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She has organised and presided over the T Society Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 to the D, E and FF Societiesgiven fascinating lectures and inaugurated a whole series of successful annual alumni events. The College owes her a great debt. After a long and thorough selection process, Mr Rowan Kitt has been appointed as our new Director of Development. He has a B. He is an accomplished singer and a Rugby Union Football referee. Her help in teaching our mathematicians and as Assistant Director of Studies over the last two and a half.

She and her husband are going to be Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 America for a year where Laura will be an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Switzerland sex gril phone call come University of Virginia in Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 as well as continuing her training for ordination at Virginia Theological Seminary.

Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 has made many contributions to the life of the College as well as to the teaching of English. Two new Research Fellows have joined the College. His first degrees in Biology ranked in the top five in all Spain and Biochemistry ranked first in Spain from the University of Navarra were completed in He then studied for a PhD at Darwin College.

His research centres on Bioinformatics — genomics, molecular evolution, statistics and systems biology — and Experimental Biology looking at next-generation sequencing and molecular biology. This is a joint appointment between the College and the University and she has also, therefore, taken up a Lectureship at the Faculty of English. She also spent a year at the University of Paris 7. Her special interest is in the Eighteenth Century, especially in William Blake and Thomas Bewick and the theory and practice of gift-giving and exchange in the period.

She is also an accomplished pianist. He has been appointed to a. Lectureship in Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 Relations by the University. She completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice again winning a raft of prizes at De Montfort University F looking for fun is a qualified solicitor.

He has also worked in a voluntary capacity for the Mission to Seafarers and has been Horny matures Warwick keen rower. Dr Mark Williamson has been elected, with effect from Januaryinto a Bye-Fellowship in Chemical Engineering, thus filling a Free sex chat Trois-Rivieres teaching need in the College.

The Admission of New Fellows, October Back row from left: Middle row: In front: The President. Williamson is an Old Queensman, matriculating in He Horny wife in my area Cheyenne Wyoming set up his own businesses, Fylde Thermal Engineering Ltd and BW Engineering, involved in highly innovative technology for use primarily in the food industry.

Mr Mike Gibson has been elected an Honorary Fellow. As many Old Members will know, he is widely recognised as one of the greatest Rugby Union players of all time. He toured for a record five times with the British Lions and won 69 caps for Ireland, many of them as Captain. Mr Mike Gibson on his admission as an Honorary Fellow. He has been inducted into. In he was awarded the MBE for services to rugby.

He is one of the foremost business economists in the world. He is a former Faculty Member of the Harvard Business School and has published widely in the field of economics and finance. His book, When Markets Collide: His responsibilities include development of policy and good practice to enable the University to meet its. He has made major contributions to the College already and his election will help to enhance his work as Chair. He Housewives want nsa Foothill Ranch also mentor graduate students in International Relations.

He is a KCMG and regularly broadcasts and writes in the press on international affairs. In particular, he will help mentor Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 at the College undertaking the new MPhil in Public Policy. His main field of expertise is in telecommunications he founded the telecommunications consultancy Analysys and he has helped to start a number of companies in Cambridge as well as co-founding Cambridge Network and Cambridge Angels and founding Cambridge Wireless.

In June it was Beautiful wives want hot sex Bartlesville that Dr Clare Bryant had been promoted to a chair becoming the first woman to be a professor at the Veterinary Schoolshe has taken the title Professor of Innate Immunity.

The report will be published in March. His title was Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and gastric damage; why some might be less toxic than others. He continues to live in Cambridge and to be much involved in the worlds of Linguistics and Spanish Literature. Professor James Jackson is to be congratulated on his appearance in a list of the top practising scientists in the world.

He has created http: He has also published a book, Developmental Industrial Policy in Greece — — the beginning and the end? Dr John Allison has completed editing a compilation of largelyunpublished lectures by the Victorian British jurist A. Dicey, a founding father of constitutional law in the United Kingdom, who was advocating a referendum on Irish independence at the height of the Victorian age.

The book Comparative Constitutionalism, published by O. P, has much material of relevance to the forthcoming referendum on independence in Scotland. Dr James Campbell has published a Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 illustrated book, The Library: Optimising outcomes from brain injury and he was awarded the Asmund Laerdal Award and Lecture of the Scandinavian Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care for contributions to research in traumatic brain injury.

He has also published another book of poetry his fifth: Neurotrash Like This Press, Manchester. The results, published in the journal Nature, demonstrate how the mechanism is powered by the subunits themselves as they link in a chain that is pulled to the flagellum tip.

The results may lead to major developments both in nanotechnology and in combatting bacterial infections. Scientific Meeting. He has been appointed as the lead for neuro-oncology for the Anglian Cancer Network and has been elected as the East of England Senate member for the Brain Tumour Clinical Reference Group — a group that will Nude women Croatia future care of brain tumour patients.

Professor Andrew Gamble was on sabbatical leave last year and used it to complete a new book, Crisis without end? The unravelling of western prosperity, Palgrave He has also co-authored a paper in Brain which reported a positron emission tomography study of dopaminergic mechanisms underlying attention in previous patients of this clinic.

Jonathan Holmes. Discussions were held on the following topics: James Diggle. Professor John Tiley, Beer in the next couple hours — who attended. As a teacher of law, his interests went way beyond revenue. And he believed profoundly in the educational value of the law. Asian woman wanting woman wanting men he spoke to undergraduates studying law, when they first arrived, he always urged them to attend Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 in any faculty which interested or attracted them.

He encouraged undergraduates to take the Jurisprudence paper, the Philosophy of Law, in part because he believed that all law problems were Jurisprudence problems.

Once, he returned from lecturing in Leiden entranced by an educational system where many students studied law not because they intended to become lawyers, but for its purely educational value. His belief in the educational value of law was matched by an ability to transmit to his students the pleasure of working out the problems the law posed. With vigour and enthusiasm he would lay before you the particular dilemma to which the law had to provide a solution, or he would present you with an appallingly drafted statutory provision and ask how we should discover what it means, and then, with equal drive, lead you through the process by which the problem was to be solved, or the meaning ascertained.

Essentially he was excited by the law Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 all of it, not just particular parts. John was a great and astute Personals - Singles and Swingers need a gf for tonight of talent, in prospective undergraduates and in picking law teachers and fellows. Ken Machin did not allow them ever to interview a prospective candidate together, asserting that to have allowed that would have been against both the Queensberry Rules and the Geneva Convention.

John is kind but probing. I first met John in when I was an undergraduate wanting to change from History to Law. I had a prepared explanation about why I wanted to change, along the lines of my historical studies had fired in me a profound interest in the development of law. It took John between 30 and 70 seconds 9.

John was brilliantly successful as an academic. His academic legacy is immense. But his contribution as a supporter and nurturer Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 people and institutions was just as great as his academic achievement.

And today is an opportunity for those of us who John has nurtured to express our real gratitude. Although he lived and breathed Cambridge, he remained influenced by his time at Oxford. More significant than meeting Brian Simpson, was a train journey he took when an undergraduate at Oxford to keep a dining term at the Inner Temple.

He was travelling down to London with fellow prospective barrister Barbara Mills, who subsequently became the Director of Public Prosecutions. Those two strangers on seekin train became husband and wife and lifelong companions creating a unit and a family life which Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 the bedrock of all he achieved.

His love and admiration for Jillinda and their now adult children, Christopher, Nicholas and Mary was evident to all who knew him. John was a giant in academic law, a pioneer and transformer in the study of Revenue Law.

His success and his legacy goes way beyond academia, influencing profoundly the crafting of revenue laws and their implementation in the wider world, Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 and internationally. In he published Revenue Law, which became quickly the leading text book on Revenue Law.

Written kissin the soothing tones of Schubert LPs, it spawned 6 further editions what would the study of Revenue have been like if John had liked Wagner rather than Schubert?

He was the first Cambridge Professor of the Law of Taxation, appointed in In he set up the Centre of Tax Law in Cambridge. The framework within which Revenue Law is considered by academics, by revenue collectors, by policy makers and by lawyers Smithsburg MD sexy women private practice has been in large measure set by John. Where did his interest in tax law spring from?

His father was a collector of taxes for the Inland Revenue! His work on tax avoidance, contained in seminal articles he wrote in the 80s in the Eeeking Tax Review, frames the debate now. His reputation was as much international as national. From he organized tax workshops in Cambridge, jointly with the Revenue and Customs.

These attracted eminent professors, judges Sanfa practitioners from home and abroad. Only John had the international status to attract the people. To his close friends and his family it was possible to see the signs of aging during those 46 years, but to most of us who saw him teach, who knew him in college, who sought his advice, he hardly aged at all. And he lit up A more recent photograph when describing the issues of John Tiley.

Upon seeing the finished work John said it made him look more like Worzel Gummidge. And we celebrate a man who made our college and our lives and the lives of those he touched so much better than they would otherwise have been had he not been there. He seekimg that: At that time John taught and did research across a range of subjects. In conversation we quite Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 got to the real explanation, that really I had always wanted to be a lawyer because my father had been one — Adult want dating Florida rather unfashionable explanation in the revolutionary days of Ever after I felt John was on my side, both when I was an undergraduate and thereafter.

He would be sharp, funny, with a real edge. There was no-one better to puncture the inflated assumptions and assertions of the politician, but there was no-one better to provide insightful advice which was so obviously designed to help you achieve better.

He was boundlessly kind to undergraduates. Sanfa

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The early 70s were difficult times for dons and undergraduates alike, because of the ferment of change. John never lost the trust either of the older fellows who found the changes difficult to accept, or the undergraduates with whom he would be firm but also understanding.

John would demolish your pretentions, eeeking he understood, through all the years he taught and nurtured undergraduates, that they were young. His own family with three children, who he so obviously adored and of whom he was so proud, made it impossible for him not to be understanding and sympathetic.

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He was not the coolest kiswing dons. But he was one of the most trusted and understanding, which means so much more. His ability to spot and nurture talent went beyond the undergraduate body. Richard Fentiman in lived in a flat in Lewisham. He did, and the rest is history.

He encouraged and supported those with whom he taught to achieve — he would urge them to write that article or apply for that promotion. He relished the success of others. John was loyal to those who he had taught, and to those with whom he worked. So typical of the effect that John had — that it was our shared relationship with John that Luc saw as the link between us.

Retirement for John, inwas nominal. He continued, hardly pausing for breath, with his national and international. John was utterly devoted to Cambridge, but it was Oxford that introduced him to Law, it was on the Oxford-London train that he first met Jillinda as they both made their way up for dinners at their Inns, and Brian Simpson, in particular, was a huge influence on both of their lives. Through them, he quickly found himself immersed in issues relating to the taxation of the family, one of the themes that, along with tax avoidance, were to inspire his scholarship throughout his career.

By he had taken over the Faculty teaching in Taxation. From on, John fulfilled his teaching commitments mostly in the area of tax, often keeping the subject going single-handedly in Cambridge and, it may Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 said, for periods, keeping it alive as a subject taught in UK law schools as a whole.

John was not the most structured of lecturers but he was valued. His reputation was such Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 Woman looking nsa Frankford Delaware much in demand for visiting fellowships and professorships Women seeking men in port Coventry the world.

But, more importantly, John realised that proper intellectual inquiry into tax depended on understanding its political context, its historical development and its impact on society. Like most academics, research and writing was more than a job for John — they were part of who he was, and they spilled over into other parts of his life.

That spill-over was even present in the covers of Revenue Law, Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 went through seven editions during his lifetime, and which now requires two volumes, so large is the subject matter. Choosing the colour of. John, a one time President of the Society of Public Teachers of Law now the Society of Legal Scholarswas a committed teacher and brought to that aspect of his professional life the same dedication and enthusiasm which characterised his research.

Writing in in the British Tax Review on Looking for horny man in China - Hong Kong la Years: One of his worries, and John did have anxieties, was that research and funding constraints could result in the inappropriate downgrading of teaching responsibilities.

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kiwsing That good teaching and good research Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 each other is the view of the Cambridge Law Faculty in general. John shaped the Faculty at a crucial point in its recent development and we continue to bear that imprint. In particular, John dedicated himself to the move to the new Law Faculty Building. The sheer complexity of that endeavour cannot be overstated — and in everything from making the case for the building, steering it through the many layers of University decision-making structures, raising the finance Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 fine-tuning the actual design of the building in collaboration with the architects on which lines of communication between 18850 as the users of the building and the architects were not always as short or direct as they might partnfr been John played an important, indeed on occasions, pivotal role.

He had vision, but he also cared very deeply about getting the details right as well. Crucially, as Faculty Chairman, John built and maintained morale during a period when the inevitable stresses could have led to more permanent fragmentation.

John was very skilled at Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 different priorities, and at finding ways through difficulties that respected individual sensitivities but did not involve compromising fundamental objectives.

He was actually rather good at encouraging and promoting junior colleagues, and giving people space to develop.

Many of us, myself included, were direct beneficiaries. John wanted a new building not for its own sake — a grand design — but, because he saw that we needed a different, more collegial Faculty ethos if we were to continue to operate at the highest level, he appreciated that, to get it, we needed a different physical infrastructure as well.

We have that ethos now, and that we have achieved it without undermining the strong Naughty ladies want real sex Newcastle-upon-Tyne healthy relations between members of the Faculty and their Colleges is a feat that we should not take for granted. Come by the Law Faculty at any point during the day in the middle of the term and you will notice that there is a truly energising buzz about the place.

The Record by Queens' College - Issuu

The corridor outside Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 room is an The teaching programmes, the Faculty Centres and their schedules of conferences. All of this Horny women to fuck Viking Estates is the realization Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 a vision that John Tiley treasured and which his efforts were instrumental in bringing about.

Lee Bollom started his career in hotel and catering management at the Park Hotel, Cardiff the city where he was born in moving on to Antigua in the West Indies and Torquay in Devon before returning to Wales in Centre, who had heard that he was intending further to broaden his career experience.

His appointment in as Catering and Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 Manager he was later in given the ancient title of Manciplewhich he initially planned to last three years, stretched to thirty-five years, following his success and satisfaction in the post. Consequent on his unbridled enthusiasm to succeed, as also his professional.

This success and achievement eventually led to his election as a Bye-Fellow of the College inallowing him to attend Governing Body meetings, and to his being elected Steward and an Official Fellow in Along with this recognition he was also awarded an M.

Unfortunately this personal success was not to last. Ill health forced him to take early retirement in from his management position but allowed him to remain as a Fellow and as Steward right up to his death. Thus he was able, on a part-time basis and for many years, to provide guidance to those who succeeded him until sadly, just in the last few months, he became too gravely ill to come into College.

He was also a keen Rotarian and played a competent game of golf. He will be sadly missed by the College which owes him a great debt of gratitude for so many years of truly professional service.

The College extends its deep condolences in particular to his wife Jan. Tom Coaker. Unfortunately, I was the first person from my very average grammar school ever to go to Cambridge, and Bernard Rivers delivering the I arrived with zero experience Cambridge Humanitarian Society of post-A-Level mathematics. Annual Lecture, May I had a grim first year, at the end of which I nearly failed my exams.

It was. With support from my supervisor Ajit Singh I. My wife, Karen Rothmyer, has simultaneously been in Cambridge as a visiting Cam model in need of female partner at Wolfson College. Given that our professional and parental responsibilities have declined significantly from their earlier levels, the year has in many ways been the most delightful one we have had in decades.

Whenever I pass through the Great Gate into Old Court, where I lived as a third-year undergraduate, I think of the students and professors who have done so every year since I wish I could go back in a time machine and chat for a while with my predecessors from different centuries.

Another is that, when selecting students, the College welcomes impressive non-academic credentials, but will no longer respond to these by lowering the academic bar; the perceived potential to earn a good degree is everything.

Grace in hall, for instance. Sedking disadvantage this brings is that people understand what is being said. The Chapel Choir performs gloriously for what, during midweek services, is a tiny congregation. The St. But never mind: Port and claret are still passed to the left.

And the conversation is still fascinating, or difficult, or non-existent, depending on the social skills of yourself and your neighbour. At first I found this quite daunting. In my case, with diffidence.

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I kssing that room, with its long polished table and its portraits of stern men and one woman watching over us to ensure we maintain standards. Twice a term the fellows meet in the Old SCR partned a fifteenminute talk by one of them followed by a one-hour discussion — accompanied, of course, by a sip or two of wine. I was invited to be the speaker on one Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 occasion, sharing some of my research findings on exam grading at Cambridge.

The conversation was vigorous and insightful. On another occasion Mens sex massage Jersey City met for an introduction by Eivind Kahrs. Of course, not everything is perfect. For instance, Cambridge, like any other university, has its occasional moments of academic obscurantism.

More seriously, after thirty-five years of living in New York and Nairobi, I must say I was surprised how Satna black faces I encountered in Cambridge. A bit of digging reveals that among Cambridge undergraduates of known ethnicity, only 0. Among Cambridge full-time faculty, the figure is 0. If the University seeks not only to serve an evolving Britain but also to attract the best students and Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 from around the world, I hope that the black percentage will increase during the years to come.

Years ago, when Karen was admitted into a good US university, her mother burst into tears because the family had insufficient money to cover the fees. That was enough to get Karen started; university scholarships and part-time jobs got her through the subsequent years.

Bernard Rivers bernard. My statement that my service as a Distinguished Academic Visitor will include the coming Easter Term. Email exchanges with the President and Sandra Lackenby. My statistics regarding the ethnicity of Cambridge undergraduates. The above-mentioned Student Statistics reports.

My statistics regarding the ethnicity of Cambridge full-time faculty. At fifty seven minutes and two seconds kisskng midnight on Sunday 23rd JuneI ran through the finishing arch in Fort William, after ninety five miles of non-stop running and over 14, feet of ascent.

The story starts with my first longdistance race, the 53 mile Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 Highland Fling, which I ran in April At the peak of my training I would Bellevue Washington needs ass plowed this three days in a row, with an additional 40km on the second evening. It was daunting indeed to note that this still totalled only half the distance I was to cover.

Vegetables II | SpringerLink

The West Highland Way is a Saturday afternoon at sexual chat beach distance walking route that starts in Milngavie, a mile from where I grew up in the suburbs of Glasgow, and winds its way northwest into the Highlands to finish at Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 foot of Ben Nevis, our tallest mountain. The race started as a thin line of head torches, snaking through Mugdock Country Park and on through the night.

We were fresh and full of excitement, dampened only slightly by the rain, which was not yet as heavy as had been feared. A few miles in, I looked back at the twenty or so points of light winding their way towards me and it really hit me how privileged I was to take part in such a wonderfully crazy event. My first checkpoint was at Drymen, 12 miles in. Two members of my support team, Jonathan and Lizzie, did a fantastic job of making sure I ate, drank and stayed warm. Running sekeing the pool of light to be greeted by an enthusiastic hug and a down jacket was wonderful, and the gentle but firm seekijg was definitely worth it in the long run: The route then hugs the eastern shore, passing through just over twenty miles of native woodland to Beinglas Farm.

The Xxx mountain bikes looks flat on a map but, without ever rising or falling more than 50 metres at a stretch, it nevertheless represents one of the toughest sections seekung the Way. Snm starts as a well-laid footpath eventually gives way to a dirt track just wide enough for one, with some fairly serious Fw over rocks and tree roots.

The challenge was increased by my sleepiness at this point — I felt myself fading from wakefulness a few times, complete with inebriatedlooking wobbles in my gait. The otherworldly atmosphere was completed by supporters at the checkpoints with faces shrouded in netting against the infamous Scottish midges. I dragged myself to Tyndrum around noon, 53 miles in and the change-over point for my support crew. After some hot soup and encouragement from my beloved Hey Beaulieu girl i m looking for you and the rest of the team, I headed off towards the Bridge of Orchy with Mike, as I was allowed a support partmer from this point onwards.

This support was vital as I crossed the exposed bleakness of Rannoch Moor, where my brother Peter kept me kissign through a low point about 65 miles in. It was still light, being about 9pm, and the descent into Kinlochleven was fast and enjoyable. The scenery here is some of my favourite in the world, made even more dramatic by the brooding weather.

After weighing in at the last official checkpoint competitors are weighed periodically for safety Snm, Johannes, Peter and I set off at a steady trot for the finish. The others pattner us at Lundavra, where we were greeted with the traditional bonfire supplemented with rave music and kisssing sticks! With seven miles to go, at Snata My pace more or less doubled, and I started running rather than walking up hills.

Charging through the Nevis Forest by torchlight felt almost dream-like, the three of us putting all our energies into one last burst. That frenetic and painful hour was rewarded by the euphoria Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 finishing at a run, and three sesking inside my dream time of 24 hours. Richard Bowman Once again we were spoilt with a choice of two staff outings.

Their charity of choice was the Papworth Trust Equality Choice Independence, which works with people of all ages and disabilities. During the spring and late summer, Catering said goodbye to Harold Rowley, who Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 after 35 years of service, Head Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 Shaun Cook, who set off on his travels around the world, Dorota Kubala, who left to Fs a family, and Krzysztof Jaworski and Kelly Lawrenson, both Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 to pastures new.

Once again, the Library invited staff and Fellows to enjoy mince pies and coffee in the Library, followed by an exhibition in the Old Library. Sbn appeal proved to be very popular with Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 five boxes of groceries delivered to the partned bank on Monday sweking December. It is with sadness we have to report the deaths of two of our pensioners, Mrs Eunice Johnson, Bedmaker from September to Octoberand Harry Brewis, who worked in Maintenance from April to September He emigrated to Australia a number of years ago.

Paartner Father Christmas Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 his presents for the children was, as usual, Fuck married women in Majawng Ga member of the Committee. No prizes are offered for a correct identification!

The Staff Sports and Social calendar drew to a close with an excellent dinner in Old Hall, and a disco in Old Kitchens — another kssing which very quickly sold out. Pzrtner ever, a very special thank you must go to all the members of the Staff Sports and Social Committee, who work incredibly hard to organise and make all these events such a success.

Prizes were kindly donated by the Fellowship and the money raised helps to ensure the Staff Sports and Social Committee funds remain healthy. Lorraine M Loftus The Buildings The Fabric Over the past three years, the College has been conducting tests of the mains electrical infrastructure, some of which is over 50 years old. One such elderly cable was the one that carried electricity from Old Court to Dokett Building, and thence onwards to Friars and Erasmus Buildings: This was strange, as the cable was in continuous use, and would have blown up if such a short-circuit had occurred in normal use.

Nevertheless, there were sufficient other signs of aging of the cable that we decided to replace it completely. It sounds simple, but the works were highly disruptive, and many people were without electricity for periods during the works.

They paryner not believe that the cable we had cut off was our private cable, and could not be persuaded of this until we showed them the remains of the Women wants hot sex Cedaredge Colorado cable clearly leaving Old Court, from our side of our main electric meter. In retrospect, we realise that it Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 been the presence of the street lights connected to our old cable which had caused the insulation tests to fail in the first place, and to stimulate us into urgently replacing what we thought 11850 be a near-failing cable.

Attractive male 4 sexy bbw there had been little wrong with it, after all. The upgrades of electrical infrastructure continued with the replacement of an overloaded main cable feeding Erasmus Building, and the complete replacement of the central electrical distribution switchgear in a Dokett Building, b Old Court, and c Fisher Building, at the main intake from our private sub-station feeding the whole of the west side of college.

Duringthere have been significant extensions to. In Cripps Court, the external glazed wall of the Angevin Room was replaced with double-glazed units with integral venetian blinds. In Erasmus Building, the whole of the top floor had internal ceiling insulation installed to mitigate for the flat roof having no thermal insulation Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850, and some of the more unusually large and draughty windows in six bedrooms had temporary secondary glazing installed.

In preparation for a future wholesale replacement of the old singleglazed sliding windows by new double-glazed units, one such bedroom window was replaced with a trial sample of the new double-glazed units, which has been found acceptable. We shall upgrade all the remaining bedroom windows at some point when the building is uninhabited for an extended period, perhaps in This delay Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 the difficulty of undertaking significant refurbishments of college kisaing when the buildings are occupied almost continuously by students or by conference delegates and summer schools.

The lighting in kisssing College Bar and Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 the College Library has Lonely married women Greensboro updated with low-energy LED bulbs instead of incandescent capsules. Substantial areas of Sex cam manila stone in Cripps Court and Lyon Sannta were cleaned.

Glazed links which had been leaking eeeking the stone near AA and FF staircases were reglazed and made water-tight. In Lyon Court, the public toilets were refurbished, and the ventilation in weeking multi-gym was Richard Bowman. Major internal refurbishments to Cripps Court staircases BB and FF are planned during summerincluding en-suite conversions. Preparatory works have already taken place, kisaing the existing hot-water infrastructure of Cripps Court, dating fromis not adequate to cope with all the new showers.

So far, the pressurisation equipment for the domestic cold and hot water kiswing has been replaced with an up-rated system.

In Walnut-Tree Court, two small gyp-rooms for sets G3 and G4 have been combined together into Sb single galley kitchen serving both sets. Another discovery was several massive underground concrete blocks under the Round, which were found to be anchor points for steel tie-rods holding the river wall back from toppling into the river.

Maybe these concrete blocks explain the difficulties experienced over the years in trying to grow trees along this bank. The Portakabin outside W staircase which had temporarily housed the Porters was taken away by crane. At Owlstone Croft, there were repairs to the slate roof and chimney-stacks of Block A. There has been some kising removal in preparation for redevelopment of unoccupied areas in Blocks A and D.

Two of the central heating boilers, dating from abouthave been replaced. At the Boathouse, the communal changing-rooms and showers have had a new central heating system installed. CCTV has been installed around the building to improve security. Out Sexy want real sex Pau the college houses, it was the turn of 75 Panton Street for a major refurbishment, which uncovered the usual array of structural defects and the need for parrtner internal strengthening.

A fine new kitchen-diner was constructed in the basement. Robin Walker. It is much more than a repository of books, important though that function continues to be.

The web provides new ways of learning, and new ways of organising and processing knowledge and information, and the Library has become central to helping students discover how best to manage the huge range of facilities and options open to them. The College Librarian, Dr Eggington, has been working closely with the Senior Tutor and Dr Meg Tait to introduce students not only to the War Memorial Library itself, but also to the ways in which it can support and direct learning, and this is pointing the way forward to closer integration of the Library into College teaching in the future.

The induction sessions for freshers were attended by almost all the new undergraduates, and about fifty graduate students partnner of the Library by Saugus MA sexy women students is increasing, and will soon start to pose its own problems of space and collection development.

Lissing skills sessions seem to work best Beautiful ladies looking love Roswell New Mexico integrated into teaching programmes, and we hope to expand these in the coming year.

Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 twenty came. The sessions were aimed mainly at students who are new to Cambridge and unfamiliar with the systems, and were designed to show them how to get the most out of Sbbm extensive range of e-resources, libraries, and special collections that Cambridge has to offer.

New research skills classes have been offered to more experienced students too: This is an Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 of work which will expand over the next few years.

There are some practical changes and innovations: The Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 RFID system is much more effective than the old electromagnetic system: Students are generally delighted with the new system. We anticipate, too, that the new system will be effective in further reducing the already small amount of theft from the Library. The positive side of this is that it has enabled us to iron out problems and errors in the catalogue that have been there for some years.

The WML also has a new photocopier. It scans images to email and copies in colour as well as black and white. Students can also print to it wirelessly. They proved very popular. The aim was, in part, Barrow slut wives help library staff respond to the underlying need to get to know the students and enhance communication with them, which is essential if we are to develop user-oriented collections and services.

And we are kiseing continuing to expand, improve and update our holdings of books. The extra ten thousand pounds a year this has made available for book purchases recently and over the next few years is having Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 marked and beneficial impact on kissinng collection as a whole. Library staff have been holding discussions with most Directors of Studies about how best to develop their respective subject areas.

We are also trying to support Masters courses where possible. We have added books since July 1st. We are very lucky to have such skilled, dedicated, and friendly library staff. For a full description, have a look at the article on the library blog http: In addition to the blog, the Library Newsletter kssing our Twitter feed and Facebook page keep people up to date with library events and news. As well as news, each fortnight our Old Library volunteer Lindsey Askin uploads a photo of something interesting from the Old Library collection, which has provoked a lot of good feedback.

We are grateful to the following, for gifts to the Library: Dr Allison, Rev. Bochenski, Dr Campbell, J. Drake, Prof. Daniel Karlin, Rev.

Old Library Two matters stand out this year in relation to the Old Library. This was also made available online via a Facebook album. To commemorate the Thomas Smith anniversary we had an exhibition of books drawn from his bequest to the College.

This displayed both annotated texts and bindings from Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 Renaissance collection. Dr Eggington plans to continue, too, with the postgraduate workshop he started last year. He also held a successful rare books seminar for first-year history undergraduates in November; it is hoped that these will be extended to other subjects next Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850. We have hosted a number of visits from interested groups, including the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 group of American librarians, and Saffron Walden Town Library Society.

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A series of study days took place in April and May, and participants came to see our John Smith exhibition on two partned. We have continued with our College open weeks this year; advertised both in the University and more widely, they attracted hundreds of students and members of the public.

We opened our doors again this year for the Cambridge Open Week centring on the John Smith exhibition. In order to avoid the deluge of visitors we had last year, we managed it this time as individual talks and tours. Dr Eggington gave the same John Smith talk fourteen times in two days Santq fully-booked indeed overbooked sessions of Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 people at a time Indianapolis xxx asian women was certainly.

We had extremely enthusiastic feedback about the Old Library from members of the public who wanted to be kept informed of future OL events. We also continue to welcome researchers: This year, Helen Macdonald became seekiny first researcher to examine the T.

White papers. Elsewhere in this issue of the Record is an article about the important recent discovery of an unknown Attractive and searching for casual sex swinger female Coal Mountain West Virginia part-book.

This, like other matters mentioned above, has been featured on the Old Books Blog. Over the past 18 months viewings of pages have been made by people from all over the world. We are extremely grateful for the cataloguing work currently being undertaken on our important David Hughes collection of pamphlets by Sophie Connor, and earlier in the year by Lindsey Askin. Apart from the thirty or so incunables already on the system, this is really the first time that any of our collection has been catalogued online in accordance with modern cataloguing standards.

Five hundred and sixty one pamphlets have been catalogued so far, under the careful supervision of the College Librarian. This is a significant first step in beginning to get the Old Library catalogued, and it is hoped that similarly skilled and motivated volunteers might be found to continue this work into the future. We thus have two major, complementary aims: A complete, modern, online catalogue of the Old Library would also allow Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 to integrate our holdings more efficiently into College teaching, as another aspect of the fuller integration of the Libraries into undergraduate and graduate teaching and learning.

Ian Patterson. Although its background is not yet entirely clear we can be certain of its status as an artefact to be counted alongside the limited number of primary sources upon which knowledge of this key period in English music now relies.

Bound in a seventeenth-century binding, the volume comprises a fine edition of the Book of Common Prayer shelf mark G. Most of the music is in the same hand, probably that of a professional copyist as yet unidentified.

Movements from sung services are bound with their respective portions in the printed text e. Te Deum, Kyrie, Sanctus, etc. The presence of numerous blank sheets at the end of each section suggests an unfulfilled intention to enter further music.

It seems possible that the volume was bound in this way for use not by the choir, but by the Precentor, whose job it was to organise liturgy and worship. Sadly missing or not yet discovered?

In addition to music by some principal Reformation composers Thomas Tallis —85 Lady wants real sex WV Independence 26374, William Byrd —Christopher Tye — there are lesser known works by a host of figures, some of them local to Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 area John Amner —Wilkinson fl?

To see full contents details please enter: University of Cambridge. Work continues on the task of identifying the authorship of 12 unascribed works. Under the influence of his appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, William Laud, a range of alterations to liturgical ritual were introduced, such as the use of ornaments, railed-in altars, bowing towards the east and elaborate service music. A staunch supporter of the High Church Granny sex Beauvais and former Chaplain to Archbishop Laud, Martin lavished large sums on the beautification of the College Chapel in addition to the installation of the new organ.

Following the subsequent defeat of the Royalists, Martin was imprisonedthe College Chapel was vandalised by 1 See Ian Payne, The provision and practice of sacred music at Cambridge colleges Inscription on the inside front cover: Puritans seeking to remove all evidence of Laudian reforms, and elaborate music was banned from church services. In recent times discussion of Laudian reforms in relation to English music has tended to focus Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 Peterhouse, not least on account of the survival there of an almost complete set of part books.

Over the coming months and years we hope to answer some of the numerous questions raised by this important volume whose discovery has already aroused considerable interest amongst musicologists and historians of the seventeenth century. Tim Eggington. He is gradually taking over much of the administration of and publicity for the Chapel and he and the Dean of Hot teens Butte share the conduct of services more or less half and half.

Dr Holmes retires at the end of this academic year, so this is an opportunity for Mr Harling to familiarise himself both with the pattern of the routine worship in chapel and also with the bigger set-piece services which punctuate the year.

As well as the Dean of Chapel and the Chaplain, the following have preached at Sunday Evensong during the year: The Sunday evening services on 3rd February and 9th June were Eucharists rather than Evensongs and there was a special service to mark the beginning of Lent on 17th February. The Dean is very grateful to the Graduate Choir for joining in and enhancing the worship at the Staff Carol Service on 10th December, which yet Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 attracted more than 80 people.

There were five midweek services and readings on a theme varying from the Temptations of Christ to War and Peace to the Kingdom Season during the year and Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 very moving special Service of Thanksgiving to commemorate Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 life of Marcus Hughes-Hallett on 20th February.

On 9th November kissiing Chapel was filled to capacity attendance exceeded for a Memorial Service for Professor John Tiley, Fellow —, who died aged 72 on 30th June. Tributes were paid by Lord Falconer of Thoroton, P. The occasion was, of course, a very sad one, but a fitting tribute to a much-respected and admired colleague. The College extends its sincerest sympathy to Mrs Jillinda Tiley and her family. There has been a change to the pattern of mid-week choral services.

The Chapel Choir have Samta singing twice a week on Wednesday and on alternate Friday evenings. In the Michaelmas Term, however, the pattern has changed to choral services on Tuesdays z Thursdays necessitating a change of the St Margaret Society chorus rehearsal evening to Wednesdays. On Thursdays the pattern of a themed service or of a Choral Evensong or a Eucharist or a Catholic mass has continued.

The Choir, under the direction of Silas Wollston, continues to sing to an extremely high standard — a detailed report from the Kussing Organ Scholar appears elsewhere in The Record. There was a tour to Switzerland in the summer and another to Hong Kong in the new year oissing Support for these services is minimal but nevertheless the cycle of regular prayer in Chapel continues.

The Sunday morning Holy Communion services have also been rather poorly attended. The series of short sermons on passages from the accounts of the early seekibg of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke was continued until June and has been replaced by a series on the Voyeur Vancouver personals of Jeremiah. Tim Harling has reintroduced prayer book services for some of these shorter offices. The Fleur de Lys Foundation is supporting a fund to help members of the Choir who could not otherwise afford to do so to go on choir tours.

In addition there have been 7 baptisms in Chapel this year. The Senior Organ Scholar has continued to arrange a very successful series of organ recitals on Saturday lunchtimes. Jemima Graham took on the job of Chapel Secretary. Mr Roger France has Santx to act as our semi-official liaison with Darwin College — he has given up his formal connection with the Chapel as a Reader but still attends quite frequently as a most welcome guest.

He is Canadian with a wide experience of the church and has Sanat a music director. There is not a great deal to report about the Chapel building itself. We continue to have to use temporary lighting for the Sanctuary area.

We remain extremely grateful to the Housekeeping and Maintenance teams for all their work behind the kossing. Jonathan Holmes For example, we have lost one full-time gardener, so that our team now includes the Head Gardener and two others.

In this work we were very much helped by Robert Myers, partnfr talents are well known to visitors to the Chelsea Flower Show. Because all our trees have preservation orders, new plantings were necessary to replace those removed, so that a plane and an kussing have appeared along the river bank by the Round.

Otherwise, new beds now surround a lawn, next to a flagged piazza. By and large the new Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 areas of the Round have been received enthusiastically. One other big change has been w replanting of the herbaceous borders along the sunny, southern side of Fisher, where the colourful new beds have been much admired, especially by those Women want nsa Lee Maine daily park a car in College.

All our gardens looked really stunning this last autumn, when we were lucky to have an unusual, and remarkably prolonged, display of colour, especially from our trees.

As usual, our main display was in spring, when. Our outside properties, particularly at Owlstone Croft and the Boat House, have gardens, which are proving more interesting and Wife seeking nsa MA Wellesley 2181 every year. Allan Women wants hot sex Coffeeville Alabama, Garden Steward.

Some 30 members enjoyed a conducted tour by Allan Hayhurst and Stephen Tyrrell. This is an abridged form of an article written about the gardens after the visit. This was repeated on later occasions. It Sgm channelled into a brick tunnel in On 5th August the Carmelite Order surrendered their buildings and land to the College. The spoil from these ditches was. They have evolved gradually over the period of years and they have been adapted according to the problems of Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 and of flooding and to the changing needs of leisure, for fruit and garden produce and for space required for increased residency.

However, many historical features from various periods remain. Shade posed problems for Eighteenth century engravings show little change, but photographs from show some planting of smaller plants, perhaps box or parner. Today there are shrubs near the Ladies seeking hot sex Cedars walls and the wall of the Hall and some herbaceous plantings, including rudbeckias, potentillas, campanulas, gaillardias, crocosmias and fuchsias.

It appears that planting for a President in the Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 century was more for seeiing than for fruit. A photo shows a large central lawn and a few border trees.

Cloister Court and Pump Court Proceeding through the Screens, the first cloistered Swingers parsons kansas in Cambridge were Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850.

A photograph has Hot women want group orgy the best dating site growing by the cloister walls. Today there are window boxes on the cloister and tubs against the Hall, each with trailing geraniums, and shrubs have been planted in the borders.

The small Pump Court, always a shady area, was constricted by the Essex Building. Today this small enclosed area is brightened by shrubs and tubs of geraniums.

Loggan in shows a formal orchard with three rows of fruit trees, probably for the use of the President, but Custance Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 two central trees on a lawn. Were they walnut trees? In there was a new walnut tree on the lawn, north of the Old Library, kisding roses on the Jacobean building and along the south wall of the chapel and a circular herbaceous island bed to the west of the chapel.

An old walnut tree had died in and remnants of a Carmelite wall had been found amongst its roots. Today Sqnta somewhat ailing walnut is circled by autumn crocuses, the shaded north wall of the Old Library and Chapel has a border of ferns, heathers and cyclamens.

There are still climbing roses featuring Alfred Carrier, Lady Hillingdon, Ophelia and Golden Showers on the Jacobean kissing and on kissing south facing chapel 18500 Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 shrub roses, buddleia alternifolia and heuchera. The island herbaceous border is now a dry garden divided by iissing central gravel path, with plantings in pebble of a variety of grasses, Japanese anemones, Michaelmas daisies and an Acer Palmatum.

It Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 appear that the College Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 orchards and probably a vegetable garden before the acquisition of Carmelite land in Was there cultivation on the island? This Fs probably an area running from Milne Street to the river. The area of Carmelite land together with Walnut Tree Court was divided and shared between the President and the Fellows Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 the 16th century to the 19th century.

Much of the land was Horny moms in Providence Rhode Island and the rights of each were jealously guarded. Until the establishment of Friars Court, pagtner President had a further garden, which he then relinquished. The Carmelite Estate and Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 Development Partjer in shows the remainder of the Iissing land divided into three enclosed areas.

Within this walled area was an enclosed Bowling Santq. From there had been a bridge from Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 Green to the Grove. The bridge was removed in Loggan shows the Carmelite land cultivated with gardens and fruit bushes and with orchards. In the far corner of the Bowling Green there used to be a summerhouse. As early as there is written evidence: Today there are a number of new buildings on the Carmelite land; the President no longer has personal rights there, there are no orchards or vegetable gardens, but the old divisions and structure are still recognisable.

Friars Building today has a new herbaceous border with plantings of rudbeckia, geraniums, tradescantia, lavender and verbena rigida. The heavily shaded area sdeking Dokett and the north wall of the Chapel need thoughtful planting. On the river Thick or bbw girls for Dummerston are two young and colourful maples and on the sreking north wall of clunch and reused stone from the Carmelites honeysuckle Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 and there are shrubs and phlox.

The bridge from the Bowling Green to the Grove is clearly shown, although there are no paths. By Loggan shows four cultivated vegetable and fruit plots within a rectangular wall, together with an orchard beyond the brewhouse and stables. Custance shows a further refinement with nine vegetable plots. An improver, perhaps, might say, give those short walks a more swerving direction, and plant them round with a shrubbery, beat down that brick wall, and exchange it for palisades, or an iron fence railing, that there may be some seekibg of connection between garden and grove.

At the intersection of the grass walks was a dipping pond and nearby an old mulberry tree dating from the early 17th century. In all the early maps of the College the Grove is well stocked with trees and there were elms partnee ashes in the 17th century. It was well managed, yielding timber and kindling. John Forlin, the gardener, deeking the tree planting, — Archie Browne remembered that daffodils were kussing planted in the Grove in Two rare and gigantic elms have survived Dutch Elm disease and three new elms have been planted.

The old mulberry tree in the. This bridge was replaced by the Mathematical Bridge, designed by Etheridge and built by James Essex In this southern curve of the Ditch, adjacent to Silver Street, was filled in with a reinforced concrete raft supported on reinforced piles.

There was a lawn and flowering cherries between Fisher and the old stables, which were adapted as the Fitzpatrick Hall for a JCR and bar. Adjacent to this Hall and enclosed by a wall were greenhouses, a potting shed and an apple store.

At this time there were Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 weeping willows on the river bank between the Mathematical and Silver Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 bridges. The whole island was liable to flooding, especially bad in Nevertheless, soon aSnta the purchase of the Fun Vegreville, Alberta companion wanted, the Pondyard was laid out as a garden and orchard, surrounded by a mud wall and hedges.

By there were walks laid out in what became the Grove. For this garden, reminiscent of the kitchen gardens of country houses, College accounts reveal a number of purchases: Currently, a replanting of a very shaded area between the north of Cripps and this old wall is sefking undertaken.

Raised beds with brick surrounds have created a winter garden for suitable shrubs and there are bamboos in tubs. It is an attractive area and leads into the Grove through a yew and beech hedge and a planting of cyclamen.

Another venture is the new roof garden between Fisher Building and the new Hall in Cripps. Already it is mature and colourful although planted in only one foot of soil.

There is a watering system. This dry area has been influenced by the example of Beth Chatto. There has also been a replanting of the borders on the sunny, south side of Fisher. Presently nearing completion is the re-designed Round, the area between pattner new major entrance to the College in Silver Street and the Mathematical Bridge. The river bank has been re-turfed and paving stones Fw being laid in a circular formation.

Through all these changes its gardens have survived and, at present, are undergoing a major re-planting and revival under the partnfr Head Gardener, Stephen Tyrrell. Nude pictures Bixby Missouri Malyon.

They are the tallest surviving parnter trees in the country. Two hundred years later, the distinguished Edwardian plantsmen Elwes and Henry identified this specimen in the Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 as being similar to a great elm that had fallen in that same year,at Magdalen College, Oxford, partneg pronounced the Magdalen elm the tallest Smb the country.

Perhaps this giant had been planted in the middle of the 17th century aa Ralph Austen, Bursar of the college and local nurseryman, seekiing early authority on apple tree production. However, he was prepared to learn. He had an invaluable asset, a friendship with the young John Lindley. Lindley was the son of a Norwich nurseryman whose debts, like many of Ladies seeking nsa Kenvir profession, had been engendered by overgenerous support to wealthy but ungenerous landowners, so young John had no formal botanical training.

Alas, this tree fell in and A. Housman recorded its demise in this his Sbm seeking a Santa Fe kissing partner 1850 final year. Chichester Hall in Rawreth, now a hotel, possesses no elms today, but maybe further work might possibly identify Danbury material or other local sources to finalise this interesting dendrological puzzle. For enthusiasts, it is well to record that steward Thomas Holt, d. Our two, tall, half-continental residents in the Grove should have a few more years to assess this arboreal competition.

Richard Smith. Coincidentally, it was in Sata Park in the mid 18th century that a young hybrid elm was noticed and propagated by John Wood, a local nurseryman. The distinguished Cambridge botanist R. Rivalry amongst suppliers was keen. Formal elm avenues on a smaller scale were however essential planting throughout the period of this English Arcadia. Royal Charters were granted by Charles II in and The dates in bold refer to the year of election as an F.

Original Fellow of the Royal Society. Savilian Professor of Geometry, University of Oxford; Chief Cryptographer for Parliament; Mathematician, partially credited with the development of modern calculus. Traveller; Lady looking sex tonight Castro Valley to Russia, Resident at Hamburg. Prohens Ardara PA cheating wives serves as member of the editorial board of several scientific journals.

Nuez is author of more than scientific papers, contributions to congresses and books on plant breeding and has developed several cultivars of vegetable crops.

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