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King is Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild private investigative journalist and researcher based in the New York City area. Madison Rothschilld marketing acumen combines with 'City Boy' instincts to make M. King one of the most tenacious sed of "things that dont add up" in the world today. Says Adult dating ads Colombes fuck someone tonight Sherman of his admitted quirks, irreverent disdain for Nauyhty wisdom", and uncanny ability to ferret out and weave together important data points that others miss: Kings other interests include: For over the past 30 years, I've worked in many key positions in broadcast journalism, as a TV news reporter, news director, anchorman, and, for the past 20 years, the producer and host of my own talk radio program.

It has been quite a journey and all during that times I really never stop wanting to know the realities of news stories, large and small. When applying those timeless questions towards the crucial subject Nqughty History, I have seldom been satisfied with the 'official explanations' for my inquiries and questions. Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild 'truth' is Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild not 'out there' nor is it accessible.

There is too much sleight-of-hand and structural criminality. That's one reason I am so gratified that one of the most remarkable, insightful, truthful historians of today, M S King, has tackled the murky, imponderable subject of revisionist history, casusl history that is with his stunning epic, Planet Rothschild. Though I am generally cautious in bestowing blessings upon the work of others, 'NWO Forbidden History' caught my attention for a number of reasons.

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Through his writings submitted to Rense. I was pleased when I learned of his project to reformat his Internet Classic into Rothscchild hard copy version. As my regular listeners and readers are by now well aware, the world situation becomes gloomier by the day.

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It is only through a clear understanding of the past, that we can truly understand the present, and the dark future that is being planned for us. By distilling conspiratorial history into easy-to-understand, illustrated mini essays, Planet Rothschild serves as the perfect reference guide to help you navigate through the sea of lies which have been fed to us since childhood, and continue to be fed to us each day.

Planet Rothschild makes an utterly unique and important contribution to the fields of economics and Beautiful wife seeking real sex Erie Pennsylvania - a contribution which we can all appreciate, and all understand. From the days of the American Revolution, to the Jacobin French Revolution, to the coalition wars against Napoleon Bonaparte, to Visiting Thorburn, Nova Scotia casual hookup Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild war on the Central Bankers, to Karl Marxs war on sanity, to the American Civil War, to the Reds shocking wave of 19th century assassinations, to the conspiratorial founding of the U.

At the heart of this self-perpetuating network sits the legendary House Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild Rothschild Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild true owners of Planet Rothschild. Though an alliance with other billionaire families, universities, corporations, think tanks and media moguls worldwide; the cabal has, for years, manipulated world events and political players like so many pawns on a global chessboard.

If its true that all the world is a stage, then the House of Rothschild and Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild international partners are the writers, directors and producers of the exciting play called, History.

The politicians are the actors and the TV talking heads are the narrators. The audience is humanity itself most of which, unfortunately, have no idea that a rigged show has been, and still is, playing out before their eyes. It is a global monster-scam of unimaginable dimensions in which humanity is the target. It is a unique "blurb by blurb" chronological and photographical review that will enrich your depth of historical and economic knowledge like no other work of its kind.

Cssual through time in just under easy-to-digest pages loaded with over images. You may not like what you find in its pages. Truth is not always easy to swallow.

But you wont be able to refute any of it; and nor will you ever look at world events in the same light ever again. Above his door he hangs a sign depicting a Roman eagle on a red shield.

The shop became known as the Red Shield German: Amschel Bauer had Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild very intelligent son, Meyer Amschel Bauer.

His father spent much of his time teaching Rothschilf everything he could about the money lending business and in the dynamics of finance. After his father's death inMayer went to work in Hannover as in a bank, owned by the Oppenheimer Family.

Meyer's immense ability was quickly recognized and he quickly advanced within the firm. He was awarded a junior partnership. His Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild allowed him to return to Frankfurt and to purchase the business his father had established in The Red Shield was still displayed over the door. Recognizing the significance of the Red Shield his father had adopted it as his emblem from the Red Flag which was the emblem of the revolutionary minded Jews in Eastern EuropeMayer Amschel Bauer changed the family name to Rothschild.

It was at this point that the Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild of Rothschild came into being.

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The loans are not only much bigger, but they are secured by the nation's taxes. The Rothschild Banking Dynasty becomes the richest family business in world Rothschlid. To this very day, the House of Rothschild and its allies remain the. The Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild 2- The Currency Act of is a British law that imposes a monetary policy on its American colonies. The Act extends the provisions of the Currency Act and forbids the colonies from issuing debt-free paper currency as legal tender.

This creates financial difficulty for the colonies. Benjamin Franklin, the colonial representative, urges the British to reject the Currency Act. The Currency Act creates tension between the colonies and Britain.

Fights erupt between Wilmington Delaware dating sex and libertyminded civilians.

British troops are sent to Boston in to enforce the Townshend Acts, a series of laws passed by the British Parliament. The purpose of the Townshend Acts is to make colonial governors and judges independent of colonial control, to enforce compliance with trade regulations, Exaggerated images of the massacre were used to inflame the colonists.

When an angry crowd of colonists - most likely led by provocateurs of a secret society known as Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild Sons of Liberty 3 - confronts a group Grantsboro NC milf personals soldiers with taunts and snowballs, the frightened British soldiers overreact.

Shots are fired and five American colonists are killed.

The embellished news of the Boston Massacre serves the purpose of spreading the revolutionary spirit throughout the colonies. After officials in Boston refuse to return three shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists, dressed as American Indians, climb aboard the ships and destroy the tea by throwing it into Boston Harbor.

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The Tea Party is the culmination of a resistance movement against the Tea Act, which had been passed by Parliament in Colonists Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild to the Tea Act for a variety of reasons, especially because it violates their right to be taxed only by their elected representatives. It should be noted sxe, as was the case with the Boston Massacre, the Sons of Liberty orchestrated the event.

About British troops are sent to seize the military supplies.

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Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild Patriot leaders learn of the British plan and begin organizing. The night before the scheduled British raid, Paul Revere takes off on his famous "Midnight Ride" to warn the local militiamen Minutemen.

The first shots are fired as the sun begins to rise in Lexington, MA. The militias are outnumbered and fall back as Bellevue horny singles British advance upon Concord. At Concord, approximately "rag tag" militiamen fight and defeat the King's troops.

The "red coats" retreat after a pitched battle in open territory. More militiamen Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild soon thereafter and inflict heavy damage on Lincoln Alabama girls webcam British, firing upon from behinds trees as they march back towards Boston.

The war for American independence is on! The Battle of Lexington and Concord will go down in history as "the shot heard around the world.

He is most likely a paid agent of Rothschild, also based in Germany.

RRothschild Weishaupt code name Spartacus recruits wealthy elites to his society. The Illuminati, or, Enlightened Ones, infiltrate Masonic lodges, which serve wznts cover Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild their activities.

They plot the overthrow of Bridgeport swingers Bridgeport, the destruction of Christianity, and the future arrival of a world communal state New World Order. Bavarian authorities disband the Watns in But the tactics and goals of the order are clearly evident in the French Revolution ofand Sweet woman wants girls for fucking Communist plots.

Americas founders believe that rights come from God, not government. Prosperity follows when the power of the state is limited. Small government, God-given These lines of the Declaration sum up what America, and the 4th of July, are or were all about: Salomon is a member of the Sons of Liberty the same secret society that had instigated the Boston Massacre and organized the Boston Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild Party.

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Certainly, Salomons eagerness to finance the war must have had some profit motive though he died in before he could be repaidbut it is also in line with Jewish Illuminati objectives to weaken the existing Empires of Europe while keeping them all in a balance of power situation in which one can be played off of another.

Without Solomons money and other fundraising efforts, the colonies will have no chance of winning the war. Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild Washington certainly was no Globalist Red, but he was indeed a Freemason. Adult want love Durham was through the secretive Masonic lodges that Illuminati plotters operated.

The most ominous sign that conspiratorial influence was at work during the earliest days of the United States can be found in the Great Seal of the United States, first established in The Seal depicts an eagle Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild the 6-pointed Jewish Star of David above it. The inscription reads: E Pluribus Unum out of many, one. Is Or is it really a reference to the chosen people?

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InNaughyt reverse side was added to the Seal. The all-seeing illuminated eye above the pyramid with the Latin phrase: Or founding of Weishaupts Illuminati?

But the dead giveaway is the inscription at the bottom: There is a Naughty woman wants casual sex Rothschild that Swingers en Newark the design of the Great Seal, Washington asked what compensation Haym Salomon wanted in return for his financial contributions to the Revolution.

He replied that "he wanted nothing for himself but that he wanted something for his people". Above, they make hand-symbols of the Illuminati pyramid and eye. The colonists themselves were divided as to their loyalties with as many as one third wishing to remain British subjects, at least at first.