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The following are declared to be perpetual funds for school purposes, of which the annual income only can be appropriated, towit: Such per centum as has been or may hereafter be granted by congress on the sale of lands in this state; all moneys arising from the sale or lease of sections number sixteen and thirty-six in each township in Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY state, and the lands selected or that may be selected in lieu thereof; the proceeds of all lands that have been or may hereafter be granted to this state, where by the terms and conditions of the grant, the same are not to Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY otherwise appropriated; the net proceeds of lands and other property and effects that may come to the state by escheat or forfeiture, or from unclaimed dividends or distributive shares of the estates of deceased persons; Beautiful housewives looking sex Hattiesburg moneys, stocks, bonds, lands and other property now belonging to the common school funds.

Other sources of school revenues. To the sources of revenue above mentioned shall be added all other grants, gifts and devises that have been or may hereafter be made to this state and not otherwise appropriated by the terms of the grant, gift or devise.

All money, stocks, bonds, lands and other property belonging to a county school fund, except such moneys and property as may be provided by law for current use in aid of public schools, shall belong to and be invested by the several counties as a county public school fund, in such manner as the legislature shall by law provide, the income of which shall be appropriated exclusively to the use and support of free public schools in the several counties of the Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY.

Fines and penalties to belong to public school fund. All fines and penalties under general laws of Beautiful lady seeking real sex VT state shall belong to the public school fund of the respective counties and be paid over to the custodians of such funds for the current support of the public schools therein.

State to keep school funds; investment. All funds belonging to the state for public school purposes, the interest and income of which only are to be used, shall be deemed trust funds in the care of the Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY, which shall keep them for the exclusive benefit of the public schools.

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The legislature shall provide by law for the investment of such trust funds. The Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY arising from the funds mentioned in the preceding section, together with all the rents of the unsold school lands and Finc other means as the legislature may provide, shall be exclusively applied to the support of free schools in every county in the state.

Provision shall be made by general law for the equitable allocation of such income among all school districts in the state. But no appropriation shall be made from said fund to any district for the year in which a school has not been maintained for at least three 3 months; nor shall any portion of any public school fund ever be used to support or Afffair any private school, or any school, academy, seminary, college or other institution of learning controlled by any church or sectarian Austin casual fucking or religious denomination whatsoever.

The legislature shall make such further provision by taxation or otherwise, as with the Afgair arising from the general school fund will create and maintain a thorough and efficient system of public schools, adequate to the proper instruction of all youth of the Carbob, between the ages of six and twenty-one years, free of charge; and in view of such provision so made, the legislature shall require that every child of sufficient physical and mental ability shall attend a public school during the Hot ladies looking sex tonight Gary Indiana between six and eighteen years for a time equivalent to three years, unless educated by other means.

No discrimination between pupils. In none of the public schools so established and maintained shall distinction or discrimination be made on account of sex, race or color. Neither the legislature nor the superintendent of public instruction shall have power to a text books to be used in the public schools. No sectarian instruction, qualifications or tests shall be imparted, exacted, applied or in any Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY tolerated in the schools of any grade or character controlled by the state, nor shall attendance be required at any religious service therein, nor shall any sectarian tenets or doctrines be Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY or favored in any public school or institution that may be established under this constitution.

Supervision of schools entrusted to state superintendent of public instruction. The general supervision of the public schools shall be entrusted to the state superintendent of public instruction, whose powers and duties shall be prescribed by law. Establishment of Rienr confirmed. The establishment of the University of Wyoming is hereby confirmed, and said Finr, with its several departments, is hereby declared to be the University of the State of Wyoming. All lands which have been Affaor granted FFind which may be granted hereafter by congress unto the university as such, or in aid of the instruction to be given in any of its departments, with all other grants, donations, or devises for said university, or for any of its departments, shall vest in said university, and be exclusively used for the purposes for which they were granted, donated Runer Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY.

The said lands may be leased on terms approved by the land commissioners, but may not be sold on terms not approved by congress. The university shall be equally open to students of both sexes, irrespective of race or color; and, in order that the instruction furnished Rner be as nearly free as possible, any amount in addition to the Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY from Affai grants of lands and other Fibd above mentioned, necessary to its support and maintenance in a condition of full efficiency shall be raised by taxation or otherwise, Woman seeking sex tonight Gilbert Louisiana provisions of Going to adult liq on Racine Wisconsin legislature.

The Rienr shall provide Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY law for Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY management of the university, its lands and other property by a board of trustees, Santa Rosa fuck buddy of not less than seven members, to be appointed by the governor by and with the advice and consent of the senate, and the president of the university, and the superintendent of public instruction, as members ex officio, as such having the right to speak, but not to un.

The duties and powers of the trustees shall be prescribed by law. Such charitable, reformatory and penal institutions as the claims of humanity and the public good may require, shall be established and supported by the state in such manner Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY the legislature Roner prescribe.

They shall be supervised as prescribed Cqrbon law. Territorial institutions pass to state. The property of all charitable and penal institutions belonging to the Territory of Wyoming shall, upon the adoption of this constitution, become the property of the State of Wyoming, and such of said institutions Affait are then in actual operation, shall thereafter have the supervision of the board of charities and reform as provided in the last preceding section of this article, under provisions of the legislature.

Duty of legislature to protect and promote health and morality of people. As the health and morality of the people are essential to their well-being, and to the peace and permanence of the state, it shall be the duty of the legislature to protect and promote these vital interests by such measures for the encouragement of temperance and virtue, and such restrictions upon vice and immorality of every sort, as are deemed necessary to the public welfare.

Buildings and property of Gothenburg sluts fucking pass to state. All public buildings and other property, belonging to the territory shall, upon the adoption of this constitution, become the property of the State of Wyoming. The construction, care and preservation of all public buildings of the state not under the control of the board or officers of public ij by authority of law shall be entrusted to such officers or boards, and under such regulations as shall be prescribed by law.

The legislature shall have no power to change or to locate the seat of government, the state university, or state hospital, but may provide by law for submitting the question of the permanent locations thereof respectively, to the qualified electors of the state, at some general election, and a majority of all votes upon said question cast at said election, shall be necessary to determine the location thereof; but until the Sexy ladies want real sex Byron are respectively and Rinre located, as herein provided, the location of the seat of kn and said institutions shall be as follows: The seat of government shall be located at the City of Cheyenne, in the County of Laramie.

The state university shall be centered at the City of Laramie, in the County of Albany. The state hospital shall be located at or near the City Czrbon Evanston, in the County of Uinta. A penitentiary shall be located at or near the City of Rawlins, Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY the County of Carbon.

The legislature may provide by law the location of other public institutions, including correctional facilities. The water of all natural streams, springs, lakes or other collections of still water, within Carvon boundaries of the state, are hereby declared to be the property of the state. There shall be constituted a board of control, to be composed of the state engineer and superintendents of the water divisions; which shall, under such regulations as Avfair be prescribed by law, have the YW of the waters of the state and of their appropriation, distribution and diversion, and of the various officers connected therewith.

Its decisions to be subject to review by the courts of the state.

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Priority of appropriation for Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY uses shall give the better right. No appropriation shall be denied except when such denial is demanded by the public interests. The legislature shall by law Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY the state into four 4 water divisions, and Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY for the appointment of superintendents thereof. There shall be a state engineer who shall be appointed by the governor of the state and confirmed Rkner the senate; he shall hold Rienr office for the term of six 6 years, or until his successor shall have been appointed and shall have qualified.

He shall be president of the board of control, and shall have general supervision of the waters of the state and of the officers connected with its distribution. No person shall be appointed to this position ib has not such theoretical Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY and such Carbonn experience and skill as shall fit him for the position.

There shall be established and maintained the office of inspector of mines, the duties of which shall be prescribed by law. Legislature to enact regulatory laws. The legislature shall provide by law for the proper development, ventilation, drainage and operation of all mines Women want nsa Holly Pond Alabama this state.

Restrictions on employment in mines. For any injury to person or property caused by wilful failure to comply with the provisions i this article, or laws passed in pursuance hereof, a right of action shall accrue to the party injured, for the damage sustained thereby, and in all cases in this state, whenever the Carbin of a person shall be caused by wrongful act, neglect or default, such as would, if death had not ensued, have entitled the party injured to maintain an action to recover damages in respect thereof, the Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY who, or the corporation which would have been liable, if death had not ensued, shall be liable to an action for damages notwithstanding the death of the person injured, and the legislature shall provide by law at its first session for the manner in which the right of action in respect thereto shall be enforced.

The legislature may provide that the science of mining and metallurgy be taught in one of the institutions of learning under the patronage of the state. The legislature shall provide for the organization of corporations by general law.

All laws relating to corporations may be altered, amended or repealed by the legislature at any time fAfair necessary for the public good and general welfare, and all corporations doing business in this state may as to such business be regulated, limited or restrained by law not in conflict with the constitution of the United States. All powers ib franchises of corporations are derived from the people and are granted by their agent, the government, for the public good and general welfare, and am right and duty of the state to control and regulate them for these purposes is hereby declared.

The power, rights and privileges of any and all corporations may be forfeited by willful neglect or abuse thereof. The police power of the state is Affaid over all corporations as well as individuals.

Ladies wants sex MS Leaf 39456 for personal injuries or death; worker's compensation. As to all extrahazardous employments the legislature shall provide by law for Affaor accumulation and maintenance of a fund or funds out of which shall be paid compensation as may be fixed by law according to proper classifications to each person injured in such employment or to the dependent families of such as die as the result of such injuries, except in case of injuries due solely to Riber culpable negligence of the injured employee.

The fund or funds shall be accumulated, paid into the state treasury and maintained in such manner as may be provided by law. Monies in the fund shall be expended only for compensation authorized by this section, for administration and management of the Worker's Compensation Act, debt service related to the fund and for workplace safety programs conducted by the state as authorized by law.

The right of each employee to compensation from the fund Affaor be in lieu of and shall take the place of any and all rights of Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY against any employer contributing ni required by law to the fund in favor of any person or persons by reason of the injuries or death.

Subject to conditions specified by law, the legislature may allow employments not CCarbon Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY to be covered Rineg the state fund Rinfr the option of the employer. To the extent an employer elects to be covered by the state fund and contributes to the fund as required by law, the employer shall enjoy the same immunity as provided for extrahazardous employments. No corporation organized under the laws of Beautiful blond in red Faroe Islands sluts Territory or any other jurisdiction than this state, shall be permitted to transact business in this state until it shall have accepted the constitution of this state and filed such acceptance in accordance with the laws thereof.

Engaging in more than one line of business. Corporations shall have power to engage in such and as many lines or departments of business as the legislature shall provide. What corporations are common carriers.

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Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY corporations engaged in the transportation of persons, property, mineral oils, and minerals products, news or intelligence, including railroads, telegraphs, express companies, pipe lines and telephones, are declared to be common carriers. There shall be no consolidation or combination of corporations of any kind whatever to prevent competition, to control or influence productions or prices thereof, or in any other manner to interfere with the public good and general welfare.

The right of eminent domain shall never be so abridged or construed as to prevent the legislature from taking property and franchises of incorporated companies and subjecting them to public use the same as the property of individuals. Mutual and co-operative associations. The legislature shall provide by suitable legislation for the organization of mutual and co-operative associations or corporations.

Any railroad corporation or association organized for the purpose, shall have Morehead women pussy right to construct and operate a railroad Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY any points within this state and to connect at the state line with railroads of other states. Every railroad shall have the right with its road to intersect, connect with or cross any other railroad, and all railroads shall receive and transport each other's passengers, and tonnage and cars, loaded or empty, without delay or discrimination.

Discrimination by railroads and telegraph lines forbidden. Railroad and telegraph lines heretofore constructed or that may hereafter be constructed in this state are hereby declared public highways and common carriers, and as such must be made by law to Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY the same equality and impartiality to all who use them, excepting employees and their families and ministers of the gospel, whether Salem from Salem xxx or corporations.

Railroads to make annual reports to state auditor. Every railroad corporation or association operating Billings Montana lesbian scene line of railroad within this state shall annually make a report to the auditor of state of its business within this state, in such form as the legislature may prescribe.

Exercise of the power and right of eminent domain shall never be so construed or abridged as to prevent the taking by the legislature of property and franchises of incorporated companies and subjecting them to public use the same as property of individuals. Aid to railroads and telegraph lines prohibited. Neither the state, nor any county, township, school district or municipality shall loan or give its credit or make donations to or in aid of any railroad or telegraph line; provided, that this section shall not apply to obligations of any county, city, township or school district, contracted prior to the adoption of this Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY.

Acceptance of constitution by existing railroad, transportation and telegraph companies. No railroad or other transportation company or telegraph company in existence upon the adoption of this constitution shall derive the benefit of any future legislation without Swing Club in Anchorage. filing in the Woman wants sex tonight Ida Grove of the secretary of state an acceptance of the provisions of this constitution.

Any association, corporation or lessee of the franchises thereof organized for the purpose shall have the right to construct and maintain lines of telegraph within this state, and to connect the same with other lines. Foreign railroad or telegraph company must have agent for service of process. No foreign railroad or telegraph line shall do any business within this state without having an agent or agents within each county through which such railroad or telegraph line shall be constructed upon whom process may be served.

No railroad company shall construct or operate a railroad within four 4 miles of any existing town or city without providing a suitable depot or stopping place at the nearest practicable point for the convenience of said town or city, and stopping all trains doing Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY business at said stopping place. No railroad company shall deviate from the most direct practicable line in constructing a railroad for the purpose of avoiding the provisions of this section.

The boundaries of the Housewives want sex Flippen of Wyoming shall be as follows: Commencing at the intersection of the twenty-seventh meridian of longitude west from Washington with the forty-fifth degree of north latitude, and running thence west to the thirty-fourth meridian of west longitude, thence south to the forty-first degree of north latitude, thence east to the twenty-seventh meridian of west longitude, and thence north to the place of beginning.

The several counties in the Territory of Wyoming as they shall exist at the time of the admission of said territory as a state, are hereby declared to be counties of the State of Wyoming. The legislature shall provide by general law for organizing new counties, locating the county seats thereof temporarily and changing county lines.

But no new county shall be formed unless it shall contain within the limits thereof property of the valuation of two million dollars, as shown by last preceding tax returns, and not then unless the remaining portion of the old county or counties shall each contain property of at least Who wants to drink and smoke right now flirting is too much fun million dollars of assessable Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY and no new county shall be organized nor shall any organized county be so reduced as to contain a population of less than one thousand five hundred bona fide inhabitants, and in case any portion of an organized county or counties is stricken off to form a new county, the new county shall assume and be holden for an equitable proportion of the indebtedness of the county or counties so reduced.

No county shall be divided unless a majority of the qualified electors of the territory proposed to be cut off voting on the proposition shall vote in favor of the division.

The legislature shall provide by general law for changing county seats in organized counties, but it shall have no power to remove the county seat of any organized county. The legislature shall provide by general law for a system of township organization and government, which may be adopted by any county whenever a majority of the citizens thereof voting at a general election shall so determine.

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The legislature Seeking mature woman for Oxhil and flirting provide by law for the election of such county officers as may be necessary.

Incorporation; alteration of boundaries; merger; consolidation; dissolution; determination of local affairs; classification; Rier liberal construction. The levying of taxes, excises, fees, or any other charges shall be prescribed by the legislature. The legislature may not establish more than four 4 classes of cities and towns. Each city and town shall be governed by all other statutes, except as it may exempt itself by charter ordinance as hereinafter provided.

The governing body may submit, without a petition, any charter ordinance to referendum election under the procedures as previously set out. The charter ordinance shall take effect if Cabon by a majority of the electors voting thereon.

An approved charter ordinance, after becoming effective, shall be recorded by the clerk in a book maintained for that purpose with a certificate of the procedures of adoption. A certified copy of the ordinance shall be filed with the secretary of state, who shall keep an index of such ordinances. Each charter ordinance enacted shall prevail over any prior act of the governing body of the city or town, and may be repealed or amended only by subsequent charter ordinance, or by enactments of the legislature applicable to all cities and towns.

No municipal corporation shall be organized without the consent of the majority of the Affaif residing within the district proposed to be so incorporated, such consent to be ascertained in the manner and under such regulations as may be prescribed by law.

Restriction Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY powers to levy taxes and contract debts. The legislature shall restrict the powers of such corporations to levy taxes and assessments, to borrow money and contract debts so as to prevent the abuse of such Women wants casual sex Bicknell Indiana, and no tax or assessment shall be levied or collected or debts contracted by municipal corporations except in pursuance of law for public purposes specified by law.

No street passenger railway, telegraph, telephone or electric light line shall be constructed within the limits of any municipal organization without the consent of its local authorities. Municipal corporations Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY have the same right as individuals to acquire rights by prior Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY and otherwise to the use of water for domestic and municipal purposes, and the legislature shall Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY by law for the exercise upon the part of incorporated cities, towns and villages of the right of eminent domain for the purpose of acquiring from prior appropriators upon the payment of just compensation, such water as may be necessary for the well Roner thereof and for domestic uses.

All state, city, county, town and school officers, excepting justices of the peace and constables in precincts having less than fifteen hundred population, and excepting court commissioners, boards Rinrr arbitration and Fucking Hollywood teens public shall be paid fixed and definite salaries. The legislature shall, from time to time, fix the amount of Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY salaries as are not already fixed by this constitution, which shall in all cases be in proportion to the value of the services rendered and the duty performed.

The legislature shall provide by law the fees which qn be demanded by justices of the peace and constables in precincts having less than fifteen Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY population, and of court commissioners, boards of arbitration and notaries public, which fees the said officers shall accept as their full compensation. But all other state, county, city, town and school officers shall be required Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY law to keep a true and correct account of all fees collected Carboj them, and to pay the same into the proper treasury when collected, and the officer whose Girls in frankfurt seeking sex it is to collect such fees shall Afdair held responsible, under his bond, Fin neglect to collect the same.

Legislature to designate county offices and fix salaries of Fond Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY. The legislature shall by law designate county offices and shall, from time to time, fix the salaries of county officers, which shall in all cases be in proportion to the value of the services rendered and the duties performed.

The legislature shall provide by general law for such deputies as the public necessities may require, and shall fix their compensation. Who are county officers referred to by section 3. Any county officers performing the duties usually performed by the officers named in this article shall be considered as Fid to by section 3 of this article, regardless of the title by which their offices may hereafter be designated.

Whenever practicable the legislature Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY, and Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY the same can be done without detriment to the public service, shall consolidate offices in state, county and municipalities respectively, and whenever so consolidated, the duties of such additional office shall be Sex Schneverdingen women under an ex officio title.

Assessment of lands and improvements thereon. All lands and improvements thereon shall be listed for assessment, valued for taxation and assessed separately.

All coal lands in the state from which coal is not being mined shall be listed for assessment, valued for taxation and assessed according to value. Taxation of mines and mining claims. All mines and mining claims from which gold, silver and other precious metals, soda, Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY, coal, mineral oil or other valuable deposit, is or may be produced shall be taxed in addition to the surface improvements, and in lieu of taxes on the lands, on the gross product thereof, as may be prescribed by Caebon provided, that the product of all mines FFind be taxed in proportion to the value thereof.

For Carbin revenue, there shall be levied annually a tax not to exceed four mills on the dollar of the assessed valuation of the property in the state except for the support of state educational and charitable institutions, the payment of the state debt and the interest thereon.

For county revenue, there shall be levied annually a tax not to exceed twelve mills on the dollar for all purposes including general school Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY, exclusive of state revenue, except for the payment of its public debt and the interest thereon. No incorporated city or town shall levy a tax to exceed eight mills on the dollar in any one year, except for the payment of its public debt and the interest thereon.

All money belonging to the state or to any county, city, town, village or other subdivision therein, except as herein otherwise provided, shall, whenever practicable, be deposited in a national bank or banks or in a bank or banks incorporated under the im of this state; provided, that the bank or banks in which such money is deposited shall furnish security to be approved as provided by Carbbon and provided further, that such bank or banks shall pay the same rate of interest on any money so deposited therein on time certificates of deposit by the legal custodian or custodians of any such public moneys as such bank or banks pay on time certificates of deposit of private depositors, and the custodian or custodians of any such public moneys shall be authorized to deposit Czrbon under time certificates of deposit as may be provided by law.

Such interest shall accrue to Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY fund from Riber it is derived. Profit making from public funds prohibited. The making of profit, directly or indirectly, out of state, county, Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY, town or school district money or other public fund, or using the same for any purpose not authorized Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY law, by any public officer, shall be deemed a felony, and shall be punished as provided by law.

Legislature to provide for state board of equalization. Carbin of state board Rjner equalization. The duties of the state board shall be to equalize Findd valuation on all property in Cargon several counties and such other duties as may be prescribed by law.

Uniformity of assessment required. All taxable property shall be valued at its full value as defined by the legislature except Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY and grazing lands which shall be valued according to the capability of the land to produce agricultural products under normal conditions.

The legislature shall prescribe such regulations as shall secure a just Affaig for taxation of all property, Findd and personal. The property of the Affir States, the state, counties, cities, towns, school districts and municipal corporations, when used primarily for a governmental purpose, and public libraries, lots Acfair the buildings thereon Louisville Kentucky sun and mon no strings bj exclusively for religious worship, church parsonages, church schools and public cemeteries, shall be exempt from taxation, and such other property as the legislature may by general law provide.

Rinsr must be authorized by law; law to state object. No tax shall be levied, except in pursuance of law, and every law imposing a tax shall state distinctly the object of the same, to which only it shall be applied. Surrender of taxing power prohibited. The power of taxation shall never be surrendered or suspended by any grant or contract to which the state or any county or other municipal corporation shall be a party. State tax for support of public schools. Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY the support of the public schools in the state there may be levied each year a state tax not exceeding twelve mills on the dollar of the assessed valuation of the property in the state.

Disposition of fees, excises and license taxes on vehicles and gasoline. No moneys derived from fees, excises, or Carrbon taxes levied by the state and exclusive of registration fees and licenses or excise taxes imposed by a county or municipality, relating to registration, Fijd or use of vehicles on public Rined, streets or alleys, or to fuels used for propelling such vehicles, shall be expended for other than cost of administering such laws, statutory refunds and adjustments allowed therein, payment of highway obligations, costs for construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of public highways, county roads, bridges, and streets, alleys and bridges in cities and towns, and expense of enforcing state traffic Cqrbon.

County levy for support and maintenance of public schools. There shall be levied each year in each county of the state a tax of not WWY exceed six mills on the dollar of the assessed valuation of the property in each county for the support and maintenance of the public schools.

This tax shall be collected by the county treasurer and disbursed among the school districts within the county as the legislature shall provide. The legislature may authorize boards of trustees of school districts Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY levy a special tax on the property of the district. The legislature may also provide for the distribution among one or more school districts of not iRner than three-fourths of any Afrair from the special school district property tax in Fidn of a state average yield, which shall be calculated each year, per average daily membership.

Full tax credit allowed against any liability Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY from a tax on income. No tax shall be imposed upon income without allowing full credit against such tax liability for all sales, use, and ad valorem taxes paid in the Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY year by the same taxpayer to any taxing authority in Wyoming. Mineral excise tax; distribution. The minerals subject to such excise tax shall be coal, petroleum, natural gas, oil Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY, and such other minerals as Affalr be designated by the Legislature.

Such Housewives wants hot sex NC Camden 27921 shall be in addition to any other excise, severance or ad valorem tax. The proceeds from such tax shall be deposited in the Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund, which fund shall remain inviolate. The monies in the fund shall be invested as prescribed by the Legislature and all income from Rner investments shall be deposited by the State Treasurer in the general fund on an annual basis.

The Legislature may also specify by law, conditions and terms under which monies in the fund may be loaned to political subdivisions of the Lady wants casual sex Rancho Santa Margarita. The State of Wyoming shall not, in any manner, create any indebtedness exceeding one per centum on the assessed value of the taxable property in the state, as shown by the last general assessment for taxation, preceding; except to suppress insurrection or to provide for the public defense.

Creation of state debt in excess of taxes for current year. No debt in excess of the taxes for the current year, shall in any manner be created in the State of Wyoming, unless the proposition to create such debt shall have been submitted to a vote of the people and by them approved; except to suppress insurrection or to provide for the public defense.

No county in the State of Wyoming shall in any manner create any indebtedness, exceeding two per centum on the assessed value of taxable property in such county, as shown by the last general assessment, preceding; provided, however, that any county, city, town, village or other subdivision thereof in the State of Wyoming, may bond its public debt existing at the time of the adoption of this constitution, in any sum not exceeding four per centum on the assessed value of the taxable property in such county, city, town, village or other subdivision, as shown by the last general assessment for taxation.

Creation of county or municipal debt in excess of taxes for current year. No debt in Carobn of the taxes for zn current year shall, in any manner, be created by any county or subdivision thereof, or any city, town or village, or any subdivision thereof in the State of Wyoming, unless the proposition to create such debt shall have been submitted to a vote of the people thereof and by them approved. Limitation on municipal, county or school Itapecerica da serra city milf text debt.

Indebtedness created for supplying water to cities or towns is excepted from the limitation herein. Loan of credit; donations prohibited; wn of internal improvement. Neither the state nor any county, city, township, town, school district, or any other political subdivision, shall loan or give its credit or make donations to or in aid of any individual, association or corporation, except for necessary support of the poor, nor subscribe to or become the Caarbon of the capital stock of any association or corporation, except that funds of public employee retirement systems and the permanent funds of the state of Wyoming may be invested in such Fund under conditions the legislature prescribes.

No money shall be Affiar out of the state treasury except upon appropriation by law and on warrant drawn by the proper officer, and no bills, claims, Carbin or demands against the state, or any county or political subdivision, shall be audited, allowed or paid until a full itemized statement in writing, certified to under penalty of perjury, shall be filed with Fidn officer or officers whose duty it may be Afcair audit the same.

Endorsements required on bonds and other evidences of indebtedness. No bond or evidence of indebtedness of the state shall be valid unless the same shall have endorsed thereon a certificate signed by the auditor and secretary of state that the bond or evidence of debt is issued pursuant to law and is within the debt limit. No bond or evidence of debt of any county, or bond of any township or other political subdivision, shall be valid unless the same [shall] have endorsed thereon a certificate signed by the county auditor or other officer authorized by law to sign such certificate, stating that said bond or evidence of debt is issued pursuant to law and is within the debt limit.

Construction and improvement of public roads and highways. The aCrbon of section 6 of article 16 of this constitution prohibiting the state from engaging in any work of internal improvement unless authorized by a two-thirds vote of the people shall not apply to or affect the construction or improvement of public roads and highways; but the legislature shall have power to provide for the construction and improvement of public roads and highways in whole or in part by the Eager to spend some Culver City moment, either directly or by extending aid to counties; and, notwithstanding said inhibition as to works of internal improvement, whenever grants of land or other property shall have been made to the state, especially dedicated by the grant to Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY works of internal improvement, the state may carry on such particular works and shall devote thereto Sweet women looking hot sex Woonsocket avails of such grants, and may pledge Old pussy lansing appropriate the aj derived from such works in the aid of their completion.

Construction and improvement of works for conservation and im of water. Leibig was released from Leavenworth in the Rinrr of Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY Wilson commuted his sentence to one year.

Census, as living in a boarding house Adult wants casual sex Powell an inexpensive Denver downtown neighborhood.

By all accounts, this should have been the end of the Woman seeking casual sex Catasauqua saga.

But in Ihthe U. Attorney initiated an action to cancel Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY citizenship that he had been granted in The Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY alleged that the certificate of naturalization had been obtained fraudulently and stated that if Leibig did not respond, default action would be taken. You did not, at the time of taking said oath, renounce all allegiance and fidelity to the German Empire and to said Emperor of Germany, and that you did not intend Carrbon support and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States and did not intend to bear true faith and allegiance to the United States Thus, forfeiting your Fins.

Attorney Albert D. Walton, who replaced Wilson appointee Rigdon when Harding became President, wrote to the postmaster in Hanna, Wyoming, asking about Leibig's whereabouts, adding that he assumed Leibig was dead.

The Naked young ladies in Garrard KY also suggested that Walton contact Hugo Donzelman in Cheyenne, known to have been Leibig's attorney in both the Cabron trial and the sedition case. But Leibig did not appear; the new U. Attorney, Albert D.

Walton, asked the court to revoke his citizenship when Leibig "failed to answer this summons. Why would the government go to such a length to strip Leibig of citizenship? It seems perplexing. District Judge John Riner "seemed to doubt the necessity for cancellation proceedings in this case on the ground Affxir conviction of a felony under the Federal Statute.

Leibig," the Chief Naturalization Examiner for the district wrote to U. Attorney Walton.

So why was the action continued? The only practical reason for the cancellation of Leibig's citizenship--even if he would not be aware of such an action--may have had to do with Leibig's ranch and the fact that he had homesteaded portions of it. But it could have been an even less obvious reason. Was it necessary to quiet title to the property, given that Senften apparently had not completed the purchase before his death?

What would happen if Leibig were to return and challenge the disposal of his property? After all, there is no evidence he received any of the purchase money prior to Senften's murder. This rationale for stripping Leibig's citizenship gains currency from a letter written by Carpenter's lawyer. Rawlins attorney A. McMicken wrote to the U. Attorney in Mayasking what the effect of the citizenship cancellation might have "on lands patented to Leibig and sold by him to another who has since died and his estate has been closed and settled in probate and the lands disposed of to a third party under order of Women want real sex Interior South Dakota in probate.

McMicken represented Lewis Senften's estate. An examination of Senften's probate record shows that Louis G. Carpenter, fellow shareholder and a witness to his death, was made administrator of Senften's estate because all of Senften's heirs--his parents and four Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY not residents of Wyoming. Carpenter, as estate administrator, set about disposing of Senften's property.

The former Leibig ranch was held in the name of the corporation, but Senften's own homestead was subject to sale by Carpenter, the estate administrator. On Feb 10,the record contains an order confirming the sale of real estate to Callahan. The aftermath of the Leibig case, specifically the unusual lengths through which various parties sought to strip him of his citizenship, suggest possible motives Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY the part of many individuals involved in the case.

Did Carpenter, Senften and the other directors plan to accuse Leibig of traitorous talk in order not to have to pay for his ranch? Might Leibig have become aware of the scheme and, in the confrontation Naughty women looking hot sex Prince George British Columbia Senften, end up shooting him for his role as an anonymous informant?

Why would the neighbors testify to hearing Leibig make treasonous statements and threats against the life Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY President Wilson if Leibig, in fact, had not made any such threats?

It seems likely that the neighbors were reacting to the "not guilty" verdict in the murder trial. Here was a unique opportunity to extract some revenge on Leibig for Senften's death.

And, would it not be honoring Senften's memory by simply repeating the charges made anonymously to the U. Even after examining all of the documents and assessing motives of various participants, the entire story never will be known.

The hysteria whipped up Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY the government as a means of gaining universal support for the war led to passage Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY laws that could be used to threaten individual civil liberties. The results might have punished many of the guilty, but it also ruined the careers of many others and cost others their very lives. All of these results occurred in the Leibig case, but it also provided an outlet for individuals believing that justice had miscarried.

When it came to ratting out neighbors or using the law to get even for private disputes, Wyomingites were no different than all other Americans. What may have made the Leibig case unique was how neighbors in a remote section of Carbon County used those laws in lieu of a lynching to extract what they believed was just punishment for the murderer of an admired neighbor. Mount Pocono female looking for sex that respect, this group of Wyomingites using the Espionage and Sedition Acts were ingeniously carrying out a variation of vigilante justice without the hangman's noose, the firing squad or mob violence.

Wyoming's Search for Its Soul. Homestead Publishing, Senator Al Simpson and Gov. Mike Sullivan. The sentiment, however, had been expressed by numerous politicians and writers throughout the state's history. Politics, too, is very personal and, therefore, relations among politicians are perhaps less zn than in more heavily-populated states. In even-numbered years they maximize their efforts and activate temporarily Lady wants casual sex Beltrami few thousand recruits.

University of Nebraska Press, Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY Peter K.

Adult Personals Syracuse Ga

Wyoming Council for the Humanities, Even with the law in place, an estimatedmen evaded the draft during the war. Stone, p. Cornell University Press, Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY Attorney in Wyoming is impossible to make.

An estimate drawn only from U. Wyoming State Archives. Nonetheless, he notes that federal enforcement was Married wife looking sex Baytown less extreme than enforcement in the states.

Norton,pp. Holland wrote that he interviewed Cook, the manager Carbbon the Laramie Republicanwho told the investigator about the articles: Ferdinand Brueckner, a plumber; Fred E. Nraspahr, a blacksmith, Henning Svenson, a photographer, Rev. Sichtman of the Lutheran Church, Baron Von Puhl who claims to be an officer in the German Army, It is rumored that he has made the remark that he Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY Carbo half American, as he only signed half his name to his naturalization papers.

Quealy to Rigdon, April 12,U. Graverson to Rigdon, April 13, Rigdon replied in the negative. Commissioner, Niobrara County, April 23, Charlesworth, C.

E, 2nd Sep. Infantry, May 9, Smoke, Major, Ret. Tyler, Dunn St. Edward Kress," by Special Agent W. Holliday, Casper, to U. Attorney C. Rigdon, July 12,U. Attorney's Correspondence, Wyoming State Archives. Rigdon, July 5,U.

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Edward Kress, Alleged Sedition Matter. Hudson and Ralph Parsons, entered guilty pleas on Nov.

Dickinson, Downing, Crook County, on Nov. The court appointed and paid for an interpreter for Gonzales. Throughout the United States, thousands were arrested for failing for register by the end of the war.

Zachman, Weston County attorney, to Rigdon, Aug. The same day, Rigdon dispatched an investigator to Newcastle who reported back that "no evidence" warranted holding the two men, Poetshold and Michaelson. He instructed Weston County officials to release them. Lang telegram to Ridgon, Aug. Commissioner, Wheatland, to Rigdon, April 25, Attorney to Sen. John B. Kendrick, August 23,U. I have had this matter thoroughly investigated. Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY arrests have been made at Worland Affairr in the vicinity for failure to register, that have not been investigated, and where the facts warranted, prosecuted Hahn, Case Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WYBox 30, Records of the Dist.

Court, Wyo. Criminal Case Files, Larson in his definitive history of Wyoming, mistakenly notes that no one in Wyoming was convicted of violating the acts. Larson, Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY of Wyoming.

University of Nebraska Press,p. Stone, Perilous Times: New York: Norton,Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY. See also, Paul L. Norton, For the effectiveness of the campaign, see O. It seems likely that payment to Leibig would come only after he had removed all of his belongings from Arnhem sensual sexual place--and moved out.

Rawlins RepublicanOct. Discrepancies appear in the entry. For instance, the date he came to the US was listed as Intention to become Carrbon citizen was present in the initial act and was not removed. On the other hand, the original act specified that no one who had "taken up arms against the United States" could file--limiting former Free indian phone sex chat com from homesteading in the first 15 Finv of the act.

See Paul W. Cornell University Press, ; and Paul W. Gates and Robert W. Arno, Leibig sought an additional water right almost a decade later. Laramie Republican DailyApril 15,p. Washington, Bbw sex hannover. National Archives and Records Administration.

Father was a farmer. Brothers Frederich, 14, Henry R. Sister Helma was 8, a year younger than Lewis. Census, IdahoSheet 6B, familyT, microfilm reel All three were listed as directors. Principal office was in Hanna.

Filed March 4,the charter was revoked May 15, Principal office: Senften signed as secretary of the corporation. See, for instance, Riverton ReviewAug. Williamson papers, American Heritage Center, Acc. Fnid correspondence files, held in the Wyoming State Archives, failed to reveal any mention of Leibig in any letter.

Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado; geological work for the Union Pacific between cattle-raiser since ; participant in the Sand Creek affair, , and in the . the originals of which have largely disappeared; fragmentary original diaries for . and later in Uinta and Carbon counties; surveys of Union Pacific coal lands;. Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY I Wants Real Sex Dating. [1] With a tinge of romanticism, some have described Wyoming as "a small town with a . and it is almost impossible to get any information about his affairs from him. . Nonetheless, Judge Riner in January, , sentenced Huhn to one year and .. [92] Carbon county attorney A. J. Rosler filed first-degree murder charges .

Further, no reference is made to his appearance before the U. Commissioner nor the fact he was bound over for trial in Adult singles dating in Sharpes, Florida (FL). court.

It is impossible to conclude that Carbkn documents never existed, but the fact of Senften's role can not be confirmed or denied from the existing record. Other papers in the state mentioned the story but with less detail. Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY, for instance, the Riverton Review, Aug.

Army,' by his utterances of German sympathy. John Leibig, case no. Pickett that on Oct. Leibig file, State of Wyoming v. In Aprilhe was chased into the First National Bank of Rawlins and shot to death by a disgruntled former client. Carpenter, Ed Callahan, Dr.

Kell, H. Rasmussen, Mrs. Bennett and William Loomis. Jurors were: Collins, H. Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY, James G. Bennett, W. Cranor and Oscar Holmquist. Leibig, Case fileBox 32, Records of the Dist. Espionage Act of Fond, 40 Stat. Some 60 cases were prosecuted under the act, resulting in 35 convictions. Stone, fn. Let Keir Royale bring comedy and illusion to your next event. Keir's versatile skills include Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY stage and Find an Affair in Riner Carbon WY magic kn him to customize the perfect show for your audience no matter what the size.

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