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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language uslprototype. E Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester have Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford 1 aptly described as the "seed-plots of gentility," possessing, as they do, in proportion to their respective areas, a larger number of old COUNTY FAMILIES than Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford to be found in any other of the English shires ; families whose representatives have in successive ages borne their part in the stirring scenes that go to make up our "rough island story," and the names of whom are inseparably linked with the most important events in the nation's history men who have won pre-eminence by power of brain and prowess of arm, by ability to govern in time of peace Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford the capacity to command in time of war, and who have fought the battle Looking for the biggest slut in New Haven Connecticut w English liberty, and helped to lay the foundations of that larger freedom we now enjoy.

Of the bygone generations that have acted their busy parts in "Bright embattled fields Of trophied helmets, spears, and shields," the precise genealogist and prosaic antiquary have told us little beyond the brief story of baptism, marriage, and burial ; details that, however valuable in themselves, are necessarily dry by reason of the rigid manner in which they are narrated.

The aim of the present volume is to present the leading ascertained facts in the annals of some of these FAMILIES in Women want fuck Ketchikan Alaska readable and entertaining form, and, by combining interest of detail with accuracy of statement, enable the reader to realise more u V11I.

The subject matter is derived from original and authentic evidences and other sources of information more or less scattered, which, in the form it is presented, will, it is hoped, be not only acceptable to the general reader, but enable the representatives of these ancient houses to possess a convenient and trustworthy history of their family connections and kin.

It only remains for the Author to express his obligation to those friends who, by ready offers of information and in other ways, have made him their debtor.

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His thanks are specially due to W. Hulton, Esq. Molyneux-Seel, Esq. The Traffords of Trafford Trafford of Croston. The Warburtons of Warburton and Arley. The Hultons of Hulton. The Grosvenors.

The Mosleys The Heskeths of Hesketh and Rufford. The Davenports. PAGE 34i. SBY ". Lady wants sex Dateland from marmet of the fierce fighting men who followed William the Bastard to the Conquest and the spoil of Eng- land, they have, by fla of arm and power of brain, forced their way to the very front rank of the English nobility ; from age to age they have borne their part in the memorable events and stirring scenes Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford go to make up " our rough island story," and have given Nda their country many courageous, astute, brave, and singularly successful men, whose influence has been strongly impressed upon the nation's annals.

The first known ancestor was a certain Adam de Audleigh, or Aldithlega, so named from the paternal estate of Audithlegh, in Normandy, who came over with William the Conqueror.

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Acquitting himself bravely on the field of Hastings, he was County Families of rewarded with large estates in the newly-conquered country. This Adam was accompanied in the expedition by his two sons, Lydulph, or Lyulph, and Adam de Audleigh. These sons married, and in due course a son was born to each grandsons of the old Norman warrior both of whom married into a Saxon family of noble rank and ancient lineage, which had been fortunate enough to retain possession of its estates, while confiscation had been the lot of those around.

The family derived its name from the Manor of Stanleigh, or Stoneleigh the stony lea or stony field according to the Anglo-Saxon meaning an insignificant hamlet about three miles south-west of Leek, in Staffordshire, a place which Erdswick, the old topographer, remarks, " seems to take its name of the nature of the soil, which, though it be in the moorlands, is yet a rough and stony place, and many craggy rocks are about it.

Of these Audleys was that chivalrous soldier, Lord James Audley, who at Poitiers " broke through the French army," and, though " sore hurt, fought as long as his breath served him. The other grandson of the valiant old Norman, William, son Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford Adam de Audleigh, acquired with his wife, Joan, daughter and sole heir of Thomas Stanley, of Stafford, the lordship of Thalck, better known as Talk, or Talk-o'-th'-Hill, in the same county. This William seems to have conceived a liking for the Stony-lea, before referred to, for he gave his Manor of Talk, together with that of Balterley, to his cousin Adam, in exchange for it.

Thenceforward he made Stanleigh his seat, and, as the old chroniclers tell us, in honour of his wife and of the great antiquity of her family, assumed her maiden name, and became the imme- Lancashire and Cheshire. Sir William Stanley, the fourth in descent from the William who settled at the Stony-lea, and first assumed the name, gave an impetus to the fortunes of his family by one of those matrimonial alliances to which the House of Stanley owes so much of its prosperity.

He took to himself a wife in the person of Joan, the youthful daughter and co-heir of Sir Philip Bamville, master Hablas espanol por favor olympic sex of Wirral, and lord of Storeton, a place some few miles south of Birkenhead. Associated with this match is a love story that, in iis romantic incidents, is scarcely less interesting than the one related of the fair heiress of Haddon, Dorothy Vernon.

The daughter of the House of Storeton had given her heart to young Stanley, and to escape the misery of a forced marriage with one for whom she had no love she determined to elope. While a banquet was being given to her father, she stole unobserved away, and, being joined by young William Stanley, rode swiftly across the country to Astbury Church, where, in the presence of Adam Hoton and Dawe Coupelond, Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford anxious lovers plighted their troth to each other.

Six hundred years have rolled away since that scene was enacted, but it requires little stretch of the imagination to picture the anxious but resolute maiden hastening with tremulous steps from her father's house, the exciting ride across country, and the hurried joining of hands and hearts in the old Church of Astbury; and forgetting that all this occurred long ages ago, we wish from County Families of our hearts all happiness to the pair.

The story is no mere legend, for the facts are to be found in those musty and unromantic records, the Cheshire Inquisitions, which have been unearthed, and their, contents made accessible to the world, by the Deputy- keeper of the Public Records.

In a return to a writ of inquiry as to the betrothal of William Stanley, the inquisition sets forth- Thai on the Sunday after the Feast of St. Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist, two years ago. September,Philip de Bamville, with his wife and family, was at a banquet given by Master John de Stanley an ecclesiastic apparently, priests Women wants sex Cushing Wisconsin that time who had an aca- demical degree being entitled to be called Masteron which occasion Joan Bamvillesus- pecting that her father intended to marry her to herstepmother's son, took means to avoid it by repairing with William de Stanley to Astbury Church, where they uttered the follow- ing mutual promise, he saying: By this marriage William Stanley became the owner of one-third of the Manor of Storeton the remaining two-thirds he subsequently acquiredand Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford the hereditary bailiwick or chief rangership of the Forest of Wirral, which then overspread the peninsula lying between the estuaries of the Mersey and the Dee, and which was so thickly wooded that, according to the old saying From Blacon point to Hilbree A squirrel may leap from tree to tree.

Lancashire and Clieshire. After this marriage the Stanleys migrated from the Stony-lea in Staffprdshire to their newly-acquired home in Cheshire, and at the same time Sir William, in allusion to his office of hereditary forester of Wirral, assumed the arms which Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford ever since been borne by his descendants in the first quarter of their shield as the paternal coat of Stanley, in place of those used by his ancestors, viz.

Another and still more important addition was made to the patrimonial lands of the Stanleys through the marriage of Sir William de Stanley, the fourth though incorrectly represented in many of the family pedigrees as third in direct descent from the first Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford the name who held the forestership of Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford, with Margaret, only daughter and heir of Sir William de Hooton, of Hooton, a township midway between Chester and Birkenhead, and occupying one of the most delightful Marriage chatting Speers which the banks of the estuary can boast, commanding, as Ormerod says, "a peculiarly beautiful view of the Forest Hills, the bend of the Mersey, and the opposite shore of Hale, and shaded with venerable oaks, which the Wirral breezes have elsewhere rarely afforded.

King Richard accompanied the Cheshire bowmen, and on the igth May set sail for Ireland, resolved on quelling the insurrec- tion there and punishing the murderers of Mortimer, Adult seeking hot sex Geary Oklahoma little County Families of dreaming of the advantage that would be taken by his enemies of his absence. No sooner had he gone than a number of discon- tented nobles met to plot his overthrow.

While he was leading his army among the Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford and thickets of Ireland, Bolingbroke, who had succeeded to the dukedom of Lancaster, landed Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford a small retinue at Ravenspurg, a place at the mouth of the Humber, on the Yorkshire coast, and, quickly gathering round him a force of 60, men, virtually made himself master of the kingdom before Richard was Sexy woman want casual sex Boca Raton cognisant of his presence, for ill news does not always travel Professional nice guy seeking like minded woman, and in those days there was no trembling wire to speed the story of rebellion through air and sea.

When he did return it was to find that the sceptre had fallen from his grasp, and that the symbol of sovereignty was but a useless bauble.

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Sir William Stanley, like many another of his race and name, gave his adhesion Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford the winning side, and must have quickly accommodated himself to the changed state of affairs, for in the following year we find him receiving letters of protection on his departure to Ireland in the train of his younger brother, Sir John Stanley, the founder of the House of Lathom; and in September,he did homage to the usurper, saluting him as " King Henry of that name the Fourth.

Cheshire was in a disturbed state, and almost before the new King had got seated on the throne, Owen Glendower, who claimed to be the rightful Prince of Wales, had begun to make inroads upon the marches. A vigorous administration was needed. Wales was quickly put under martial law, and on the 23rd May,Sir William Stanley is found entering into Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford agreement to serve the new Chief Justice, who was also Constable of the Castles of Chester, Flint, Conway, and Caernarvon, and General Warden of the West Marches, and to bring a certain number of archers and others into the field for the King's service.

Hotspur, Sexy housewives looking sex Durant was sweet Fortune's minion and her pride, Lancashire and Cheshire. Sir William Stanley and his son, who had then attained to manhood, joined in the insurrection. At Hateley Field, three miles from Shrewsbury, under " the busky hill " of Haughmond, the contending forces were placed against each other.

The King's men " fell as the leaves fall on the ground after a frosty night at the approach of winter;" but eventually the tide of battle turned Hotspur fell, an arrow having pierced his brain. His death struck terror into the hearts of Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford followers, and those who escaped the slaughter fled to the woods and hills. Having succeeded in crushing the revolt, Henry was too politic to be unnecessarily severe.

The elder Percy, who had been the chief instigator, escaped even without a forfeiture, and on the 3rd November,as appears by the Plea Rolls, a general pardon was granted by the King to " Sir William de Stanley, Kt.

Crispin's day in From the marriage of Sir William Stanley with the heiress of Hooton descended the Stanleys of Storeton and Hooton the senior line and their offshoots, Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford whom may be mentioned that Sir William Stanley who, in the reign of Elizabeth, betrayed the trust committed to him by Alberta friend English Government in the base surrender of Deventer to the King of Spain.

He had previously been concerned in Babington's conspiracy to assassinate Elizabeth, place Mary Queen of Scots upon the English throne, and restore the Romish religion. After the treasonable act at Deventer he retired to the dominions of his master, accepted service in the Spanish army, and was afterwards made Governor of Mechlin, in which town he terminated his traitorous career.

Four generations later Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford direct line failed by the death ol Sir William Stanley inwithout issue, when the honours and estates passed, by virtue of a settlement made into his eldest surviving uncle, John Stanley, who had previously assumed the name of Massey, but, on succeeding to the baronetcy, added that of Stanley, and he is now represented by his great-grandson, Sir John Massey Stanley, who assumed the name and arms of Errington in Sir John, who was born April 3oth,married in Maria, only daughter of Baron de Talleyrand, but has no issue.

Turning our attention from the main line, we may now follow the fortunes of an offshoot that in power and splendour has over- shadowed the parent stock the Stanleys of Lathom, Knowsley, and Alderley. Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford stock may be properly said to commence with a younger brother of the Sir William Stanley who married the heiress of Hooton John, a cool, shrewd, and efficient man, who, in the literal sense of the word, " flourished " in the Lonely horny wives in Elmwood Park of Richard II.

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In Richard II. He accompanied the unfortunate Richard from Ireland ; was with him when he disembarked on the Welsh Coast, where the seven gallant Cheshire men, John Legh, of Booths, Thomas Cholmondeley, Ralph Davenport, Adam Bostock, John Done, Thomas Beeston, and Thomas Holford, were waiting to receive him, each with seventy retainers, who acted as a body guard, and wearing on their shoulders the King's cognizance of the " white hart yagd from the Lancashire and Cheshire.

Whilst at Conway Castle, where Percy, Earl of Northumberland, had been sent by Bolingbroke to meet the ill- starred Richard, the keen eye of Stanley discerned the marke that was impending.

Alarmed by the position or, as is more probable, influenced by baser motives he deserted his sovereign and made his submission to the victorious Lancastrian.

Ingratitude and treason were combined in this the first of the political trans- actions which enriched the Stanleys of Lancashire. Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford a reward for his treachery, he was sent back to Ireland in the capacity of Lord Lieutenant under the new King, and on his return, after two years' service, his elder brother, Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford William, of Hooton, who, as we have seen, accompanied him, remained as his deputy.

The second revolt of the Percies against the sovereignty of Henry of Lancaster, ingave him the opportunity of further advancement.

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In that year he had a commission, in conjunction with Roger Leke, to seize the city of York and its liberties, and also the Isle of Man, a possession of the Percies. Scrope, Archbishop of York, had joined with Lord Mowbray in raising an army against marke King, professedly for the reform of abuses but in reality to place the Earl of March upon the throne.

By this grant the Stanleys obtained an absolute jurisdiction over the soil, and madket, with the exception of a few baronies, immediate landlords of every estate in the island, a semi- regal position which, save a brief interregnum Cook Islands women looking the Common- wealth period, they retained until the death, without male issue, of James Stanley, inwhen ihe lordship passed to the House of Athole, James Murray, the second duke, being descended from a daughter of James the Seventh, Earl of Derby.

In the year in which the Sovereignty Sex dating in pleasanton new mexico Man was conferred upon him, Sir John Stanley had a licence granted to him a somewhat rare favour in those days to "fortify, with embattled walls," a " house of stone and lime which he had built at Liverpool," to i facilitate his communications with the Isle of Man. It continued for several generations the chief Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford residence of the family, and, when forsaken by them, was Ruufford successively as an assembly-room and a prison; but evil days came upon it, and it was, intaken down.

During the reign Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford Henry IV.

He landed in that country once more in October,but died on the 6th January in the succeeding year while at Ardee ; his remains were brought to England and interred in the Priory of Black Canons, founded by one of the earlier lords of Lathom, at Burscough the first of the Stanleys buried there. Sir John was as successful in his matrimonial affairs as he was distinguished as a warrior and negotiator. In early life he married Isabel, the daughter and sole heir of Sir Thomas Lathom, lord of Lathom, whose ancestors had also been heir of Sir Thomas de Knowsley, lord Woman seeking sex tonight Gilbert Louisiana Knowsley, and thus, in right of his wife, he became master of the extensive estates around which his descendants' princely property has accreted.

By the marriage with the heiress of Bamville, the Stanleys, as already remarked, acquired the three bucks' heads, which have continued ever since to be the distinguishing charge on their heraldic coat; and in like manner, by the marriage with the heiress of Lathom, they obtained the second coat in the first grand quarter of their achieve- ment or, on a chief indented azure, cmtthree bezants as well as the crest, which to the present day continues to Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford their arms the well-known Eagle and Child, described in heraldic language as on a chapeau gvles turned Sealof Sir Thomas tic Lathom, fattier of Isabel, wife of.

The earliest example of the use of the Eagle and Child as a device that has yet been discovered Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford the impression of the signet of John de Stanley, chevr. Many are the stories that are told respecting Sir John's elopement with the heiress of Lathom, and great is the amount of legendary lore that gathers round the crest which he adopted in the lady's honour, though it must be Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford fessed that much that has been said and written is incon- sistent with documentary evidence of the descents of the Woman want nsa Breesport existing.

About the year Bishop Stanley issued some uncouth rhymes " touching ye House of Stanley. Roby has ex- panded the tradition into an interesting little romance; but perhaps rlea most curious version is that contained in Hawe's MSS. The curious who wish to know more respecting it will find much in- teresting information in the Xt Palatinaand in a contribution to Nichol's Collectanea, by the late Dr.

Ormerod, the In the mood for a sensual massage this week of Cheshire, whose researches have thrown much light on the early pedigree of the Lathoms. Sir John Stanley made a mraket addition to the paternal coat. When he obtained a grant of the Isle of Man, he, in right of his dominion, placed the arms of Man in Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford second and third grand quarters of his coat gules, three legs conjoined in the fesse point in armour proper, garnished and spurred or a right that was, however, challenged in the reign of Edward IV.

Lancashire and Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford. Stanley of the coat, and was himself ordered to forbear its use.

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From Sir John the greatness of the Stanleys may be said to date and derive its origin. A knight sans ptur, if not sans reproche, he was a rare instance of a courtier who could carry himself through the varying vicissitudes of four successive reigns with ever-increasing prosperity, and without once sustaining a reverse. In right of his wife he became Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford of Elford and Alford, as also of Alderleigh the present Alderley and was founder of the Stanleys of Elford and the Stanleys of Pipe, in Nsa at barn yard flea market Rufford.

The eldest son, harn a Sir John, fully sustained the dignity of the family. He married a daughter of the great House of Haryng- ton, then one of the most powerful names in Lancashire, and thus became allied with the Nevilles, the Eeauforts, and other great governing families of the kingdom; and dying inleft, in addition to two sons, Richard and Edward, who were successively archdeacons of Chester, Thomas, who became, as his grandfather had been before, St Lieutenant of Lonely seeking casual sex Birmingham, a post he held for six years.

He was a warrior as well as a negotiator, and, having served the offices of Comptroller of the Household and Chamberlain to King Henry VI.