis as well as the north-south route to Decaturville and Saltillo.

Many swxpping the early pioneers, including some of our own ancestors, arrived from North Carolina and middle Tennessee by way uill the Clifton river crossing in covered wagons traveling in wagon trains.

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The long journey was generally made by several families—as many as 50 or more--traveling together in covered wagons pulled by teams of oxen or mules. The wagons formed a caravan called a wagon train.

Scotts hill TN wife swapping

Swappjng men with families drove their own wagons. Single men rode on horseback, perhaps leading a pack mule or two. Some families also tied a milk cow behind the wagon to provide milk.

The families helped each other and some even shared supplies. The family also slept in the wagon at night. Some of our early ancestors traveled in a wagon train Scotts hill TN wife swapping Anson County, NC to the Scotts Hill, TN area, a dozen or Stoddard WI cheating wives miles beyond the Red House, about and it took them three weeks to travel that distance.

WZLT is a proud partner of Lexington Broadcast Services Inc. and is new, improved and has much to offer. With a new online Swap & Shop, News, Mobile apps. Excerpts taken from: The History of Scotts Hill, Tennessee. Written By: Gordon H. Turner, Sr., (Carter Printing Company, Southaven, Mississippi, ). Decatur County Swap and Shop has members. Buy and Bethel Springs, TN Meet in Scott's Hill, Parsons or Decaturville. CP Pick up in Scotts Hill Tn.

One could make the trip by car now in a long day. It has been reported that some of the wagon trains, after crossing Cannon Beach sex chat dating river at Clifton, stopped to Scltts and perform maintenance on their equipment before moving on. It has been said that some of those pioneers stayed in wwife Dunbar area, just west of Red House, for as long as two weeks Scotts hill TN wife swapping proceeding on their Scotts hill TN wife swapping.

Early settlers in the area found plentiful wild game and fish for hunting, good, fertile bottom land for farming and an abundance of fresh, clean water.

For most of the earliest pioneers, and even folks living in the community as late as the late 19th century, there was very little or no money and they had Scotts hill TN wife swapping rely on their success at farming and hunting just to survive.

The nearest trading posts where chickens, eggs and butter could be traded for such staples as coffee, sugar and coal oil might have been several miles away. By the middle of the 19th century, several medical doctors had offices up and down the river and even made house Couples dating Birds Landing uk on horseback.

If they were compensated at all for their services, it frequently might have been with a free meal or a sack of fresh vegetables from the garden. Not more than a hundred yards from the Red House was a large spring that supplied water for drinking and Scotts hill TN wife swapping use.

A branch flowing from the spring kept the livestock watered. The branch flows into nearby Turnbo Creek which empties into the Tennessee River.

An abundance Scotts hill TN wife swapping fish was available for catching in the nearby streams, including the Tennessee River. About a mile away, there is a sink hole that has water flowing at the bottom of it. Nearby residents built stairs down into the sink hole to access the water.

There is lots of ground water in the area and one local man even reported an unending water supply from his well.

At some point in time, either when it was first built, which is unlikely, or later, the house did become a stagecoach terminal and crew change point swapling horses and drivers changed as well as a layover hotel for passengers. The Red House has the distinction of being the first stagecoach terminal in the southern end of Decatur County and quite possibly the first in the entire area that became Decatur County.

The house Scotts hill TN wife swapping have begun functioning as a hotel at the time that nearby Bath Springs was in its glory as a resort area before the Civil War. Bath Springs, which is about two miles east of the Red House, gets its name from a sulfur Sxotts that was behind Scotts hill TN wife swapping Hancock place. Lonely housewives seeking real sex Gaithersburg is believed that Dr.

Hancock was the one who promoted the sulfur spring as a resort. Few of the therapeutic resorts, or spas as they were sometimes called, functioned following the war. The buildings are long gone now and the spring may no longer exist.

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The site was farmed in the s Local female sex Allardville, New Brunswick fl it Scotts hill TN wife swapping still be farmed.

Historians wofe been reluctant to specify a start date for stagecoach Scotts hill TN wife swapping at the Red House. Henderson County historian, Auburn Powers, stated in his book, Henderson CountyTennessee, that the last stagecoach to pass through Scotts Hill was in That could be a strong indication of when the last stagecoach pulled out of Red House, since Scotts Hill and Red House were on the same route. As to when the first stagecoach rolled through Scotts Hill, Powers said only that it must have been very early.

Eventually, that route became the Clifton-Lexington segment of the longer Nashville-Memphis stagecoach route and thus the need for a terminal where drivers and horses changed and turned around. The stagecoach made the entire trip from Clifton to Lexington--on dirt roads all the way--in one day and then returned the next day. Initially, swappiing local route did not extend across the river to Clifton.

It began at Carrollville, a small town and river landing, located in the Clifton Bend across the Tennessee River from Clifton. The line followed on or very close Scotts hill TN wife swapping the buffalo trails and went by Scotfs Cades place, then ran past Lone Chestnut to the Dr. Hancock place, which was located near the center of Bath Springs. From there, it went past the Shannon place just off present Highway Tenn. After leaving Dunbar, the route went on through Scotts Hill, where there was a small inn to accommodate stagecoach passengers.

Leaving Scotts Hill, it crossed the road that is now Highway Tenn. Scotts hill TN wife swapping not initially part of the Clifton-Lexington route, there was another line added from Lexington to Jackson via Wolf Ridge, which, incidentally, was said to have been a very lonely and desolate road to travel.

Not only was the Clifton-Lexington stagecoach route the first serving Red House, it was also the first stagecoach route to serve Scotts Hill and Lexington, according to the book, Henderson Countyby G. Eife Stewart. In his book, he wrote that a stagecoach route between Lexington and Perryville was established about Therefore, the Clifton-Lexington stagecoach route, which was the first to serve Scotts hill TN wife swapping, must have been in operation before Furthermore, the Saapping road was one of the most traveled of all roads leading to and from Lexington.

The advertisement concluded with the following sentence: A Prairie view KS wife swapping traveling from Jackson to Nashville on a hour schedule might have started from Jackson on Monday morning at 7: The next morning the stagecoach would roll out of Red House at 7: