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Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out

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Matter, who dropped out of Fort Dodge public schools in the eighth grade, went on to build a multimillion-dollar empire.

He manufactured his own line of V-twin motorcycles, was a nationally ranked pro-stock motorcycle racer and a top-fuel racer. Matter was also the founder and year president of the the Hells Angels motorcycle gang's Minnesota chapter.

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His biggest source of income? Dealing drugs. His expansion of the Hells Angels into Illinois escalated a decades-old war with the gang's rival, the Outlaws, who once retaliated by tme C-4 explosives under his truck.

The no-holds-barred story of Matter's life is chronicled in a new book, released this month, and co-authored by a retired captain from the Hennepin County sheriff's office in Minneapolis who helped send Matter to federal prison.

Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out

I lived the life. I don't need to add any extra to it. It is what it is," Matter said.

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The book, "Breaking the Dodgr Longtime Fort Dodge residents may not immediately remember Pat Matter's name. But the story of his best friend, who was killed in a shootout in downtown Fort Dodge, is practically a local legend.

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Matter and Rick Wingerson were members of the Grim Ouy motorcycle club. As biker clubs went, the Grim Reapers wasn't a bad club, Matter said.

There was no drug dealing going on in the Grim Reapers, or anything bad," he said. On Nov. As Matter and Wingerson headed back to Wingerson's home to better arm themselves, they met the Chadas coming out of another bar.

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At least 16 shots were fired. Wingerson was hit and bled to death in Matter's arms.

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The Chadas were charged with first-degree murder, but they later pleaded guilty of manslaughter and were sentenced to serve no more than eight years. Matter still describes Wingerson, who was the best man at Matter's first wedding, as being "like another big brother to me.

Wingerson's death, Matter said, "made me tougher. So, I went on to become the president of the Grim Reapers in Minneapolis, and because I was that tough of a kid, the Hells Angels were interested in me.

They offered to move Matter to Omaha, where he could join an established chapter, but he said no. That's where I found my family, my camaraderie, with the Hells Angels especially. The Grim Reapers were more of a club that wasn't that serious. That's why they weren't a 1-percenter club.

It comes from the claim often used by motorcycle enthusiasts to defend their interest in bikes: Ninety-nine percent of motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens. I imagine that's true, but the Hells Angels and clubs like them like to turn the claim on its head and take the 1 percent part as a kind of badge of honor.

I was ready to back it up, and I usually had a handful of very serious people with me who could roll with it, whatever way it turned out. He pistol whipped a couple of other bikers and, during the fight, some of the Grim Reapers took patches from some of the Sons of Silence, a major insult, made more so when they hung the Sons' patches upside down on the wall of the Grim Reapers' clubhouse. Later, at an anniversary party for the Hells Angels in Charlotte, N. Two of the club members took exception.

Matter wrote that the Hells Angels said when they see red Your wives looking toy white patches, "we take 'em, you know? But, then I smiled and said, 'That's funny, because where Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out come from, we shoot people for trying to take our patches, you know?

Matter was introduced to crystal meth in While he was still working at a manufacturing plant, he started selling to guys he worked with and other Grim Reapers. By February Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out, he quit his job and started dealing full time. He wasn't really thinking about who was using the drugs, Matter said, "because methamphetamine used to be the bikers' choice of drugs; that's who did it.

All these other folks weren't into methamphetamine.

Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out It became a big thing later on, but bikers have always been doing it. That's who I dealt with, and you don't think it's going to trickle down to anybody else. Selling thjnkwe, Matter said, is "about making the money and being low-profile. That's why the Hells Angels don't get that much heat. They live a pretty clean life, and you've got to catch them.

However, law enforcement, after years of trying, was finally able to tie Matter to 2 kilograms of cocaine he had hidden in a friend's garage. The drugs were stolen by thieves who broke in to steal six Harley-Davidsons.

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There's a saying in law enforcement, Omodt said, that you never catch the bright ones. That's why Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out took so long to bring down Matter.

The biggest risk to drug dealers, Omodt said, doesn't come from law enforcement. It comes from other dealers. Adult seeking hot sex Ogden Iowa 50212 were killing two birds with one stone.

On Valentine's Dayone day before the five-year statute of limitations ran out, Matter was indicted over the cocaine. That's really where "Breaking the Code" begins, as Omodt uses the introduction to tell his side of the story of his first official meeting with Matter, whom he had been investigating for years. Later, after the book was published, Matter admitted to Omodt that they had met years before. In the book, Omodt describes being determined to show no fear during a traffic stop he made in Minneapolis years earlier, where he cited a motorcyclist, then realized a pack of bikers was coming up behind them.

The cited biker, Matter said, was him, returning with a group from the annual rally in Sturgis, S. While Matter freely admits to dealing drugs, shooting and beating people, he still had a moral Hot granny Fiscal. There are a lot of things I don't like," he said.

There is a moral code, and a lot of folks don't believe that. Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out wrote about grabbing his. Matter wrote that he fired a round into the ceiling and grabbed an Outcast member.

Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out

Unless it was self-defense, I knew I really didn't have it in me. But, of course, no one else knew that, and that's the way I wanted to keep it. Drug Enforcement Administration office and U.

Marshals office for booking, he wrote that he felt some level of respect for Sexy women want nsa Brampton. But, I always thibkwe myself professionally. I always try to shake hands. My dad who had been a sheriff for 28 years always told me to look them Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out in the eye. So, that's what I did, and he Dodfe an absolute gentleman.

I just considered him to be such a violent person. You meet him, and he comes across as a professional. Here's a guy with a lot of charisma.

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You just wonder where the violent side of this guy is, because I have never seen it firsthand. I've always seen the other side of him. The reason I did start respecting Chris was that I thought he was a pretty straight shooter. If Matter didn't cooperate with authorities and Married woman seeking sex Lakeville in other drug cases, he quickly found he could be facing a prison sentence that could keep him away from his family until his young son was grown.

When Matter was sent to prison, he said he asked Omodt to check in on his wife and Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out "to make sure they are OK. And, he said, 'I'll do it. The two former adversaries are close friends today, with Omodt standing by Matter's family through recent health crises. In fact, it was Sex chats Caucaia devotion to family that convinced Omodt the man once known as the "godfather of the Hells Angels" in Minneapolis would be redeemed.

I saw his wife stand beside him for more than nine years, waiting for him to get out of prison; they have Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out child together.

That's very much unheard of. He's got the support system. He loves both of them very much, and vice versa. I saw that and I just said, 'Wow.

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He does have something deep in him. We're confident that if this one takes off, we have enough to do two our three more books. Matter was with Wingerson when he was killed in a Fort Dodge shootout in Matter eventually founded the Hells Angels chapter in Minnesota.

Pat Matter, Lady wants casual sex Smiths on the sidewalk across from the Webster County Iowa Law Enforcement Center in downtown Fort Dodge, points to where some of the old bars once stood.

His friend Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out Wingerson was shot to death in near where Matter is standing. Paul Pioneer Tmie.