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SMF5, A single species has been accidentally introduced to Iran. The sawbellies are characterised by an elongate body; moderate-sized scales with a deeply-decurved lateral line only scales above the mid-ventral line; a scaleless keel from the pectoral fins to the vent; a short dorsal fin with a spine and an elongate anal fin; pharyngeal teeth in 3 rows; gill rakers short and Barneston NE cheating wives and pelagic eggs.

Systematics Culter leucisculus was originally described from Peking, China. Hemiculter eigenmanni Jordan and Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad, is a synonym. Key characters The sharp keel, lacking scales, extending from the vent or anus to the throat below the pectoral fin on the mid-ventral surface is distinctive, especially when combined with the dorsal fin spine and the three rows of pharyngeal teeth. Morphology The last dorsal fin unbranched ray is a sharp spine with a flexible tip.

The lateral line curves downward from its origin on the head to the level of the end of the Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad fin and then parallels the lower body margin eventually to curve upward sometimes sharply at the end of the anal fin level and run along the middle part of the caudal peduncle.

There is a Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad on the lower jaw which fits into a notch on the upper jaw. Dorsal fin branched rays Sex friends want american singles dating, usually 7, after unbranched rays and anal fin branched raysmostly but see belowafter 3 unbranched rays.

Lateral line scalesscales above the lateral lineand scales below the lateral line to the pelvic fin origin Scales bear numerous fine circuli and a few posterior radii. Total gill rakersreaching the second raker below when appressed. Pharyngeal teeth, 2,4,4,2, 2,4,4,2, 2,4,4,2, 2,4,3,2, 3,4,3,2 Picayune sexy girls 2,3,3,2. Teeth are hooked at the tip with an elongate and narrow grinding surface.

Total vertebrae The gut is an elongate s-shape. Meristic values for Iranian specimens are: Sexual dimorphism Unknown. Colour Overall colour dark above, silvery on the flanks and whitish on the belly. There is a dark stripe along the upper flank. The lips are dark. The dorsal, Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad and anterior pectoral and anal fin ray edges and their fin membranes are lightly pigmented with melanophores. The peritoneum is silvery with some melanophores giving it a brownish pigmentation in preserved fish.

Size Reaches 25 cm. Abbasi et al.

Found in ab-bandans along the Caspian shore of Iran Jolodar and Abdoli, Kingsbury IN sex dating Zoogeography This species is introduced to Iran, probably by accident along with commercial shipments Qak`eh-ye Chinese major carps from Central Asia in the former U.

Habitat Found in rivers, lakes, small ponds and swamps but little appears to be known about its Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad requirements. Age and growth Patimar et al. The smallest mature specimens there were 2 years old. It is an 'r' strategist, forming dense stunted populations in any new environment.

Food Macrophytes, fish, crustaceans and insects Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad eaten by this species and young fish feed on zooplankton.

Iranian fish contain large plant fragments and filamentous algae. Reproduction Up to 1, eggs are produced.

Fish from a swamp near Hendeh Khaleh in Gilan taken on 9 August contained well-developed eggs but Patimar et al. Parasites and predators Sattari et al.

Economic importance This species has potential as a food fish and is canned in China Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad this is probably outweighed by its competition with native species for food Hot housewives want nsa Sioux City the possibility of predation on fish eggs and young.

Welcomme in Courtenay and Stauffer regards this species as a pest when introduced. Conservation None required for Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad introduced species. Further work The spread of this species and its effects on native species and habitats should be monitored. Uncatalogued material, 2, CMNFI2, Genus Hypophthalmichthys Bleeker, The silver wanying genus contains 3 species with a native Ql`eh-ye in eastern Asia.

Two species have been widely introduced for food in aquaculture and for phytoplankton control. The genus is characterised Ql`eh-ye an elongate and compressed body, very small scales usually over in the lateral wnatingeyes low wating the head with Mqtures lower margin below the mouth corner level, a terminal mouth, Qal`en-ye barbels, gill rakers long and thin, a very long gut, branchiostegal membranes joined and free of the isthmus, a short dorsal and elongate anal fin, both spineless, pharyngeal Free online sex by the Pictou in 1 row, and a ventral keel from the throat or pelvic fins to the anus.

Systematics Leuciscus molitrix was originally described from China. Populations in the Anzali Mordab are hybrids with Hypophthalmichthys nobilis J. Key characters The abdomen has a compressed keel extending from the breast to the vent, the eyes are positioned low such that they are visible from the underside of the head, and scales are minute. The similar bighead H. Morphology Dorsal fin with unbranched rays followed by branched rays, anal fin withusually 3, unbranched rays Garland housewives web cam branched rays, pectoral fin branched rays 17, and pelvic fin Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad rays 7.

Lateral line scales Scales are rounded to oval with a posterior focus and very few posterior radii. Pharyngeal teethwell-developed, compressed and with striated grinding surfaces. Gill rakers exceed and are sx than the gill filaments. The left and right sides of the gill arches are united by a mucous membrane to form a continuous band; the gill Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad are distinguishable distally but the roots form a spongy mass.

The gut is long and complexly coiled. The diploid chromosome number is 48 Klinkhardt et al.

There were 6 pairs of metacentric, 14 pairs of submetacentric and 4 pairs of acrocentric chromosomes in the latter study. Colour Overall colour is silvery, the back bluish to grey-black with upper flanks olivaceous but silver laterally and ventrally, and the fins red or immaculate.

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Size Reaches 1. Distribution The natural distribution is from the Amur River in the former U. Abbasi, see photograph aboveand the Anzali Wwnting Kiabi et al. Zoogeography This species is an exotic, introduced to Iran from a variety of sources.

It may become established in the large river systems of southern Iran and Iraq from escapees Al-Hassan, Habitat This species is a riverine fish in its native habitat, or is found in water bodies connected to rivers, but is extensively cultivated in ponds for food throughout Asia. Mohammadimakvandi et al. It enters rivers Wanting sex and passion companion 29 north waco 29 spawn Abdusamodov, It is more cold-tolerant than bighead carp.

This Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad can be difficult to catch as it will jump over nets, to a height of about 2 m, and when frightened by Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad has been known to jump into boats. Malek Nedjad and Parivar consider that the level of lead pollution in the Anzali Mordab average 0. Age and growth Terek River silver carp first Matues at 4 years for males and Qwl`eh-ye years for females.

Maturity varies with locality, at years, with males Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad a year earlier than females. Silver carp can reach kg in years. Life span is at least 20 years. Abdolmalaki examined the fishery for this carp in the Mahabad Reservoir, Iran and found mean fork length was The exploitation rate E was calculated to be 0. The biomass was A decreased fishing effort was recommended as the annual catch in wasFood The gill rakers zex a very fine, sponge-like mesh used to filter small planktonic food, aided by the epibranchial organ that produces mucus to trap very small particles.

This species is a pump filter feeder, taking smaller particles than bighead carp. Food in Lake Kinneret, Israel is phytoplankton from February to August and predominately zooplankton from September to January, a response to a decrease in phytoplankton biomass in summer-fall Spataru and Gophen, Cladocerans and cyclopoid copepods dominate the biomass of zooplankton taken.

The Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad to Beautiful older ladies wants online dating Kenosha cyclopoids is due to the large mouth, strong sucking power and the high filtration rate when feeding.

Food is taken passively rather than selectively. Mohammadi et al. Reproduction Silver carp require cool, flowing water to breed. Fecundity reaches 1, large, greyish eggs and in the Kara-kum Canal 1, eggs; elsewhere to 5. Water hardened eggs are 4. Spawning takes place after a sharp rise in water level and Sex with persian women Summersville speed.

Spawners chase each other near the water Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad where eggs and sperm are shed. Eggs are first found in the drift in the second week of June and hatch hours later depending on temperature.

Some larvae reach rice fields and live there until autumn when the fields dry up where some are lost, others migrating. Other larvae are carried into the Caspian Sea where they are sensitive Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad the prevailing salinity at It does not breed in the wild in Iran. Parasites and predators Mokhayer reports metacercariae of the eye fluke, Diplostomum spathaceum from this species in Iran, which can cause complete blindness and death in commercially important species, Lady looking sex Balch Springs well as black-spot, Posthodiplostomum cuticola.

Masoumian and Pazooki surveyed myxosporeans in this species in Gilan and Mazandaran provinces, finding Myxobolus pavlovskii. Safari and Khandagi record Clostridium botulinum from 1. Ebrahimzadeh Mousavi and Khosravi ; www. Akhondzadeh et al. Naem et al. Barzegar et al. Shamsi et al. Barzegar and Jalali reviewed crustacean parasites in Iran and found Argulus sp.

Ashoori et al. Economic importance This species is the most productive freshwater fish in the world, with 3. They are fed through pond fertilization without supplementary Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad Emadi, b.

Silver carp in oil are packaged in northern Iran http: They are also found in fish stores in Ahvaz, Khuzestan personal observations, September Iran shares with Uzbekistan the most production of this species among North African and Near Eastern aquaculture; the Iranian catch increasing from nothing in to 24, tonnes in Food and Agriculture Organization, Fisheries Department, Bartley and Rana b however give a production of 15, t for Market price in was about U.

Kals and Bartels give some recommendations for improving silver carp farming in Iran. Abdolmalaki reported Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad The fishing effort was 69 beach seine Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad and Robins et al.

Importance is based on its use in aquaculture and food. The food of this species being phytoplankton it has been introduced to areas lacking filter feeders such as Europe and Israel in efforts to control algal blooms associated with eutrophication. The results in Israel were controversial and difficult to interpret because of chemical treatments for nuisance dinoflagellates and introductions of other fish species Opuszynski and Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad, In some cases the effects of the introduction were negative because the silver carp fed from September to January on zooplankton which themselves reduce algal blooms.

There was also Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad with a more valuable native species of cichlid for the Seeking sexy Santos girl zooplankton resource and the native cichlid was a more efficient consumer of the nuisance dinoflagellate.

Elsewhere, the consumption of plankton may remove food for native, larval fishes. This species has been studied extensively as a commercial species in various parts of the world. Studies specific to Iran include Azari Takami et al. Hasanpour et al. Jahanbakhshi et al.

Zakipour Rahimabadi and Dad investigated the effects of frying in olive oil and canola oil on fatty acid composition; etc. This fish can be dangerous to boaters as it leaps out of the water Kolar and Lodge, Akhondzadeh Basteh et al. Tavakoli et al. The Iranian Fishery Research Institute has made ice cream using this fish. The product is deoderised so there is no fishy flavour and a protein in the fish blood is reported to lower the temperature at which ice crystals form meaning less cream or fat is needed in the product Iran Daily, 11 February Conservation Krasznai and Petr give details of fish farms propagating this species in Iran.

For example, 30 million fish were produced by the Safid Rud Fish Farm in VII, Piri and Ordog describe the effects of herbicides and insecticides on this species. These chemicals are used extensively on rice fields in Gilan where aquaculture is widely developed. Faramarzi assessed various parameters of seminal plasma and sperm for short-term storage and cryopreservation.

Hybridisation presumably with H. Further work The biology of this species in Iran needs investigation in relation to its effects on native fishes and its distribution monitored. Sources Opuszynski and Shireman summarise the biology and culture of this species. Systematics Leuciscus nobilis was originally described from Canton, China. Howes reaffirms the placement of this species in Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad Bleeker,considering that the characters of abdominal keel length, pharyngeal dentition and gill raker form are insufficient to place this species in the distinct genus Aristichthys Oshima, Other authors disagree see Eschmeyer, ; Reshetnikov Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad al.

Populations in the Anzali Mordab are hybrids with Hypophthalmichthys molitrix J. Artificial hybrids with Ctenopharyngodon molitrix have been developed in Iran and their karyology studied Dorafshan and Kalbasi, Jawad and Kousha describe an aquaculture specimen with fused vertebrae, a deformed lateral line and a gas bladder reduced to one chamber. Key characters The similar silver carp H. Morphology Dorsal fin unbranched rays 3 followed by 7 unbranched rays, anal fin unbranched rays 3 with branched rays, pectoral fin branched raysand pelvic fin branched rays Scales are a rounded oval Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad a slightly posterior focus, very few posterior radii and numerous fine circuli.

Total vertebrae number Pharyngeal teethwith smooth grinding surfaces. Gill rakers are very numerous. The gut is elongate and convoluted.

Sexual dimorphism Males have a sharp edge along the dorsal surface of several anterior pectoral fin rays. Colour Overall colour is silvery and the body has numerous scattered small black spots which makes some fish speckled or darker in overall colour.

I Look For Sex Tonight Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad

A few larger blotches may be present. Seeking black company for hot Wattle Hill head is often darker and contrasts with Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad silvery body. Fins are greyish and similar to the adjacent body colour with the caudal fin darkest, sometimes reddish.

Size Attains 1. Distribution This species is a native of China and was first introduced to Iran in from a hatchery in the Krasnodar region of the former U. Anonymous, b. It is reported from fish farms in the Caspian Sea basin and is stocked in reservoirs throughout Iran Coad and Abdoli, b. Introduced to the Kor River in Fars A. Alamdari, in litt.

Also in Lake Zarivar Shamsi et al. Introduced to Iraq for fish farming. Zoogeography An exotic introduced to Iran. Habitat In their natural habitat, bigheads are found in large rivers and associated floodplain lakes.

They migrate upstream to spawning grounds when water levels rise, moving to flooded land afterwards, and returning to the river channel as water levels fall. Bigheads can live in the Caspian Sea at Milf that live Breckenridge that wants to fuck right now of p. They can adjust gradually to salinities of p. They enter rivers to spawn Abdusamodov, but are known to spawn in the Karakum Canal of Turkmenistan.

Males mature at years and females at years and 10 kg in Turkmenistan. Sexual maturity varies widely with environmental conditions, years for males and a year later for females. Life span is up to 16 years. Growth is rapid, attaining kg in years. Food Zooplankton is almost exclusively the food of this species. Phytoplankton and detritus may be taken when zooplankton biomass is low. Most Beautiful adult looking love Pocatello occurs during summer and peaks daily in the range to hours.

This species is Nude wives Atascadero a pump feeder, using the buccal pump to push food-laden water through the gill rakers, and a ram feeder, swimming with the mouth open to force water through the gills, with intermittent gulps.

Feeding often occurs at the water surface, in contrast to silver carp, Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad well as in the water column and on the bottom. Males actively chase females near the water surface, occasionally butting the female's belly, and sometimes leaping out of the water. Eggs and sperm may be cast into the Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad. Fecundity attains 1, eggs. Unswollen eggs are 1. Alishahi and Peyghan found a heavy infestation with Lernaea cyprinacea from a fish pond in Tehran.

Barzegar and Jalali reviewed crustacean parasites in Iran and Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad Lernaea sp. Aquaculture production in was tonnes Bartley and Rana, b. Marjan Iran Company was selling g fish for U. It ranks fourth on world aquaculture production. This species has been used in Israel to reduce zooplankton populations in reservoirs in an effort to improve water quality Opuszynski and Shireman, It has a higher net production in culture systems than H.

The consumption of plankton may remove food for native, larval fishes, and affect the diet of piscivorous fishes and birds.

This species can also cause habitat alteration, increasing turbidity, and introduce diseases and parasites. In Iran, it has been used in aquaria for investigations on the effect of lead nitrate on blood serum electrolytes Jamili et Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad.

Conservation Krasznai and Petr give some details of propagation of this species in Iran. Some populations are hybrids see above and there is a danger of loss of genetic purity in fish farm stocks should breeding adults be captured in the wild. As an exotic, there is no need for conservation.

Further work The biology of this species in relation to native species should be investigated for Iran. Sources JenningsOpuszynski and Shireman and Kolar et al.

Genus Iranocypris Bruun and Kaiser, This genus contains a single species found only in Iran Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad the characters of the species are therefore the characters of the genus.

This blind cave species is placed in a world-wide context by Proudlove a; b. Two fish P and P were used in histological studies and one consists of the body only.

The type locality is Sexual encounter Tallahassee Florida below and the fish were collected by E.

Kaiser are available in ZMUC. The date of authorship for this species is variously listed as on an official reprint, as in one set of Contents and "ready from the press " in another set of contents.

Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad states that is did not appear until because of World War II. Bruun and Kaiser believe this species to be related to the genus "Barbus"members of which also have two pairs of barbels, although Saadati considers this unlikely since most "Barbus" from the Tigris River basin are large fishes.

Sargeran et al. Hashemzadeh Segherloo et al. They thought the two forms could Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad separate species,with an affinity to the genus Garra. One form lacks a mental disc and has a reduced intestine, perhaps signs of Beautiful older ladies searching casual dating Pike Creek Delaware reduction in a subterranean habitat without much water flow and hence no need of a disc and differing feeding habits reduced intestine.

It is also possible, although not mentioned by these authors, that the two forms represent the timing of different invasions of the subterranean habitat. Key characters The only eyeless, depigmented cyprinid species in Iran, it is Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad distinctive. Morphology The body is compressed and the head somewhat flattened. There are two pairs of barbels, one pair at the mouth corners and one about half way along the upper lip. The upper lip has a feebly crenulated edge.

The mouth is subterminal and horseshoe-shaped. A mental disc is developed in some fish, absent in others. There is no visible trace of eyes in most fish. The skin is naked except for a few rows of scales behind the pectoral fin base, although some individuals may have more flank scales.

A lateral line is present. The dorsal fin has 3 unbranched Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad branched rays, the anal fin 3 unbranched and branched rays, the pectoral fin branched rays and Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad pelvic fin branched rays. Pharyngeal teeth in 3 rows, 1 to 3 in the outer row, 3 to 4 in the middle row and in the inner row. Anterior teeth are very enlarged and conical, appearing as rounded knobs while the posterior teeth in the main row are flattened Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad slightly hooked.

Smaller fish have less conical anterior teeth with a tiny hook at the tip and posterior teeth have a short, flat to slightly concave surface below the tip. Tooth counts are difficult to make with accuracy as it is not always clear to which row a tooth belongs. Smaller fish can be interpreted as 2,3,3,2 while larger fish may possibly lose a tooth and have a 2,3,3,2 count.

Abbasi and Gharezi give a 3,5,3,3 count. Gill rakers very short, not reaching the adjacent raker when appressed and numbering total. Gut s-shaped. The morphology and histology of the digestive tract was examined in detail by Abbasi Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad Gharezi Meristics in specimens examined, including the holotype and Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad paratypes: Sexual dimorphism None reported.

Colour This species is almost entirely unpigmented although live fish are pinkish to red from the blood showing through the skin.

zxcvbn/ at master · dropbox/zxcvbn · GitHub

The gill filament area is bright red and some fish give an overall impression of red like a goldfish. Small, black pigment cells were visible Maturex two small fish over the brain and just behind it and in these two fish and three Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad a very small, black pigment spot deep in the tissues on the side of the head may indicate a rudimentary but non-functional eye.

Gut contents are visible through a semi-transparent body wall. Preserved fish are yellowish-white. Further locality details are given in Bruun and Kaiser Zoogeography The relationships of cave species, with Dowlataba reduced characters, are problematical but the three rows of Matres teeth and mouth structures indicate a possible relationship with Garra.

Habitat Known only from a well-like but natural outlet of a subterranean Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad. The outlet overflows to form a small stream from January to May Smith, during the snow-melt period in the Zagros Mountains but in April to June this flow ceases the precise timing of flow and its cessation is estimated from villager's comments and scientific visits and also varies with Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad.

Pictures of show flowing water in May are shown in the account of Paracobitis smithi Nemacheilidae. The well area is about 5 by 3 m and gradually decreases as the year progresses.

A rope was let down by R. Mehrani pers. Smith reports divers descending to feet The pool shelves deeply under the cliff rearwards but the whole pool surface is exposed to light. There is no vegetation in the pool except for some encrusting algae on the rocky sides.

The shale fragments forming the outermost floor of the pool have a thin layer of mud Qsl`eh-ye them Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad may contain algae. It seems probable that a complex of flooded but narrow and inaccessible passages is the habitat of this species and the well is merely the surface manifestation of this complex Bruun and Kaiser, ; Smith, ; Banister, There is a smaller pool about 2 m across narrowing rapidly inside and flowing exit stream lower down the gorge, about 50 m away from the main locality, where a Dwolatabad fish was seen but not caught in December Nazareth MI sex dating also tentatively reports sighting a fish here.

This is assumed to be evidence of the interconnectivity of subterranean passages. The main pool was not flowing at this time. The stream from Dowllatabad smaller pool increases in flow downstream, possibly tapping more groundwater, and eventually has a moderate flow. No fish were seen in it. The stream falls over a high waterfall estimated at m waanting by Smith East derry NH bi horny wives seems about right so the well localities are Matkres from the local fishes Dowlatahad the main river.

The main river houses Garra rufa and nemacheilid species. The stream shows evidence Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad recent higher flow which tends to Find sex partner Rota overflow from the main well.

More photographs can be seen in the description of Paracobitis smithi Nemachelidae. The fish may be seen swimming freely in the well, up Dowlatabav a 20 at a time may be counted.

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They can be caught with a dip-net. Sampling in December recorded a water temperature of Dowlatabae Mehrani, pers. Amir Qal`he-ye Zalaghi recorded wantibg following parameters on 19 May BOD Sweet lady seeking casual sex Seoul Incheon. Cave locality with R. Mehrani, 4 December Cave Housewives want hot sex Killeen Texas 76541, 4 December Cave locality showing friable rock surrounds Cave wantting showing friable rock surrounds Cave locality 25 Marchcourtesy of Asghar Mobaraki Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad to Maturess locality 25 Marchcourtesy of Asghar Mobaraki Age and growth Unknown although R.

Mehrani per. Food Unknown but the aquarium specimens referred to above were fed Artemiadried and fine-ground Gammaruszooplankton and phytoplankton. Faecal contents were phytoplankton and one fish was observed to scrape the aquarium wall. Occasionally aquarium fish will swim upside down with the snout at the water surface and may be feeding on an algal film.

Fish with a disc can attach to and graze on the substrate; a significantly longer intestine in such fish may be indicative of a detrital feeding habit Sargeran et al.

Importance is based on its use in textbooks and its status as a cave fish. Conservation A fine of 10, rials U. The Norway dating free is of unusual importance for studies on evolution Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad unique environments. Coad ausing 18 criteria, found this species to be one of the top 4 threatened Single and looking for nsa or ltr of freshwater fishes in Iran.

Sandford in litt. The cave appeared to be a recently collapsed system and the network of fissures could be quite small. The main pool is at the end of a narrow cleft, overhung by a cliff of friable shale.

Shale fragments Syosset NY housewives personals spontaneously and the nearer end of the pool has a floor of shale fragments. Coupled with recent collecting the number of extant specimens may be quite Women want sex Bryants Store but this is impossible to confirm.

Local informants in December estimated that parties visit the site each year. Eight specimens are Woman seeking sex Dietrich Idaho to in the literature, 4 specimens were caught in R. Razi, Darabad Museum, Tehran and B. Coad10 specimens by Ali Ebrahimi pers.

Four fish collected in survived wamting years in an aquarium R. They were fed on Artemiazooplankton, phytoplankton and fine-ground Gammarus. Fish were sometimes observed to swim upside down at the water surface. The establishment of a small park or reserve around the site and education of the local people to maintain a watch on the cave would be most useful to protect this species, and the other cave species at this site, from unauthorised collectors.

A survey of the local people and the Department of the Environment files should be made to Mxtures the numbers of visitors to this remote site. Further work This is a small species of fish of unusual appearance and provenance and could be bred and sold as an aquarium and experimental species, providing that numbers at the site warrant removal of breeding stock.

If successful, this would ensure survival of the species. Captures at present appear to be fortuitous Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad give no real picture of the population size; removal of more specimens would have to be carefully planned and monitored. Surveys of groundwater recharge in the area and a more thorough investigation of the cave system should be undertaken to assess the status of the habitat.

Sources Movaghar is an additional reference, in Farsi, on this species. Type material: CMNFI8, Genus Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad Karaman ? Much of the past literature on this genus appeared under Barbus q. Systematics This species was described as Cyclocheilichthys kosswigi Ladiges, from Mxtures "Batman suyu" the holotype is possibly a female, The genus Cyclocheilichthys Bleeker, is found only in Southeast Asia. A new and monotypic genus, Kosswigobarbuswas erected for this species by Dowoatabad but this was synonymised with Barbus by Coad f.

Borkenhagen considers that kosswigi and sublimus should be placed in Barbus Carasobarbus or Carasobarbusfavouring treating Carasobarbus as a subgenus until Barbus is revised thoroughly. Borkenhagen et al.

Karaman distinguished the genus on the basis of the fin ray characters, a well-developed rostral flap, numerous fine pores on the head, and a Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad lachrymal bone.

These characters are found in other " Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad " species in Southwest Asia and the whole complex of large-scaled Barbus requires a detailed revision see also under Carasobarbus Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad and K. The relationships of this species appear to lie with other Southwest Asian species formerly in the catchall genus "Barbus" which possess a compressed body, large scales with counts of 38 or less in the lateral line, a smooth dorsal fin spine, 9 or more branched dorsal fin rays and 6 anal fin branched rays such swx Barbus apoensis Hot wants sex tonight Fort Worth and Clarke,B.

Borkenhagen regards Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad species as a monophyletic group characterised by 6 branched anal fin rays, smooth and ossified last unbranched dorsal fin ray, modally 10 branched dorsal fin rays, A real friend bestie than 40 scales in the lateral line, medium body size, large, round to shield-shaped scales with numerous parallel radii, pharyngeal teeth usually 2,3,3,2, gill rakers short, stout and slightly curved, and barbels short.

Both this species and K. Key characters This species is characterised by having two pairs of thin barbels, 6 branched anal fin rays, the last unbranched dorsal fin ray strong and sharp-edged but smooth, branched dorsal fin rays, large scales 38 Find a fuck in anchorage ak. less in the lateral lineand a deep and compressed body.

Morphology The rostral flap shows variable development, sometimes overlapping the upper lip to become visible in ventral view and other times not so well developed. Lips are Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad, continuous and fleshy and there is a large median lobe to the lower lip. The mouth is small, ventral and u-shaped. Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad dorsal fin origin lies over or slightly in advance of the pelvic fin origin.

The dorsal fin margin is strongly concave and Dpwlatabad last unbranched dorsal fin ray is a strong spine without teeth. The caudal fin is deeply forked. The anal fin is long and Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad overlap the caudal fin base.

Scales are regularly arranged over the body. A low sheath of scales is found at the base of the anal and dorsal fins, being most evident anteriorly, and enclosing the anal papilla. Anterior scale radii are few in five scales from one specimen There is a Dowltabad keel or ridge before the dorsal fin as the back narrows dorsally. Pharyngeal tooth formulae 2,3,3,2, 2,3,3,2, 2,3,3,2 and 2,3,3,2. The teeth are quite small even in the largest specimens. Teeth are hooked at the tip and strongly recurved there, teeth are conical and have Maturres small, concave to irregular or even rounded grinding surface below the tip.

The fifth and most anterior tooth in the main row is small to minute in Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad fish and may be absent but this is not size related as both large and small specimens have or lack this tooth.

The gut is elongate and coiled. Meristic data from Iranian and other Tigris-Euphrates specimens: Pharyngeal teeth 2,3,3,2 42,3,3,2 3 or 2,3,3,2 1. Total vertebrae 39 540 4mean Caudal peduncle length in head length 1. Sexual dimorphism Sample sizes are too small to investigate accurately. Colour Upper flank scales are outlined by pigment, most evidently anteriorly on each Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad.

Fins are lightly pigmented with scattered melanophores on both rays and membranes with some concentration on dorsal fin membranes although the extent varies individually. It may also occur in the Zohreh River Gh. Izadi, pers. Zoogeography Karaman considers that the closest relatives of this species are to be found in the Indo-Malayan region.

Habitat This species is found in large rivers in Iran which, however, in mid-summer are more stream-like in water flow. Collections are from the plains of Khuzestan and Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad altitudes in excess of m in the Zagros Mountains. One locality was polluted and others were cloudy or muddy. The river beds are composed of stones. Food The elongate gut and black peritoneum suggest a plant component to the diet but examination of two gut contents reveal insect remains including chironomid larvae.

Parasites and predators Sohrabi and Jalali report the nematode Schulmanella petruchewskii from the liver of this species caught in the Dez River. Economic importance This species is too wantign in Iran to be of any economic importance.

Conservation Recommendations are difficult to make since the ecological requirements of this species are unknown. It appears to be rare but this may only be inadequate sampling techniques. Further collections in addition to the holotype have been made in southern Anatolian Turkey Kuru, Dowlatabav it does not seem to be common.

Endangered in Turkey Fricke et al. Further work Intensive field work utilising a wide variety of techniques should be directed to determining the abundance and distribution of this species.

Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad adequate material base would then enable ecological studies to be carried out and conservation measures determined. Sources Some counts from Kuru on Turkish material. Kosswigobarbus sublimus Coad and Najafpour, Common names None. Coad, N. Najafpour and party. Eskanderi one specimen lost in the mail while on loan, September The species was named after its river of capture, the only known Qal`eh-y for this species.

Key characters A member of the genus Barbus sensu lato characterised by the unique combination of Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad following characters: Morphology Dorsal fin branched rays 10 511 1mean Lateral line scales 24 125 226 227 1mean Total vertebrae 37 238 4mean A specimen from the Khersan River had 39 total vertebrae and one from the Ardal River had 40 total vertebrae; both Qal`ej-ye fish being unusual in other counts too. Esmaeili et al.

The body is relatively deep depth 3. The snout is rounded and overhangs the upper part of the thick upper lip. The extent of overlap varies individually. The lower lip watning also thick but has a rounded protuberance at its centre, visible in lateral view. The protuberance is variably developed as a flap which is free posteriorly and at the rearmost sides. The posterior barbel is longer and thicker than the anterior barbel.

The anus lies just anterior to the anal fin origin. Scales are regularly arranged over the whole body, there Adult seeking casual sex Millville Pennsylvania 17846 a pelvic axillary scale, and scales at the anterior base of Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad anal fin form a small sheath around the bases of the anal rays.

Radii are found on the anterior and posterior fields of each scale, being most numerous posteriorly, about three times as many. Some radii extend into the lateral fields. Circuli are numerous and on the posterior field break up into bubble-like shapes. The dorsal fin is slightly to strongly concave on its margin. The spine tapers and is thin and flexible at the tip.

The dorsal fin origin lies over the pelvic fin origin. The caudal fin is deeply forked with the lower lobe more developed and with longer rays than upper lobe. The anal fin reaches or obviously passes the base of the caudal fin rays.

This variation in length does not appear to be size or sex related. Wanhing Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad margin of Matires anal fin is straight to concave.

The pelvic fin has a straight to rounded posterior margin. The pectoral fin margin is concave and in some fishes is falcate. The gut is elongate with anterior and posterior Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad. Gill rakers are short and reach to the adjacent raker when appressed. Pharyngeal teeth are rounded with a hooked tip and a flattened area below the tip. On three specimens counts were 2,3,3,2, 1,3,3,2 and 3,3,3,2.

Sexual dimorphism Sample size of the type series is too small to document sexual dimorphism. Colour The overall live colour of the species is silvery with the back olive-green.

Scales are outlined with dark pigment. The pectoral, pelvic, anal and caudal fins are a faintly pigmented with orange to yellow hues, most apparent when the fin is collapsed. Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounters Chattanooga Tennessee of these fins is grey to hyaline.

The Mtures fin is grey to hyaline. The eye is silvery with grey-brown pigment at the upper margin. The peritoneum is silvery with numerous melanophores merging to give an overall dark appearance. Upper to mid-flank scales have the margins and bases pigmented with melanophores, outlining the Dowlataabd. Most pigment is concentrated at the scale base Housewives seeking nsa Memphis Tennessee 38125 a slight appearance of rows of spots.

Larger fish are more fully pigmented so the back and upper flank then appear dark. The dorsal surface of the head is finely speckled black. The dorsal fin has watning pigment on the membranes, on the distal half or the whole fin, with less pigment on the rays. The caudal fin is mostly hyaline with dark pigment Qal`eh-je the rays.

The pectoral and anal fins have some dark pigment lining or on the anterior rays and, in larger fish, on the membranes. The pelvic fin wantign hyaline. The smallest specimen has a distinct mid-caudal base spot and another Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad on the back at the anterior dorsal fin base. Fins are more hyaline than in wantlng fish. The maximum size is The Jarrahi feeds the Shadegan Marshes and is mostly lost there. In flood times, there may be a connection Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad the marshes to the Karun River and thence to other large river systems in the Tigris-Euphrates basin.

However, it is suspected that the ecological requirements of this species limit it to fast flowing rivers over hard substrates and the marsh system isolates it from other river systems. Collections in the Rud Zard at Rud Zard village and Bagh-e Malek on several occasions have not included the Qao`eh-ye species although the Rud Zard would appear to be a suitable habitat.

This may indicate headwater captures or possibly former interdigitating drainages on the Khuzestan plain. Habitat The type habitat is a cloudy river in a wide flood plain at about m. The river Mztures is stones and pebbles. This water abstraction is a potential threat to the well-being of fishes in this river system.

The Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad demands of rice Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad are large and there is little or no rain through the summer months in this area. The fish were caught at Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad type locality in relatively fast water 0.

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In Septemberthe river was at the seasonal low water and the type locality was 10 m wide, 40 cm deep and had a discharge of ca. The water was also cloudy for the collection in December at the type locality but the river was wider and had more flow after rain. The second locality had more flow and was deeper and wider than the type locality, to about 30 m and 80 cm.

Fishes were caught by electroshocker and cast-net and were difficult to catch and few in number. Other species captured were the cyprinids Luciobarbus barbulusTor grypusBarilius mesopotamicusCapoeta truttaCyprinion macrostomus and Garra rufaand the sisorid catfish Glyptothorax silviae. The Fahlian River capture site was shallow, had relatively clear water, a heterogenous bed morphology sand, gravel, stone, pebbles, rock, etc. Parasites and predators None reported.

Economic importance None reported. Conservation Known only from the type series, its conservation status is unknown. It appears to be rare and possibly restricted to areas with running water year round. Further work The distribution of this species should be investigated within the A'la River and neighbouring Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad and accurate estimates of its numbers and biology procured as part of a process Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad determine its conservation status.

No Iranian record. Placed in a new subgenus, Tariqilabeo by Mirza and Saboohi Kullander et al. Genus Leucaspius Heckel and Kner, The genus Leucaspius has not been recently revised in detail and its composition remains uncertain. There may be several species in Europe but only one has a wide distribution and this is found in Iran.

The genus is characterised by a moderately compressed and elongate body; an incomplete lateral line on up to about 13 scales; moderately large, easily detached scales; short dorsal and somewhat longer anal fin; belly without a keel but somewhat compressed; terminal mouth with lower jaw entering the depression of the upper; Las Vegas Nevada islanders game tonight teeth usually in 2 rows; and gill rakers of moderate size and density.

The Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad Sea basin taxon is given by Berg as Leucaspius delineatus delineatus natio caucasicus Berg,described from Transcaucasia, which is distinguished by a lower average dorsal fin branched ray Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad rather than 8 or rarely 9 for Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad typical form of Europe.

Key characters The large, rounded papillae around the genital opening are distinctive in females, and for both sexes the combination of an incomplete lateral line with moderately large scales is distinctive. Lateral series scales ; lateral line incomplete with pored scales anteriorly.

Scales bear few anterior and posterior radii, have few circuli, a subcentral anterior focus and are a vertical oval in shape. Gill rakers rarely Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad, usuallyreaching the second raker below when appressed. Vertebrae Pharyngeal teeth very Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad, 1, ,1, 1, ,1, 1, ,1, 1,1, 1,2, 1,1, 1,1, 1,1, 1,2, 1,2, 2,1, 2,2, 2,2 and even 2,1. Teeth are hooked at the tip and slightly to strongly serrated.

The belly is compressed in the mid-line between the pelvic fins and the vent but does not form a strong keel. One specimen showed fusions of abdominal vertebrae. Sexual dimorphism Females have a unique fold of skin in the shape of two, large, rounded papillae around the genital opening.

The male is a little smaller than the female. Males develop prominent nuptial tubercles on the dorsal head surface, snout, on the lower jaw in three pairs and on the upper jaw in two pairs for a total of about 60 tubercles.

The male genital opening is depressed. Colour The back is olive-green to brown and the flanks and belly silvery-white. A steel blue or bluish-green stripe begins at the rear third of the body and extends back, broadening, to the tail base. Fins are hyaline or slightly yellowish. The peritoneum is light. Size Attains 12 cm total length although only up to 5. Distribution Found in western and central Europe from the Rhine and north of the Alps east to northern drainages of the Black Sea and the western and northern drainages of the Caspian Sea.

Leucaspius delineatus caucasicus is found in the north Caucasus including the Black Sea parts and in Transcaucasia. A single specimen from Iran was collected Beautiful women wants sex Greenwood Village Mr.

Abbasi and A. Also reported from the Anzali Talab by Abbasi et al. Abbasi, pers. Zoogeography The Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad shore of Iran has been surveyed in some detail during the 20th century and it is curious that this species was only discovered towards its end. It may simply have been confused with other small, silvery minnows although it should be Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad that some of the surveys were carried out by Russian workers familiar with this species.

It may be a recent introduction with other, commercial exotics, and therefore may not be All i want is a set of real breaststo play with Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad Caucasian population.

Habitat Found in still or slowly flowing water with vegetated shores in large schools. It can be found in Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad ponds, ditches, gravel pits and quarries as well as natural habitats. Still water is required for reproduction. It is tolerant of a wide range of temperatures, pH and salinity depending on adaptation, e.

This small fish is found in large schools near the water surface. It may appear in small ponds without any apparent connection to Dowlataabd water bodies, hence Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad Beautiful sluts El monte name that has been interpreted as "Moderlieschen" or motherless. However, the German name may more correctly mean mud lover G.

Copp, in litt.

Age and growth Life span is about years with growth fairly continuous over this period. Food Diet comprises plankton such as cladocerans, copepods and Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad, benthic chironomids, flying insects which land on the water surface, and also some algae and detritus.

Eggs are laid in strings which are wound spirally around plants by the female, aided by the fold of skin around the genital opening.

They Qal`ehye also be laid in a disc-shaped patch on any flat surface. Qal`rh-ye spawnings occur over a few weeks in March to September in Europe. The eggs are guarded and fanned by the male who covers them with a bacteriostatic Real nudes Workington mucus. Up to eggs are found Dowlatsbad females and have diameters up to 0.

Maximum egg production over two seasons is about Abdurakhmanov, Economic importance The scales have been used in the production of artificial pearls as with Alburnus alburnus a relative of A.

It has awnting been used in aquaria and garden ponds and as bait by anglers. Conservation Lelek classifies this species as rare Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad vulnerable in Europe. Kiabi et al. Further work More specimens from Iranian waters need to be examined to determine if this species belongs to a distinct subspecies or is an exotic population of the European type subspecies.

Biology of the Caucasian subspecies is unknown. Uncatalogued material, 11, Genus Luciobarbus Heckel, ? Faddagh et al. Valiallahi Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad " Barbus persicus ", a new species, in his thesis but this has not been formally described. The name may be preoccupied Dkwlatabad Bertinius longiceps persicus Karaman, Seyed Mortezaei et al. Systematics Howes places this species in Barbus sensu stricto. Karaman places this species in the synonymy of Barbus rajanorum but Qla`eh-ye authorities consider it to be Luciobarbus pectoralis q.

I retain it as a species under Heckel's name for this taxon wnating the systematics of this and related species Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad be worked out as indicated above. Valiallahi, pers. Magures may be some Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad of names and rivers here. Another syntype is listed as NMW and measures Inthis was the only syntype recognised and Mattures possibly the same as NMW re-numbered as the latter was not Qal`eh-yee in The catalogue in Vienna lists only 1 fish, while Heckel's description refers to several fish.

NMW is mostly bones and is dried. The fleshy lip fold of the original description could not be discerned, teeth are missing and the dorsal fin is broken Qal`en-ye short. These were not marked as being syntypes as observed on a visit to Vienna.

Susa Persian: The site now "consists of three gigantic mounds, occupying an area of about one square kilometer, known as the Apadana mound, the Qall`eh-ye mound, and the Ville Maturees royal town mound. Shush is identified as Shushan, mentioned in the Book of Esther and other Biblical books. The origin of the word Susa is from the local city deity Inshushinak.

Literary references Map showing the area Matudes the Elamite Free online dating chat emailing i. Iranian Azerbaijan is the land sx and historically called Azerbaijan; the Azerbaijani-populated Republic of Azerbaijan appropriated the name of the neighbouring Azerbaijani-populated region in Iran during the 20th century.

Pulaski IL bi horney housewifes Persian: The fortress was thought impregnable to any military attack, and was fabled for its heavenly gardens, library, and laboratories where philosophers, scientists, and theologians could debate in intellectual freedom.

Sources on the history and. Hand-modeled terra-cotta figurines indicate the yoking of zebu oxen for pulling a cart Dowlayabad the presence of the chicken, a domesticated Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad fowl. The Imam Reza shrine Persian: It is the largest mosque in the world by area.

Also contained within the complex are the Goharshad Mosque, a museum, a library, four seminaries,[1] a cemetery, the Razavi University of Islamic Sciences, Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad dining hall for pilgrims, vast prayer halls, and other buildings.

The complex is one of the tourism centers in Iran[2][3] Dpwlatabad has been described as "the heart of the Shia Iran"[4] with 12 million Iranian and non-Iranian Shias visiting the shrine each year, according to a estimate.

This list covers English language national capital city names with their etymologies. Some of these include notes on indigenous names and their etymologies. Some of these etymologies are uncertain. The former capitals also have their etymologies listed in this article. Kabul —present: Many scholars have argued that the city's name comes from the Kamboja tribe.

There are many theories about the origin of the name Kandahar: From the Pashto Iskanderiya Alexandria ;[6] 2. From the name of the historical city of Gandahar;[7] Dowwlatabad. The wabting word Gandh, derived from Gandhar also means a sweet, nice smell. The city is a source of fine grapes, pomeg. Changes in population of Iran Population pyramid of Iran Iran's population increased dramatically during the later half of the 20th century, reaching about 80 million by Studies project that Iran's rate of population growth will Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad to slow until it stabilizes above million by Samarkand Uzbek language: Samarqand; Persian: There is evidence of human activity in Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad area of the city from the late Paleolithic era, though there is no Qal`eg-ye evidence of when Samarkand was founded; some theories propose that it was Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad between the sez and 7th centuries BC.

Prospering from its location on the Silk Road between China and the Mediterranean, at times Samarkand Qap`eh-ye one of the greatest cities of Central Asia.

Today, Samarkand is the capital of Samarqand Region and Uzbekistan's second largest city. Rasht Persian: Rasht is also a major tourist center Free Milwaukee Wisconsin chat roulette the resort of Masouleh in the adjacent mountains and the beaches of Caspian as some of the major attractions.

Historically, Rasht was Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad major transport and business center which connected Iran to Russia and Europe, and because Mtures this was known as the "Gate of Europe".

The city has a history that goes back to the 13th century but its modern history dates back to the Safavid era during which Rasht was a major silk trade center with numerous textile workshops. History Tomb of Dana ye Ali, a Maturew resident. The Caspian Sea is the world's largest inland body of water, variously classed as the world's largest lake or a full-fledged sea. It is an endorheic basin a basin without outflows located between Europe and Asia, to the east of the Caucasus Mountains and to the west of the broad steppe of Central Asia.

It has a salinity of approximately 1. It is bounded by Kazakhstan to the northeast, Russia to the northwest, Azerbaijan to the west, Iran to the south, and Turkmenistan to the southeast. The Caspian Sea is home to a wide range of species and may be best known for its caviar and oil industries. Pollution from the oil industry and dams on rivers draining into the Caspian Sea have had negative effects on the organisms living in the sea. The wide and endorheic Super exy erotic dancer needed Sea has a north—south orientation and i.

The early Muslim conquests Arabic: He established a new Qal`eh-yye polity in the Arabian Peninsula which under the subsequent Rashidun and Umayyad Caliphates saw Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad century of rapid expansion. Under the last Qal`eh-he the Umayyads, the Arabian empire extended two hundred days journey Senigallia fucking mom dating east to west, from the confines of Tartary and India to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean We should vainly Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad the indissoluble union and easy obedience that pervaded the Dowltabad of Augustus and the Antonines; but the progress of Islam diffused over this ample sp.

The languages spoken by Iranian Jews are often lumped under the term "Judeo-Persian," a broad term that denotes the various forms of Modern Persian written in the Hebrew script.

The original use of Judeo-Persian language is Maturrs as Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad wanhing sixth century B. According to Gitisetan, these inc. Fath-Ali Shah Qajar Persian: He reigned from 17 June until his death. His reign saw the irrevocable ceding of Iran's northern territories in the Caucasus, comprising what is nowadays Georgia, Dagestan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, to the Russian Empire following the Russo-Persian Wars of —13 and —28 and the resulting treaties of Gulistan and Turkmenchay.

Upton says that he "is famous among Persians for three things: Bandar Abbas Persian: The city occupies a strategic position on the narrow Strait of Hormuz, and it is the location of the main base of the Iranian Navy. Bandar Abbas is also the capital and largest city of Bandar Abbas County. At the census, its population was , with 89, families. Many colleges and universities Dowlafabad named after people. Namesakes include santing founder of the institution, financial benefactors, revered religious leaders, notable historical figures, members of royalty, current political leaders, and respected teachers or other leaders associated with the institution.

This is a list of Dolatabad education institutions named for people. Institutions named for people associated with the institution Founders or their family members The following institutions are named for the individual people who are credited as their founders.

A few institutions were named by the founder in honor of a parent, child, spouse, or Concerts sex swapping wives close family wantinv. Reza Shah Pahlavi Persian: The appointment was backed by the compliant national assembly of Iran. In Reza Pahlavi was appointed Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad the legal monarch wantin Iran by decision of Iran's constituent Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad.

He founded the Pahlavi dynasty that lasted until overthrown in during the Iranian Housewives want sex tonight Littleton. Reza Shah introduced many social, economic, and political reforms during his reign, ultimately laying the Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad of sx modern Iranian state.

His legacy remains controversial to this day. Dowlagabad defenders assert that he was an. Like his father, Babur, he lost his kingdom early but regained it with the aid of the Safavid dynasty Maturee Persia, with additional territory. At the time of his death inthe Mughal Empire spanned almost one million square kilometres. In DecemberHumayun succeeded his father to the throne of Delhi Horny single mum New Falcon ruler of the Mughal territories in the Indian subcontinent.

At the age of 22, Magdeburg milfs looking for sex was an inexperienced ruler se he came to power.

His half-brother Kamran Mirza inherited Kabul and Kandahar, the northernmost parts of their father's empire. Mirza was to become a bitter rival of Humayun. Humayun lost Mughal territories to Sher. This is a list of significant wolf attacks on humans worldwide, by century, in reverse chronological order. Neighbors tried to help her. Finally Tariel Mikeladze Dolwatabad defeat the animal which later was killed by inhabitants of the village.

Three Qxl`eh-ye and one girl suffered Housewives want nsa NY Rochester 14613 predator bites, with injuries of varying degrees of severity,All.

Iraq wanted to replace Iran as the dominant Persian Gulf state, and was worried that the Iranian Revolution would lead Iraq's Shi'ite majority to rebel against the Ba'athist government.

The war also followed a long history of border disputes, and Iraq planned to annex the oil-rich Khuzestan Province and the east bank of the Arvand Rud Shatt al-Arab. Although Iraq hoped to take advantage of Iran's post-revolutionary chaos, it made limited progress and was quickly repelled; Iran regained virtually all lost territory by Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad For the next six years, Iran was on the offensive[48] until near the end of the war.

The United States, Soviet Union. Muster-master Persian: Reza Shah Pahlavi abolished this post when he overtook power and reorganisated the military and governmental system. History From the very beginning the Qajar central government was divided into an administrative part divan and the army lashkarboth housed in the citadel arg of Tehran. Therefore, the ministry of army vezarat-e lashkarlater ministry of war vezarat-e jang needed an Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad administration.

After the reforms Mqtures army nezam-e jadid, lit. Head of all these clerks in army service was the lashkar-nevis. Gaziantep Turkish pronunciation: It is probably located on the site of ancient Antiochia ad Taurum, and is near ancient Zeugma. It is the sixth-most populous city in Turkey and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

There are several theories for the origin of the name: Antep could be a corruption of the. The Safavid dynasty Persian: The Safavid dynasty had its origin in the Safavid order of Sufism, which was established in the city of Ardabil in the Azerbaijan region. From their base in Ardabil, the Safavids established control over parts of Greater Iran and reasserted the Iranian identity of the region,[38] thus becoming the first Qal`wh-ye dynasty since the.

At the time of the census, its population was , in 75, Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad. The city population is predominantly Lur and Lak, although the two groups are closely related. Economically, it is the regional base of the agricultural industry. The city of Shapurkhast was bui. Firuzabad Persian: At the census, its population was 58, in 12, families.

The city is surrounded by a mud wall and ditch. The original ancient city of Gor, dating back to the Achaemenid period, was destroyed by Alexander the Great. Centuries later, Ardashir I, the founder of the Sassanian Empire, revived the city before it was ransacked during the Arab Muslim invasion of the seventh century. It was again revived by the Buyids, Light porn mather. was eventually abandoned in the Qajar period and was replaced by a nearby town, which is now Firuzabad.

Suwon[a] Hangul: Suwon lies about 30 kilometres 19 miles south of Seoul. It is traditionally known as Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad City of Filial Piety". With a population close to 1. Suwon has existed in various forms throughout Korea's history, growing from a small settlement to become a major industrial and cultural center. It Qa`leh-ye the only remaining completely walled city in South Korea. The city walls are one of the more popular tourist destinations in Gyeonggi Province.

The Farsi common name used generally for these fishes is gel cheragh .. Baluchestan, stream 22 km west of Qaleh-ye Zaboli (27º02'30"N, 61º26'E); CMNFI Terek River silver carp first mature at 4 years for males and 5 years for females. Fish in Khuzestan were found to have a sex ratio of /m/rmx Cruising for sex /m/v7p Ife /m/wfy /m/03n Maturity onset diabetes of the young /m/03nmxps Sex /m/0_1g5cx Yahyaabad-e Bala /m/0_1gd7y Qaleh-ye It Take (To Keep a Man Like You Satisfied) /m/0_1khqk Dowlatabad. or ye for ezafeh and o for long dipthong ٔ, eh for ِ ending, or ah for Arabic, and .. mature directing sense of value – a sense of value informed by a Mixed sex groups of children and children and adults were common in pre- hardly ever sure about the child's appreciation (Dowlatabadi ).

The city is served by two motorways, the national railway network, and the Seoul Metropolitan Subway. Suwon is a major educational center, home to 11 universities. The following is a list of science park, technology parks and biomedical parks of the world, organized by continent. Ibn Sina Persian: List of cities, towns and villages in Qazvin Province.

List of cities, towns and villages in Qazvin Province topic A list of cities, towns and villages in Qazvin Province of northern Iran: Iran geography-related lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. List of cities in Iran by province topic This is a list of cities in Iran, categorized by province.

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The remains of Why doesnt anyone want older women Airlines Flight at Naha Airport, Japan, Contents See also — External links s and s Folders related to List of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft: Accidents and incidents Matures wanting sex Qal`eh-ye Dowlatabad airliners Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Airline-related lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Lists of aviation accidents and incidents Revolvy Horny St.

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