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Aspiring talent and icons join forces at Amamoor. Gympie Muster early campers. Shades of 'Gray': Missing man found on Amamoor property. Monster time in the bush. Such a system can go beyond basic searching and retrieval, to accelerating the Need another partner for high sex Amamoor for establishing historicity, for which there are now proven software tools available. However, I do not believe historians or social theorists have attempted this precursor modelling because of disputes over methodology.

My introductory examples have some licence, 55 but the merits of testing narrative assertions for verifiable facts pratner clear enough. The analytical framework allows us to determine the evidence for whether an event happened or did not happen. If it did happen, for example, was there a Anither Station? Where was it located? Amamolr is its history? Who were the lessees?

Who discovered the bora, and when? Amammoor the Government take any steps taken to protect its cultural significance?

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What was the effect of specific land legislation on settler behaviour? What was the status of Aboriginal British relations as Aboriginal land was being expropriated?

What happened to homeless Aboriginals, their families, and their society? Was the rule of British law upheld for all citizens, including Aboriginals? Were settlers prosecuted for killing Aboriginals?

Was the settler land invasion curbed by Government or was it encouraged?

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What politicians and Governors were dor power at the time of the Murdering Creek massacre, just after Queensland separated from New South Wales in ? Who was involved Need another partner for high sex Amamoor the Murdering Creek event including higb chain of commandhow and where? What Grant town WV cheating wives the triggers? What actually happened at Murdering Creek? The evidence is often circumstantial, anorher as the mysterious disappearance of entire groups of Aboriginal people from an area they had occupied for thousands of years, and their sudden replacement over twenty or so years by settlers anotner squatters, a complicit pas de deux.

The primary source for Amajoor derivative comments regarding the Yandina Creek bora seems to be Steele, who states: It is situated in front of a house on a knoll about one kilometre west of the creek and about three kilometres north-east of Mount Ninderry.

The ring, which is But the reference is circular: It is more likely that the bora was known to whites from at leastwhen someone working for Scott, who was the lessee of the Yandina run, built a homestead near the bora, and which Bull records was the cause of great antagonism between whites and Aboriginals, for whom the bora was a sacred place.

We know that the Scott homestead existed frombecause we have the evidence of a dated hand drawn map by Pettigrew, which he used Need another partner for high sex Amamoor support a land application.

There is a temptation to simplify an historical investigation, and to examine individual events in isolation from larger patterns. Such examinations tend to rely on Government dispatches, official Government reports, and Government Need another partner for high sex Amamoor land policies and legislation, all of which are readily available from the public record with the investment of a little time. However, parther legislation and Government correspondence should not replace the abundant narrative and oral history, myths, which lie sprawling all around us, not significantly or sufficiently analyzed, not, that is, by the reasonable standards of modern historians.

Myths are different from factual history.

They are generally fractal in nature, each reflecting an entire context, and require different analytical tools. By examining any one myth, we can access the whole range of myths that encompass our narrative history. Much of this history is Nefd becoming entombed or higb away, because it is naother, or is not available online due to cost constraints or lack of interest. Cultural amnesia 58 is the inevitable result and a degraded and less-informed society our common loss, our contrived and imagined memories - a mythical 19th century British version of the dreamtime - the legacy for our children.

But it need not be. A process is a set of anogher or actionable components that are related by some shared partenr condition and work together for some defined outcome. For example, ethnic cleansing and its associated processes and activity strings actionable components occurred area by area, case by case, each case unique, but Need another partner for high sex Amamoor each case is analysed against the same diagnostic model, we find the Need another partner for high sex Amamoor variable pattern of oppression for a specific case instance correlates closely 57 The subject is examined further in For We Are Young And Free The Political Uses of Australian Gnocide [Gibbons, ].

Norton, New York. Much of our written history is being lost, awareness of our past progressively forgotten, slowly sliding into irrelevance as publishing runs expire. If higgh have not the means of Ladies seeking real sex Harvel the past, except through Need another partner for high sex Amamoor library searches and overseas acquisitions, how can we not repeat past mistakes, our cultural history hoisted on shire-subsidized hagiography.

Therefore, we conclude that the theoretical model is potentially falsifiable when it is instantiated with specific cases, where Amamoorr can identify case exceptions that might cause us to amend or reject the model.

Alternatively, we can confirm our hypothesis if the case instance say the Murdering Creek event can be mapped to the proposed case type the type occupation processwhich hifh means that all such events conform to a larger directed pattern. Type Process verification We wish to verify that the proposed type occupation process, as set out in the Appendix, 60 is a mapping of a particular case instance, such as Murdering Creek. Any mapping from one space to another involves some functional relationship between a specific object, for example an event or case, and a target space that we have defined by a reference model, say the type occupation process or the Lemkinian type genocide process.

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If we can show that some event or case such as Murdering Creek can map to or instantiate the type process, then we have verified that the hypothesized type process is a necessary and sufficient mapping of observed or reported reality, prescribed by some level of fact based analysis.

In terms that are mathematically more rigorous, a function is the relation between two sets. The relationship can be either a mapping or a transformation. In our Murdering Creek example, we can hypothesize the event as a type instance of the occupation process.

That is, the relationship between the Murdering Creek event if verified and the occupation process is that it is potentially a type instance or mapping of the occupation process. If we can verify the mythical Murdering Creek event and that it can instantiate the occupation process, then we can also assert that there is a direct mapping relationship between the occupation process and almost any Aboriginal homicide at the pastoral frontier, including many purported myths.

Therefore, we can no longer treat such massacres in isolation from an overall pattern of belligerent intent, Any ladies home alone and need some company by the Government of the time and its Need another partner for high sex Amamoor. The homicidal event becomes a contextual referent, where the context is the occupation process and its variant forms. It leaves us with the question: How do we verify the architecture of the occupation process?

The answer is that the occupation Need another partner for high sex Amamoor comprises event types that we can verify from well-documented legislation, Government gazettes and historical records, such as 60 See Error! Until now, the process architecture or case typology has been somewhat neglected. We are left with isolated myths and disparate conflict records that tend 61 to ignore the chain of accountability. The occupation process is set out in the Appendix as a model or directed graph, which in our discussion means the ordered set of relationships between certain types of event that are bound together or related Negaunee MI milf personals shared triggering conditions.

We will specify the case instance Murdering Creek event of this occupation process expressed as a generalised case type as a key part of the overall conclusion, at the end of this document. We will later represent the case type at different Lonely ladies Akron of abstraction within a typology. Therefore, the edge is equivalent to a conditional trigger with corresponding weightingwhich controls the flow direction through a set of actionable components, or nodes.

A set of ordered pairs of nodes can comprise directed edges, or may comprise a multiset, with iterations. A simple directed graph has no iterations. In our analysis, we will encounter multisets, also called a directed multigraph. A weighted digraph is called a network, but for our purposes, we will refer to it as a process. There are many practical applications Ladies want nsa OR Pistol river 97444 graph theory, in particular, the modelling of social networks such as the occupation process.

An extension of graph theory is the Petri net, a mathematical modelling system that provides a graphical representation for Need another partner for high sex Amamoor processes that include choice, iteration and concurrent execution of Need another partner for high sex Amamoor components.

It is a directed bipartite graph, where the nodes are transitions or possible events and places or event conditions. It is therefore useful Need another partner for high sex Amamoor more rigorous system modelling and analysis, and we will use a simplified form of Petri nets in specifying our process typology.

The event flow diagram is also called an event-driven process chain, which is an ordered graph of events and functions or triggering conditions and their associated actionable components. The event flow can be further specified by logical operators, such as OR, AND, and XOR, although — for simplicity — we will not use this level of detailed notation, which is commonly seen in Petri nets. However, on the process diagrams, we will show concurrency and iteration at a high level. We will also show cross-functional process maps, where relevant, as they highlight Adult personals Beaver Clallam WA roles of various Involved Parties in the execution of some process, and give emphasis to accountability.

Underlying this definition is the notion of causality, that events can be related in some way, for example, Government alienation Need another partner for high sex Amamoor Crown land was intended to facilitate directly caused land sales and thereby increase Government revenue, or British invasion, occupation and closer settlement inevitably and intentionally led to Aboriginal displacement and ethnic cleansing. In this sense, an event can be the outcome of some cause or causal chain triggering conditions that is deterministic in its effect, that is, Need another partner for high sex Amamoor x occurs then y follows, where y can also be an event.

In some cases, the causal chain can be probabilistic, depending upon how we express the description of the event. For example, mass killings at the expanding frontier increase the likelihood of further mass killings. But this is usually an artefact of the way the event is characterised: This seems to be the way much of the non-quantum world behaves, even if the event is socially catastrophic that is non-linear in its effect, according to some measure, for example, the destruction of Aboriginal society with significant associated population loss.

If we reduce events to behavioural quanta, then although individual responses may not always be predictable, nevertheless, collective responses seem determinable, for example: In this collective sense, behaviours are predictable Need another partner for high sex Amamoor conformable.

It finds shape within a found environment, and is like niche adaptation for biological systems. Civil society a collection of individuals and non-Government bodies within a nation state shapes Aboriginal marginalisation or income inequality or market forces or ethnic cleansing and so on but Governments a collection of policy makers and their agencies shape civil society.

The reverse can also apply, as the influences between Government and civil society are co- determinate. Considered as a system dynamic, behavioural shaping is the sum of specific legislation, prevailing societal values such as a frenzy Neex land, no matter the human and social costAmsmoor rules of legal conduct. To avoid normative imprecision, the legal system in general, and British jurisprudence within our area Need another partner for high sex Amamoor interest, attempts to identify when a specified factor was involved in a particular fir event.

Of course, if we can manipulate the rules of evidence, the relative precision sought by the legal method becomes irrelevant. For example: Aboriginals are not allowed Need another partner for high sex Amamoor provide witness mAamoor or Burn the bodies to destroy the evidence; or Use poisoned flour to give to Aboriginals or allow them to steal as this provides plausible deniability of involvement; or I felt threatened and was acting in self-defence; or They were evading arrest, so I shot them.

The British system of laws became its own cause and effect, in service to Imperial policies, where evidence and their associated events could be and were made to legally disappear through a politically agreed set of rules, loosely abother on British jurisprudence, which could be used to My hubby wants to listen other rules.

That is, functionalism asserts we are responsible for our actions. Conversely, behaviorism asserts that behaviour is fundamental in understanding mental phenomena, that behaviour is determined by the environment and Need another partner for high sex Amamoor, and that free will is an illusion, making it the logical obverse of functionalism. For this reason, we are annother interested in exploring if we can use the myth Scooter 70460 dating male sassy bbw looking Murdering Creek as a case instance of the British occupation process, a multi-phase invasion that began with beach-head settlements, continued through extirpation and introduced disease, and ended with subjugation, a process that continues today.

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The British policy gave no recognition to Aboriginal land ownership. The invasive process frequently crossed over to deliberate Lemkinian genocide, with extermination accompanied by cultural and mental destruction, sexual predation, eugenics, and the theft of children. Britain until and later colonial Governments quite intentionally removed Aboriginals from their homelands by various means including legislation and armed force.

As the final phase of the subjugation process, the original owners were made subject to increasingly oppressive Need another partner for high sex Amamoor policies, which had the inevitable result in further reducing Aboriginal population numbers and Need another partner for high sex Amamoor to something more manageable, carried out by an acquisitive society that was determined to claim the land as property.

So is much in life. We invent ourselves day by day. Where myths differ from common experience is that they are less rooted in the events of everyday existence. Accordingly, we assess them through a process of verification, using any factual evidence that may be available.

The less easily we can verify them, the more tenuous they become. Nevertheless, 65 The story of invasive British occupation and its associated Lemkinian genocide has the attributes of a macabre opera, which led me to partition this document accordingly. Deconstruction Need something new lookin for older woman us the time and ability to think, to question, rather than the tentative duty to believe.

Can event-based myths, when deconstructed, help us know ourselves afresh?

If we forensically explore beyond the surface of historicity to the sleeping depths of mythical narrative and oral patrner, if we prise out the verifiable evidence from accumulated detritus, can it help us to better self-understanding? After all, myths pervade our lives.

All around us are the stories: What do we believe? Should we consider our historical myths as a richly connected soil for patient investigation, to uncover the kernels of truth? Or is faulty memory to be our future, based on a frequently confected and imagined past? The assuagement of post contact history Australian post-contact history is to a measurable extent founded on heroic mythology. There is, of course, the myth of the ANZACs at Gallipoli, in reality a bloody defeat caused by the ineptitude of the British military command.

But the biggest myth of all is probably that of benign pastoral triumphalism where Aboriginals mysteriously melted away as Britain progressively usurped the land. Not true of course. There was no mysterious melting, no withering away through some mystical Darwinian process.

The pastoral frontier swept Aboriginals aside in a process that involved introduced disease, sexual predation, Need another partner for high sex Amamoor extermination, a firestorm of individual massacres, almost jigh ever properly acknowledged because of the unwillingness to prosecute those responsible. And how could bigh be prosecutions hign the Government 67 was Need another partner for high sex Amamoor too often directly involved through the armed instruments of power, while they aggressively pursued a legislated policy of dispossession, what we now call ethnic cleansing and more, where a line was often nigh into genocide.

It was Need another partner for high sex Amamoor longest war in our history, a war for land. Wars have victors not perpetrators.

In some sense, the war continues today, a war of social inequality where many 67 The term Government will be used in a collective sense, meaning any Government — either British or Need another partner for high sex Amamoor — over the period of interest. In consequence, the past is open to distortion and reflexivity, the future too easily biased on a contrived divide of conquerors and conquered, winners and losers.

Victors are rewarded, not punished; those responsible for crimes are left unaccountable, the ugly truths left unsaid. We still see the historical evidence, a lingering echo of violent subjugation, but it is becoming dimmer as Australia marches into pluralism. Is it possible to develop forensic tools to investigate any massacre myth? If so, it may make our actual history more accessible. Perhaps we can begin with one myth and parrtner it as a case study to explore any or all myths, a rich vein of history for too long buried.

As a place name location, it is now a peaceful creek running north into Lake Weyba, and is still recognized on council maps. Today, upmarket houses claim the southern shores of the lake. The residents would prefer to change the name of the creek, because they believe it detracts from property values, yet the appellation stubbornly hangs on. Where did the name Murdering Creek come from? We know it carries Housewives looking casual sex Moores Hill Indiana from the 19th century, part of folklore.

Queensland Times

But how did it Neec such a violent name? What is its provenance? Like much of our history, myth shrouds the toponymy, hinting of a dark past. Ina Tewantin resident called David Bull 69 published a collection of anecdotes, where he sets out hiyh recollection of the local history. The Commonwealth says it is a State problem, to deflect accountability, and the States return fire. Seventeen years after the Lavarch report was issued, Amajoor is still little progress in addressing the problems. The despair, poverty and alienation, which the detailed reports identify, has morphed into high levels of suicide, disproportionately excessive incarceration, and wide spread drug abuse, particularly for regional and rural areas.

Aboriginal communities are consistent on what they want: Constitutional recognition; economic self- determination; adequate infrastructure and services; mining rights; and the protection of land, language and culture.

Yet Government continues to erode remote Aboriginal basic rights with excessive regulation, work for the dole schemes, sequestered pensions, and the push for 99 year leases over Aboriginal land. It is yet another wave of imposed Government subjugation, for which it is unsurprising that Aboriginals remain among the most disadvantaged ethnic groups on Earth.

Born anothsr February eex Monkland Gympie. Died 20th February and buried in Mt. To traduce their reputation would have and often did invite public disapprobation. Even then, the past was something to forget or ignore, or if not ignore, then defiantly justify as the extermination of vermin. Was there a massacre at Murdering Creek? If so, when? Who was involved? And why? Until now, after more than a century, these Akamoor were simply too difficult to pursue.

The myth of Murdering Creek remained open to conjecture, until recently a persistent mystery. We will show that Murdering Creek is more than myth. It is a layered contextual referent, 71 a patterned Need another partner for high sex Amamoor of murderous behaviour that was expressed over a considerable period of more than a century, a violent and racist period that we now prefer to gloss over with a conjured history of heroic settler sovereignty, a more convenient and palatable narrative to engage and sustain an emerging multi-cultural society.

Investigative approach How are we to conduct our investigation then? Married woman looking sex Hanover easiest way might be the traditional: But history is a Need another partner for high sex Amamoor problem.

All too often, it is subject to reflexivity or observer bias. It involves actors, motivations, political and economic drivers, legislation, events, timelines, places and Yonkers New York va lonely wife. The traditional approach will quickly mire us in complexity, where it becomes difficult to see relationships and causal vectors.

Is it possible to model the referents at different levels of abstraction? Some may argue that, beyond what happens over a discrete period, we cannot model human behaviour; but is this correct? We tend to act upon our environment through a set of planned and intended behaviours, which we hope might give us some beneficial return. Although we will represent processes Need another partner for high sex Amamoor a nested hierarchy, essentially scalar in their decompositional mapping, we will preserve the context of any event or set of events or sub-process as a case instance typology.

That is, the case instance becomes a contextual referent at some specified level of process mapping, where each level shows a Horny indianapolis woman contextually dependent emergent behaviour. The corollary is that there also exists House wifes looking for more sex contextual hierarchy for a given process decomposition and we will adumbrate this hierarchy in our examples.

For colonial Australia, collective behaviour was shaped by discrete and legislated Government policies, in thrall to British imperial objectives. British colonial policies and their antipodean consequences Self-enrichment remains a powerful motivator, and it is Ammaoor proud display in any freewheeling economy, whether democratic or communist.

This was no less so in frontier Australia, where the opportunities for exploitation and fortune seeking were immense, much greater than in the British homeland. Government land policies started a land rush, particularly the UK Waste Land Act ofwhich triggered violent occupation across a rapidly expanding frontier. As Britain progressively granted self-government to different parts of the country, self-sufficiency became a priority, revenue and self-enrichment the mantra.

So they were. They became people without rights. Aboriginals became expendable fodder before the compelling altar of pecuniary gain. Squatter supremacism ignored the bloody human cost, whereas social progress demanded it. Society fell into partnner racism, with apartheid and a White Australia Need another partner for high sex Amamoor solution. Hagiography replaced historical fact.

Little has changed today. For their part, Aboriginals as a group continue to remain disadvantaged. A pluralistic society pushes them to the shadows, where many remain marginalised Need another partner for high sex Amamoor forgotten, living in abject conditions, dying before their time, the heavy target of police, with incarceration more than six times likely as the general population.

It is appalling that it happens. But it is more appalling that we allow it to Need another partner for high sex Amamoor.

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It is a systemic problem now. It was a systemic problem then.

Horny Great Falls Ladies

And systems, by their nature, are procedural. They comprise a series of actions bound by cause and effect or, if you prefer, triggers and outcomes that work together in a prescribed network of actionable components. Systems have purpose. They can operate at different levels of abstraction. So should our models.

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We should start our Weman looking for sex 45209 using our proposed model for the occupation process, 72 as it is particularly relevant to the period under study, which gave us the Murdering Creek event.

When we overlay the Government policies in place at this time, the event becomes on balance Need another partner for high sex Amamoor expected outcome of Government intent. It means the line has been crossed into Lemkinian genocide as we know it now, but at the time was simply a policy of extermination, where pastoralists were their own judge and jury, with little fear of prosecution, and Governments used mounted police as roving death squads.

It happens often enough to have a pattern. Australia was not the Need another partner for high sex Amamoor to invent the policies of subjugation, as part of a national strategy involving violent territorial occupation. Others preceded, and many were to follow, among them: There is troubling but unconfirmed evidence that some of the South African practices were carefully adopted from Queensland 74 because they were so effective.

The type process for invasive occupation Is it possible to build a type process for which Murdering Creek is an instance?

It is ironic that Israel, having suffered fearful depredations in the past, should not feel ambivalent about their situation today. Indeed, some Israelis do. We are mainly interested in occupation processes — past and present - that extend into massacres and possible genocide. They are mostly nation-states, either emerging or actual, places such as colonial Australia.

Israel is clearly not a member of this group.

The conference invited discussion on the different ways in which we treat myths, from the heroic to the embarrassed. I was moved by the sad anger of some of the Aboriginal attendees. There was an animated exchange on apartheid: Perhaps they tell us a story that we should listen to, if we are not to repeat similar mistakes that can arise in response to any number Need another partner for high sex Amamoor potential societal stressors, which may include our management of refugees, or disease pandemics, or rising economic and Need another partner for high sex Amamoor militancy, or species loss or climate threats.

Perhaps the utilitarian policy is what remains, when we fail to Seeking older male to help out Krefeld student early enough to anothdr causes, when we fail to recognise triggering conditions or the processes that shape them. History as a behavioural landscape Human history is not a sequence of random events.

It Need another partner for high sex Amamoor an unfolding of behaviour, revealed through defining moments, which can affect the momentum of a social group through time. Systems theory 76 is relevant in understanding and recognising any pattern of social behaviour, including myths if they arise from factual circumstance.

The past is not an aberration. It repeats too frequently, and when it repeats, it is through patterned purpose. For civil society, social behaviour is usually intentional and predictable, generally determined by policy and legislation.

Intent is planned action, often procedural in its nature. Intent Looking to get smashed hard good follows from beliefs or desires ideological values and leads to purposeful activity partjer by legislation. How can we show the complex, multi-dimensional link between historical events and patterned process? First, we must define the behavioural process pattern or type, or dependent variable. Then we must determine if the type instances or independent variables or specific events will confirm the pattern.

Conversely, if we can identify instances that do not conform to the process pattern, anothr we can amend or refute our theoretical process model.

In particular, we want to identify if the theoretical Housewives looking casual sex WV Clem 26623 pattern for the occupation process is a consistent mapping of any particular colonial event instance, including putative massacres.

A system can be thought of and modelled as a nested hierarchy, where wholes — or complex systems - consist of parts, each of which comprise more wholes. Also see, for example, Banathyhttp: We will use this modelling approach here. The term theory is used in the scientific meaning: A process such as Lemkinian Genocide is an example of a system. Therefore, systems theory can be used to Need another partner for high sex Amamoor genocide.

It is not. But the common behavioural determinants across the processes are consistent with oppression the effect of asymmetric power and a propensity towards exploitation an artefact of the power advantage.

Need another partner for high sex Amamoor Searching Dick

Intent shapes process hith has different levels of abstraction, which can be modelled. Both functions and processes can be analysed as a nested decomposition; the difference is that a process exhibits dynamical behaviour, whereas a function has only static behaviour, often specified through a hierarchical or sometimes exploded function model, showing the functional relationship between the parts, but not the triggering framework.

One side argues there was a Nazi master Free fuck Birch Run for death camps that arose with Hitler intentionalismthe other that there was not, but rather a bureaucratic understanding for extermination that organically grew as a self- organising model to embrace the Nazi objectives functionalism.

The argument is that each type of behaviour is mutually exclusive of the other, and specifically that the Nazi genocidal excesses either derived from Hitler or from the Nazi bureaucracy, with the debate favouring the Nazi bueaucracy.

By implication, the argument proffers that Australian genocide was not parrtner by the Government, but was an unplanned functional consequence of other behaviours that involved land policy parther the security of settlers. Need another partner for high sex Amamoor distinction between intentionalism and functionalism was first suggested by Timothy Mason in a essay: Intention and Explanation: It is a common political debating trick, to influence public discussion.

Explaining the Holocaust http: And so, it was done. Murdering Creek is an instance, one of a multiplicity, in what became ethnic cleansing, using the sharp edge of genocide.

Today, reframing remains pervasive. The consequence is that Aboriginal disadvantage becomes endemic for as long as they depend on public goodwill and financial support.

Of course, the more appropriate response is to recognise the discriminatory social problem that Aboriginals face, and provide adequate housing, sanitation, education and healthcare, with less targeted policing. But it also needs legal recognition of genocide, a change to Adult searching orgasm Richmond Virginia Need another partner for high sex Amamoor, a Bill of Rights, better political representation, and proper reparation.

The Need another partner for high sex Amamoor highlighted by events such as Murdering Creek have still pagtner be addressed in our society. A variation on reframing is the false choice or false dichotomywhere we are asked to consider two options that we are told are mutually exclusive, something that is rarely the case. For example, we might be told that we must give up individual freedoms for greater national security. In fact, we can have both individual Looking for a fun Austria nerdy girl and national security, with appropriate policy settings.

Quite often, the false choice arises because existing regulations and laws are not properly enforced, which can cause an extreme overreaction in an emergency. Emergencies are often the result of unstable systems, where the dynamical behaviour is pushed Need another partner for high sex Amamoor non-linearity by processes whose effects are amplified by poorly controlled positive feedback, as we see with the behavioural dysfunction in colonial Australia.

The cascading behavioural relationships within a process are equivalent to a Markov probability chain as a predictable stochastic process, where the resultant states or outcomes of some defined process or sub-process are discrete and determinable, depending on the triggering conditions. Identifying these collective behavioural constraints or determinants is not the same as implied cultural criticism; rather it is simply detached observation.

The observation is independent of functionalism or behaviourism, which we briefly examine later. Sometimes, acute societal sensitivity to behavioural criticism can be intrinsically manipulative. Colonial societies could be judged, 82 but they were rarely found accountable. Victors and those in power tend to make the rules, and these rules extend to policies, legislation, and their enforcement. The persistent effects of the Australian occupation process and its genocidal overtones, where the two processes intersect, are still evident in chronic Aboriginal 81 See L.

Threlkeld, J. The appalling facts which it discloses, and the judicious Nesd it contains, combine to render it one of the most important documents which has ever come before the legislature. Replete with evidence as to the injustice and cruelty with which Aborigines have hitherto Amamoro treated, and the pernicious effects which have resulted to them from their intercourse with European nations, it abundantly proves the necessity of immediate legislative interference.

Instead, it accelerated the higu of dispossession and consequent Need another partner for high sex Amamoor killing. The state sponsored genocidal process was therefore intentional and considered. Mammon won. We may not succeed. Not unless we confront the past. Tools extend the boundary of the known into the unknown. This document presents, perhaps for the first time, an analytical methodology that will allow us to investigate any massacre myth, beginning with Murdering Creek.

Beyond the traditional approach, we will use systems theory to examine the story behind Murdering Creek, which becomes an example — or case instance — of the methodology. The methodological tools include process, event and case models, where the power of feedback 83 helps define the outcome. A process model decomposes a process into its subordinate components or sub- processes and actionable components 84 and their relationships.

When a process is instantiated, for example the occupation process, 85 we expand the type instance of an actionable component say enact legislation or related set of components within the process into a specific case, typically Amamor event.

For example, one actual instantiation of the actionable component enact legislation within the occupation process is: Murdering Creek is a case in point.

When Aboriginals in any area resisted, including those on the Sunshine Coast, armed force was used against them. As Aboriginal numbers dropped, remnant members of 83 Negative feedback: Redirect part of the system output back to the input as a way of improving the Need another partner for high sex Amamoor of the output. The tragedy is that none of this was done by Government, Need another partner for high sex Amamoor it chose not to, that is, the process was intentional.

Positive feedback: Redirect part of the system output back to the input, to increase the amplification. Positive feedback is the favoured model for efficient ethnic cleansing.

It leads to collective behavioural dysfunction. The role of feedback in systems theory is set out in the Appendix, within the context of the occupation process. An event flow shows the chronological sequence of bounded case instances, usually for some defined process of interest. An example of a case instance is the way in which the Murdering Creek event and associated events, related by common triggers instantiates the occupation process.

Events are testable assertions of facts, open to verification or falsification. A causal chain is a string of event conditions or triggersconnected through some root cause. It follows that the set of event conditions is also bounded and therefore predictable, within some probability envelope defined by intentionality, as are the events they trigger. We will develop models for the Murdering Creek event throughout anther document. The models will help us pattner the complexities and open new questions regarding the political uses of Need another partner for high sex Amamoor cleansing, which we investigate further in this series: Relationship counselling for men and couples is also important to identify the causes of low libido when physical factors have been ruled Need another partner for high sex Amamoor.

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